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TV/Video Creation

Pioneering AI in TV Advertising

Experience the Future of Advertising: High-Impact, Cost-Effective TV Ads with AI 

Advertising with AI. High-impact TV ads are now open to any size business.  At NuSpark we use low-cost production platforms that create compelling and impactful TV spots with AI assistance

Our innovative AI solutions are specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges SMBs face in advertising. By merging creative storytelling with strategic media planning and advanced AI analytics, we ensure your TV ads not only reach but also resonate with your target audience, maximizing your investment return.

Our team of experts harnesses the power of AI to transform your brand story into captivating TV ads that resonate with viewers. We understand that each business is unique, and our AI solutions are designed to reflect this uniqueness. Whether it’s understanding your audience better, crafting personalized messages, or optimizing ad placements, our AI-driven approach covers every aspect to ensure maximum impact and ROI.


Our platform allows you to include all of your branding elements.


Our spots include a mix of images, video, music, voiceovers, and more. Designed professionally by one of our Creative Directors.


Between AI technology and our own copywriting, ads will be compelling and drive action.

Across Platforms

Video ads would be repurposed across all video platforms based on media plan. Broadcast, Cable, OTT, YouTube, Digital

Offers & Tracking

We work with you to determine your offers, and then we will include a trackable call-to-action so we can measure effectiveness.


No more balking at the production time and cost involved in creating TV-ready commercials. Our process will save you so much. You’ll see.

Transform Your TV Advertising with AI: Affordable, Efficient, and Impactful

Customized AI-Driven Ad Production: Our AI algorithms analyze market trends, audience preferences, and brand identity to create ads that speak directly to your target demographic.

  • Economical Ad Solutions for Every Budget: We believe in leveling the playing field, offering SMBs access to advertising services once reserved for big-budget companies.
  • Rapid, High-Quality Ad Creation: Accelerate your marketing timeline with our AI-driven processes, ensuring quick turnaround without compromising on quality.
  • Consistent Branding Across Campaigns: Our AI tools maintain your brand’s voice and image across all ads, reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Comprehensive Media Planning: From concept to completion, our AI assists in every step, ensuring your ads are not just seen but also remembered and acted upon.


Ready to Revolutionize Your TV Advertising?

Join the ranks of forward-thinking businesses leveraging AI for cost-effective, impactful, and efficient TV advertising. With NuSpark Media Group, embark on a journey of innovation and success. Contact us today to transform your advertising strategy with the power of AI.

A Sampling of the Many Templates to Choose From Before Customizing

A Demo of One of the Tools, as Well as a Testimonial Option

Then, Overlay Offers and Tracking


Among the best direct response ads include customer testimonials. Have them? We’ll include them. Don’t have? We’ll create them as one of our Creative Directors has a unique tool to produce them virtually. We’ll create longer ones for your website or landing pages, then edit them for the TV ads or even social (like an example below).

Coming soon: Sora; the realistic text to video creator from OpenAI, developers of AI models like ChatGPT.

The tease:


  • Combine an AI video with your brand elements, then overlay offers, locations, and advertising tracking 
  • Combine AI video with our other video tool partners, to make impactful online video and TV ads at scale 
  • Make AI promotional ad videos, each targeting a specific segment or demo, without spending thousands on videographers for a test

Behind the success of NuSpark Media Group’s innovative advertising solutions is the visionary leadership of Paul Mosenson, a seasoned expert in media strategy.

Paul’s extensive experience and insightful approach to TV media buying have been instrumental in shaping the company’s success. His strategy focuses on maximizing client ROI through a combination of targeted media placements and cost-effective buying techniques.

Under his guidance, NuSpark Media Group employs a data-driven approach, leveraging both market research and AI analytics to identify the most effective channels and time slots for client advertisements. This strategic methodology ensures that each TV ad reaches its intended audience with optimal frequency and impact, delivering measurable results and enhancing overall campaign effectiveness.

Paul’s leadership and NuSpark’s commitment to innovative media buying strategies exemplify their dedication to client success in the ever-evolving landscape of TV advertising.”

Want to see how we can make you a TV spot like this?  Just click the link below to schedule a call and we’ll create a free sample TV ad of your business!

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