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Call Tracking, Texting, Coupon & QR Code Solutions

Track the effectivness of both online AND offline media channels

Track Anything

If it has a number on it, we can track it

Track and analyze calls from email campaigns, landing pages/websites, paid search, organic clicks, direct mail campaigns, TV ads, radio, trade shows, print collateral, and more. Every channel and tactics can have it’s own tracking number or text keyword for robust media analysis.

Multi-Channel Conversation Attribution

Prove your marketing efforts are working

With our solution providers, you can track all inbound activity across any channel, back to your marketing campaigns. Every call, text, chat, or QR code scan that you receive with a unique tracker will be linked to the campaign that inspired it, whether it was a PPC ad, a billboard, TV (OTT vs. Linear) etc. 

Robust Reporting

The data to track the entire buyer’s journey and make media decisions based on performance

With dynamic number insertion (DNI), insights are delivered with every call and communication. DNI automatically connects offline activities, like phone calls, to the site pages and advertising sources that generated them. By combining this data with Google Analytics conversion reporting, we can make marketing decisons based on ALL customer engagements.

Ideal Use Cases for SparkComm

Television & Radio

What works better when combining leads, calls, chats, texts, QR code scans?  Which TV strategy? OTT vs. Cable? On-Air Radio vs. Streaming? Which commercial performed better? Which special offer?  We got this.

Digital  Sources

So many digital channels to test; and each link gets it’s own tracking parameter which will align with a unique dynamically inserted phone number on your landing pages. We need the full picture to make digital media decisions, and SparkComm is the answer.  

Direct Mail

Testing direct mail? Newspaper inserts? Any kind of print marketing? And want to include a phone number? No worries, SparkComm measures it. Any type of print we can decide the engagement tactic.

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