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Paul Mosenson. Your Fractional CMO for Startups Wanting to Scale

You Sell Services; You Sell Products; You Sell Software; You Sell SaaS; You Sell Solutions.

Yes, but what you’re really selling, is Trust & Credibility.  You trust me, and I will build your trust foundations across the buyer’s journey, and then your business grows.   Read on! But first, watch!

The Challenge of a Startup; and My Solution

  • Lack of capital: Startups often struggle to secure the funding they need to fuel growth.
  • Lack of product-market fit: Startups can struggle with finding the right product-market fit, which can hinder growth and lead to slow sales.
  • Ineffective marketing: Even with a great product and strong product-market fit, startups can struggle to effectively market themselves and reach their target audience. This can lead to slow growth and missed opportunities.
  • Scaling operations: As startups grow, they need to be able to scale their operations to meet demand. This can be challenging, as scaling too quickly can lead to operational inefficiencies, while scaling too slowly can mean missed opportunities. 
  • Competition: In many industries, startups face intense competition from established players. This can make it difficult to gain market share and grow the business.  

Overall, startups can face a range of challenges when it comes to growth, from lack of capital and product-market fit, to ineffective marketing and hiring the right talent. By understanding these challenges and developing strategies to overcome them, startups can position themselves for sustainable growth and long-term success.

Paul Mosenson, the Fractional “Startup” CMO

That’s where I come in. I am Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark, and a long-time marketing consultant, lead generator, and media buying strategist.  With near 40 years contributing to the growth of companies big and small, B2B, and B2C, I now want to focus on what I always wanted to do, contribute to a start-up’s success from a marketing standpoint.

A fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) like me can bring many benefits to startups. Here are some of those key benefits:


I bring a wealth of marketing expertise and experience to a startup. I can provide strategic guidance and insights on marketing best practices that can help the startup reach its business goals.

Cost savings

Hiring a full-time CMO can be expensive, especially for a startup that may not have the resources. I can be hired on a part-time basis, providing cost savings and flexibility to the startup.


I can be brought on for short-term projects or for longer-term engagements. This allows startups to scale up or down as needed, depending on their marketing needs.

Faster time-to-market

I can help startups get their marketing strategies up and running more quickly. With my experience and expertise, I can help the startup avoid common mistakes and accelerate the time it takes to see results.


Focus on core business

Startups often have limited resources, and it can be challenging to balance marketing efforts with other business priorities. I take on the marketing function, allowing the startup to focus on its core business needs.

Objective perspective

I can provide an objective perspective on the startup’s marketing efforts. I can identify areas for improvement and help the startup refine its marketing strategy based on data-driven insights.

“I help startups grow in

several ways, including:”

Developing a strong brand identity

I can help a startup develop a strong brand identity that will resonate with its target audience. This includes creating a brand strategy and developing messaging that communicates the startup’s unique value proposition.

Developing a marketing strategy

I can help a startup develop a marketing strategy that aligns with its business goals. This includes identifying the target audience, developing a marketing mix, and creating a plan for reaching and engaging with potential customers.

Performance Media Plan

With my years of experience and knowledge of all media options, I can plan, buy, and optimize all firms of channels, covering B2C and B2B.  And everything is tracked for optimal performance.


Optimizing digital marketing channels

I can help a startup optimize its digital marketing channels, including paid advertising channels, social media, and email marketing. This includes  analyzing data to improve performance, and creating campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.

Content marketing

I can create high-quality, educational content that resonates with your target audience and can help establish your startup as a thought leader in your industry.   Lead magnets build trust and capture leads close to buying.  

Creating a sales funnel:

I can help a startup create a sales funnel that takes potential customers through a series of steps that ultimately lead to a sale. This includes building a robust cadence of outreach tactics.  It’s all about Problem-Solution-Offer approach to build trust and sales.

Overall, I can help startups grow by providing expertise, guidance, and support in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies.

This can help startups reach their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive revenue growth.

I can provide ongoing support to a startup, including analyzing data to optimize marketing campaigns, providing strategic guidance, and adjusting strategies as needed to ensure continued growth.  I will help startups generate leads and sales by using a combination of these strategies, focusing on what works best for their particular industry and target audience. It’s important to track and measure the success of each strategy to refine and optimize over time. I do that as well.

Pricing and or Equity Offer: Best for Pre-Seed, Series A, or Series B Stages

My goal as an advisor, mentor, consultant, is to contribute to your growth and have a long-term relationship.

That said, for startups, my fees are as low as $1,000 per month plus equity share pending needs, challenges, priorities.

RE: Full Advisor Equity Share.  We can also do a full equity share ranging from .60% to 1.00% pending the stage you are in (idea, startup, growth) A typical agreement can be downloaded here.

*Content, design, social media, software, advertising fees are extra.

B2B Performance Demand Generation 

B2C Performance Media Buying

Industry Spotlights 

Learn more about SparkLead. Our lead management/CRM tool that can save you hundreds per month.  Part of my package if need be.

For SaaS, we’ll Manage Performance with my SaaS MRR Trend Calculator


We hired Paul and his team to manage our digital lead generation program as well as giving our website a facelift to increase our conversions. With Paul’s guidance, our site is much more engaging, and we have seen a strong increase in leads. We were impressed by his marketing knowledge and win-win approach. I’d recommend him to any business looking to grow further.

Ron Richter, CEO


Paul Mosenson has been an invaluable asset to our growth at Zibtek. As our Fractional CMO he helped us fine-tune our messages and value prop, improved our cost-per-lead from all of our marketing channels, and helped us generate new quality leads with content marketing programs.  He’s recommended highly for any firm looking to grow further. 

Cache Merrill

Founder, Zibtek

Paul has contributed to the local Philadelphia startup community

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