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If you’re looking to generate more leads, increase your conversion rates, and improve your bottom line, a VSL (video sales letter) can be a powerful tool to add to your marketing arsenal.

Videos tend to be more engaging than texts, and are increasingly becoming the go-to medium for consumers to find information on a product they are looking to buy. In fact, studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video from a brand or business they support.

In this post, we will shed light into what a VSL is and why you should consider it for lead generation.

What is a VSL?

A VSL is a video that promotes your product and/or service to potential customers. Just like with a conventional sales letter, your VSL will grab the attention of potential customers, discuss their pain points, present your product or service as the solution, and inspire an action.

A good VSL is appealing to watch and compelling enough such that customers can watch it to the very end. If your VSL is persuasive and appealing enough, prospects will watch it to the end, even if they are lengthy. VSLs are usually found on Squeeze pages or Landing pages.

Why You Should Consider VSL for Lead Generation

There are numerous reasons why video sales letters are an excellent addition to your marketing strategy. They incorporate videos into your marketing campaigns thereby making them more effective. It’s no wonder that 86% of marketers use video as a marketing tool. Here is an outline of some of the reasons why you should consider VSL for lead generation:

  1. They’re engaging: video sales letters draw in prospects in a way that text just can’t. Given that tone isn’t left to imagination, you can use video sales letters to portray the personality of your brand and share crucial information about it.
  2. They’re persuasive: VSLs make it easier to share information that can convince your target audience to take action.
  1. They’re visually appealing: Whereas you can add colors and images, and use fount in text-based marketing, videos have the advantage of motion. As such, you can use VSLs to showcase your products in real-time and grab the attention of your audience more easily than you would with text-based marketing.
  2. They’re packed with emotional punch: VSL eliminates the need for your audience to try to interpret what you are trying to put across. Instead, it fully conveys emotional intent that increases the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Tips for Creating a High Performing VSLs

Here are the structural guidelines you should keep in mind when creating a video sales letter:

  1. Hit Your Audience with a Relatable Problem: Suppose you don’t already have a deep understanding of who your target audience is and what problems they encounter, then this should be your first task. Once you have this information, the best approach is to lead with the problem they’re facing. Speak to your target audience using the language and lingo they are accustomed to. Only then can your target audience relate to your VSL.
  2. Introduce the Solution: Tell your target audience your product or service can solve their problems. Focus more on end-user benefits instead of your product’s features. People are usually more inclined to purchase a benefit or solution than they are to buy a feature.
  3. Prove that your product/service can solve their problem: build trust and credibility by providing social proof showing that people are satisfied with your product. Quotes and testimonials are excellent ways of showing this.
  4. Address Any Objections: It’s common to have blockers or sales objections in any sales process. Suppose you know of any sales objections, it is advisable to tackle them head-on in the VSL and not leave your audience with any doubts by the end of the video. This will make them appreciate the video more given that it addresses all their concerns.
  5. Create Scarcity: While in most cases, this isn’t always possible, if you can find a way of introducing scarcity, it can go a long way in encouraging action from your audience. Scarcity tactics are typically time-limited offers that expire on certain dates or claim limits (e.g., available to the first 20 customers)
  6. Call to Action (CTA): Your video should have a clear call to action. It should ask your audience for several things. An effective call to action is simple and straightforward (e.g. contact us to learn more about our software). Just ensure that your target audience knows the step to take to get the solution promised in the video.

YouTube has a number of VSL examples; do a search and see for yourself.



There isn’t a doubt that video marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your products and services. You can leverage the several benefits that video marketing tools such as VSLs offer to take your marketing game to another level.