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Capture Contact Info of Prospects Visiting Your Website, and Engage

In today’s competitive business landscape, having a direct line to potential customers is vital. Our cutting-edge website visitor ID software not only identifies and tracks website visitors but also seamlessly captures their contact information, providing your sales teams with a treasure trove of warm leads. With this invaluable data, your sales teams can reach out to potential customers armed with insights, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and tailored to their needs.

One tactic we recommend is sending lead magnets to these prospects, and begin creating relatonships via LinkedIn as well.

Say goodbye to cold calling and hello to a more efficient and productive sales process. Learn more as we explore how harnessing website visitor information can elevate your sales strategies and drive remarkable results for your business.

Vistor ID Tracking; Another Form of Intent

Our unique Website Visitor ID platform is a sophisticated online marketing tool that offers a robust set of features tailored to help businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs), enhance their digital presence and drive website conversions.

How it Works:

Visitor Tracking: One of the core functionalities of the platform is its advanced visitor tracking system. It operates by utilizing cookies and user data to monitor website visitors in real-time. When someone lands on a website equipped with the tracking code, the tool collects crucial information about the visitor, such as their geographic location, the source of their visit (e.g., organic search, social media, paid advertising), the pages they browse, and the duration of their stay. This real-time tracking is instrumental in understanding user behavior.

You might be missing out on potential website sales because you can’t convert what you can’t see. With our Visitor ID tool, you get powerful insights into website leads, and you’ll be able to:

  • Stop Missing Sales Opportunities: Ensures you don’t miss any potential sales opportunities, helping you gather highly qualified leads effectively.

  • Maximize ROI: You can optimize your marketing investments and increase your sales leads with ease.

  • Understand Visitor Behavior: Discover the reasons behind website visitors’ interactions with your site, allowing you to convert them into valuable sales leads and prospects.

Find out precisely who is visiting your website and what piques their interest. Our tool will:

  • Identify Unknown Visitors: Instantly transform anonymous website visitors into your most promising sales leads or prospects.

  • Product and Service Insights: Gain insights into which products and services each visitor is most interested in, enabling targeted engagement.

  • Effortless Lead Management: Easily distribute website leads to your sales representatives, ensuring efficient follow-up.

  • Real-time Alerts: Receive email notifications when your sales leads or prospects return to your site, allowing for timely outreach.

Our Website Visitor ID platform delivers the essential information you need to drive your sales efforts. You get:

  • Comprehensive Data: We not only provide the company name but also the email addresses of your website visitors, enhancing your ability to connect with potential customers.

  • Visitor Insights: Uncover the specific pages and topics each website visitor is exploring, enabling personalized engagement.

  • Streamlined Prospecting: Our tool streamlines the process by delivering valuable prospects directly to your inbox, eliminating the need for manual sorting and login hassles.

Incorporate Website Visitor ID into your marketing arsenal, and watch as it empowers you to capture leads, understand visitor behavior, and convert website traffic into revenue-driving sales opportunities like never before.

Detailed Prospect Info

Receive visitor enrichment data


Robust data to evaluate your visitor engagements

Company Visitor Data

See who they are, where they are, and how they got to your site.

Obtain Contact Info

Get verified contact info, including email addresses and LinkedIn links.  Reach out to your targets and send them relevant content and offers.

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  • Professional Services Firm: Leads Up Monthly 25% 25%
  • SaaS Firm in AP Automation: Leads Up 60% 60%
  • Software Development Firm: Online Leads Up 100% 100%
  • Financial Services Firm: Revenue Up 50% 50%
  • Customer Experience Software: Leads Up 29% 29%
  • eLearning Platform in HR: ROI Up 57% 57%
  • Manufacturing Firm: Conversion Rate Up 100% 100%
  • SaaS Server Monitoring Software: Leads Up 101% 101%

Paul Mosenson has been an invaluable asset to our growth at Zibtek. As our Fractional CMO he helped us fine-tune our messages and value prop, improved our cost-per-lead from all of our marketing channels, and helped us generate new quality leads with content marketing programs.  He’s recommended highly for any firm looking to grow further. 

Cache Merrill

Founder, Zibtek

From the start Paul and his NuSpark team have impressed me with their ability to quickly become team players and a strategic partner vs. just another vendor. They led a demand generation program for us targeting Enterprise and have shown.  I would recommend Paul for any IT or B2B firm looking for quality lead growth.

Charlie Born

Advisor, Galileo Performance Explorer

NuSpark has been extremely valuable with helping us develop a comprehensive demand generation plan in the United States and Europe. Utilizing their full scope of inbound marketing and content development services, our lead generation goals were far exceeded.  I would highly recommend Paul and his team to any firm looking to grow the number of quality leads in their funnel.

Jeff Kalter


Paul Mosenson is a fantastic lead generation expert. He got our new website content live with an awesome value proposition, and even included an explainer video. He then developed a robust lead gen plan with search, inbound, outbound and a lead magnet ebook to drive new. For any firm looking to grow and generate quality leads to the sales teams, I highly recommend Paul as a marketing partner.

Alex Carnevale

VP, Operations, Techadox

NuSpark facilitated all our needs in our initial foray into internet advertising. Paul surveyed potential outlets, helped us select the sites with the best demographics, established pricing, and organized the advertising copy. Additionally, his attention-to-detail with our pay-per-click campaigns has contributed to our conversion growth and increased ROI. Paul has also been responsive, thorough and informed. I would highly recommend him and his team for any b2b company looking to grow within interactive channels.

Ken Miller

Vice President of Marketing, Perry Videx Corporation

Paul Mosenson has proven to be a great partner for us. What I appreciate the most is that he’s always proactive, constantly looking to improve our campaigns and find new lead sources. He’s accessible 24/7; unlike many agencies, you never question whether Paul is committed to your success. He’s like an extension of your team. Additionally, he’s a thought leader on content marketing, lead nurturing, the buyer’s journey, and demand generation. NuSpark has nailed our content, which isn’t easy for a technical SaaS product such as ours.

Jamil Khan

Director of Product Marketing, Galileo Performance Explorer

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