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The Guide to Measuring Lead Generation Using Google Analytics 4

For CEOs, Marketers, B2B or B2C. The Ultimate Strategic and Tactical Guide to Tracking Leads and Events with GA4

Learn how GA4 Works to Track Website Conversions

GA4 stands for Google Analytics 4, which is the latest version of Google’s web analytics platform. It offers advanced features, new reporting capabilities, and improved data privacy controls to help businesses gain better insights into their website and app user behavior.

Executives should care about GA4 because it provides valuable data-driven insights that can help them make informed decisions about their business strategies. By using GA4, executives can gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ behavior, preferences, and needs, which can help them optimize their marketing campaigns, improve user engagement, and increase conversions.

GA4 is an essential tool for tracking and optimizing lead generation efforts because it provides a comprehensive view of user behavior across different channels, devices, and platforms. With GA4, you can track the entire customer journey, from the first interaction to conversion, and gain insights into which marketing channels and campaigns are driving the most leads.

GA4 provides valuable insights and tools for tracking and optimizing lead generation efforts. By using GA4, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ behavior, improve your marketing campaigns, and ultimately generate more leads and revenue for your business.

Learn more about how GA4 tracks users, leads, and sales, covering both digital and offline channels, by downloading my new eBook.


Among What You’ll Learn


  • How to Switch and Set-Up GA4
  • How to Track Key Website Events with GA4
  • How to Track Leads and Conversions with GA4
  • How to Track Media Sources and Campaigns with GA4
  • How to Measure Radio and TV with GA4
  • How to Integrate Google Tag Manager with GA4
  • Retargeting with GA4
  • How to Improve Your Website with GA4
  • How to Optimize Your Marketing Efforts with GA4

The time is now, to get GA4 going, and start growing your business further by tracking the right data to make strategic media, campaign, and lead gen decisions. Download the guide today.

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NuSpark Consulting Testimonials


Paul Mosenson is a fantastic lead generation expert. We followed his process to a tee. He got our new website live with an awesome value proposition. He even did our explainer video. Then a robust lead gen plan with search, inbound, outbound and also he and his team developed a great lead magnet ebook to drive us leads that the sales team engages with. For any firm looking to grow and generate quality leads to the sales teams, I highly recommend Paul to be your marketing partner.

Alex Carnevale

VP, Techadox

Paul Mosenson has been an invaluable asset to our growth at Zibtek. As our Fractional CMO he helped us fine-tune our messages and value prop, improved our cost-per-lead from all of our marketing channels, and helped us generate new quality leads with content marketing programs.  He’s recommended highly for any firm looking to grow further.

Cache Merrill

CEO, Zibtek

From the start Paul Mosenson of NuSpark has impressed me with his ability to quickly become team players and a strategic partner vs. just another vendor. He lead a demand generation program for a SaaS client of mine targeting Enterprise and has shown an ongoing ability to present new lead generation tactics that can be measured with analytic dashboards. Paul and his team go the extra mile, think proactively and is a pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for outstanding 24/7 service I would recommend Paul for any IT or SaaS firm looking for quality lead growth.

Charlie Born

Advisor, Galileo Performance Explorer

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