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Just a few words on SEO, or search engine optimization. Personally, it can be over-rated in some respects. Your real goal is driving efficient, quality leads or sales, right?

The goal of SEO really is to drive small but targeted traffic to your website, where they would convert via an email submission, a quote click, or a purchase click, depending on the business model.

The majority of organic clicks occur on the top half of search engine listings, under the ads, and if local, under Google Map listings.  And if you sell online, Google Shopping becomes the focus.

In fact, based on a variety of research studies, here’s a breakdown of click rates by organic ranking:

  • 1 Rank: 30%
  • 2 Rank 16%
  • 3 Rank 11%
  • 4 Rank 8%
  • 5 Rank 7%
  • 6-10 Rank Under 5% each

And if you’re a local business, or a business with multiple locations, the top 3 listings under Google Maps get most of the clicks.  We’ll get you there; but you’ll need multiple localized landing pages.

If you’re in a competitive business it’s quite a challenge. You really need to commit to the process.

  • Building backlinks
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Website content optimization
  • A commitment to blogging and authority citations

We’ll get you ranked, but you need to trust our process, our keyword strategy, agreement to include keyword-focused pages on your website and have patience! It’s a mid and long-term commitment!

And keep in mind other ways to get you on 1st page quickly:

  • Paid search
  • Partnerships with affiliate marketers
  • Lead aggregators and directories that list businesses in your industry

This is all a moot point unless your website is written and designed for conversion. I always tell clients- rank means nothing if people aren’t clicking or are convinced to convert. And that’s part of our SEO process at Your Revenue Growth Team. Search Engine Optimization combined with Website Conversion Optimization is our focus. Then, if B2B, sales process optimization.

Here’s an example of metrics we look at when measuring SEO.

  • Click rate: Clicks/ Google keyword Impressions
  • Conversion rate: Leads or sales/website impressions.

What do you think is better for revenue growth?

  • If your organic CTR is 2% but your website conversion rate is 8%
  • If your organic CTR is 8% but your website conversion rate is 2%

Well, the best scenario of course is:

Your organic CTR is 8% AND your website conversion rate is 8%

We can talk SEO with you, but mostly we need to talk revenue growth. That’s really what this is about.  Get ranked, get leads, get sales.