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TV/Video Creation

TV Ad or Video Creative 

Advertising with AI video. When TV, CTV and digital ads are this effortless, the possibilities are limitless. High-impact ads  are now open to any size business.  At NuSpark we use low-cost production platforms that create compelling and impactful TV spots with AI assistance


Our platform allows you to include all of your branding elements.


Our spots include a mix of images, video, music, voiceovers, and more. Designed professionally by one of our Creative Directors.


Between AI technology and our own copywriting, ads will be compelling and drive action.

Across Platforms

Video ads would be repurposed across all video platforms based on media plan. Broadcast, Cable, OTT, YouTube, Digital

Offers & Tracking

We work with you to determine your offers, and then we will include a trackable call-to-action so we can measure effectiveness.


No more balking at the production time and cost involved in creating TV-ready commercials. Our process will save you so much. You’ll see.

First the Basics

After our planning sessions, we then build the spot. First, the AI scans the web for local business data and automatically produces a video based on your brand.  Then we customize with your brand.  Logos, colors, images, videos.  Then any other  adjustments. The basic templates are 30s, but with additional elements and editing, we can make them into 60s as well.

Include a Testimonial

Among the best direct response ads include customer testimonials. Have them? We’ll include them. Don’t have? We’ll create them as one of our Creative Directors has a unique tool to produce them virtually. We’ll create longer ones for your website or landing pages, then edit them for the TV ads or even social (like an example below).

Then the Finishing Touches

Final editing includes elements such as your offer, how to redeem, tracking strategy, and store info.  Finally you have a compelling TV or video ad ready to drive leads and sales.

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Our AI-powered video creator makes it fast and easy to create compelling commercials that help you shorten sales cycles and close more deals

A couple of examples from the platform for local businesses.