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The Guide to Business Growth via

More Effective Marketing Campaigns

Concerned over revenue growth?

Need more customers?

Not sure where you should spend your budget?

And you don’t know what’s working?


At NuSpark Media Group; it’s not just about media buying, it’s also about tracking results with rigor, developing promotions and offers with you to drive more leads, apps, quotes, or purchases, and spending your budget wisely so we can make the proper marketing decisions and answering the question: Did it Work?

The guide will explain some key issues that can affect your marketing campaign performance, and some solutions to consider for short and long-term growth.  

Oh, and thank Canva and AI for some compelling images within the visual guide!

Among What’s Covered:


  • Why companies miss the mark in audience targeting which leads to wasteful spend
  • Why media tracking can be a struggle and why attribution is so important to measure
  • Why firms struggle with choosing the right offers and promotions
  • How TV advertising can work, affordably and effectively
  • How to improve your website conversion rates to generate more customers
  • Why many agencies are biased on media channel decisions and what to do about it
  • How to balance branding and direct-response performance media buying

Get some questions answered; it’s the beginning

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Effective campaign

Sample Results

  • eCommerce Client: Transactions Up 70% 70%
  • University Client: Enrollment Up 40% 40%
  • Financial Services Client: New Accounts Up 25% 25%
  • Retail Client: Sales Up 80% 80%
  • National Weight Loss Program: Revenue Up 30% 30%
  • Auto Insurance Client: Applications Up 25% 25%
  • Supplement Product: Sales Up 40% 40%
  • Consumer Goods Client: Conversion Rate Up 28% 28%
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