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Paul Mosenson: Your Right Hand Man

Generate Growth for Your Clients & Prospects.

Happy to support you and your efforts. Stronger together. And your clients win.

Lead Gen Planning

Paul’s B2B Lead Gen Planning Approach

Media Buying

An overview of media buying for B2B

Lead Magnets

An overview of lead magnet lead gen program

Elevate Your Tech or B2B Clients’ Marketing with Paul Mosenson’s Expertise

Paul Mosenson’s role in building lead generation and marketing strategies for technology and B2B sectors cannot be overstated. As a seasoned professional in media buying and demand generation, he brings a targeted and robust approach to B2B campaigns that’s specifically attuned to driving leads to companies that demonstrate clues those companies have a business problem that your clients’ can solve. His collaboration with fractional sales officers complements your sales offerings with robust media and lead generation strategies, bolstered by analytics to drive client growth.

B2B Media Buying and Lead Generation Expertise

  • Lead Magnet Development: Paul’s proficiency in creating compelling lead magnets ensures the attraction of high-quality prospects entering the sales funnel.
  • Sales Funnel Optimization: He designs sales funnels that effectively nurture leads, fostering long-term business relationships and increasing conversion rates.
  • Multi-Channel Engagement: With a wide-reaching grasp of platform-specific strategies, Paul ensures that marketing efforts resonate across various channels, from social media to trade publications.

For fractional sales services in tech and B2B, a partnership with Paul Mosenson represents a strategic enhancement to your capabilities; your sales teams perform better when the leads they get are more qualified. That simple.

Measurable Ad Campaigns: An Alliance with Fractional Sales Teams

Paul Mosenson’s expertise and success in media buying and campaign measurement leads to strategies that yield measurable outcomes. His expertise enables fractional sales officers to add a marketing consultant such as Paul to provide clients’ lead gen and media strategies with pinpoint accuracy, driving consumer engagement, conversion rates, and ultimately, sales growth.

  • Sophisticated Media Strategies: Paul applies innovative media buying tactics in line with consumer behaviors to elevate brand presence.
  • Measurement Precision: His use of advanced analytics tools offers a transparent evaluation of campaign performance, optimizing ROI and ROAS.
  • Conversion-Centric Campaigns: His campaigns are designed to transform interest into sales, powering through to meet sales objectives.

Why Partner with Paul Mosenson:

  • Diverse Expertise: With a history of managing diverse client categories, Paul is equipped to tailor strategies to any client’s needs.
  • Decades of Experience: His 30+ years in the field grant him the foresight to navigate the evolving landscape of media buying.
  • Mutual Success: His approach is designed around the principle that marketing and sales always be aligned; and that’s a win for you, your clients, and his services.

To elevate your fractional sales offerings with comprehensive media buying strategies, consider the strategic advantage of partnering with Paul Mosenson. Let’s drive business growth together.

What Paul can do to support your client engagements


Lead Magnets

Plan, develop, and manage lead magnets for lead generation. Oversees with your input copy and design approach.



Help craft a cadence of follow-up emails and scripts and implement within an email or sales engagement tool


Low Cost CRM

If needed, implement GoHighLevel CRM to manage opportunities as well as funnels and cold email management. Otherwise review and optimize existing tools.


Search Engine Marketing

Manage paid search campaigns to drive leads. SEO is outsourced but I manage that alliance.


Inbound Marketing

Promote lead magnets or offers via socal media advertising, online display, content syndication, trade journal partnerships, and more. Design is outsourced as needed. This includes landing pages for lead capture.


Outbound Marketing

List building for cold outreach. Cold email technical set-up. Outsource follow-up with my SDR alliances. Management of cold email campaigns.

About Me

Over 30 years in the advertising/marketing business.  Besides running my own firm, I am happy to contribute to your success, even as white label. Whatever makes sense. Together we can optimize the entire lead funnel for clients. Plus together we can close more deals as a team, because of the complete services you offer now.  Let’s plan a call when ready.  

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