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SaaS Lead Generation Services

NuSpark Media Group is the premier choice for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies seeking to drive qualified leads, including trials, demos, and actual buyers. Our deep understanding of the SaaS market, combined with a results-driven approach and the strategic use of lead magnets, ensures that we not only generate leads but also attract prospects that genuinely need the solutions your software offers.

Deep Understanding of the SaaS Market Based on client work, we have a profound understanding of the SaaS industry’s unique challenges and opportunities. We recognize that SaaS companies need more than just leads; they need leads that are likely to convert into paying customers. Our strategies are tailored to identify and attract these specific prospects, ensuring a higher conversion rate and a better ROI for your marketing efforts.

The Lead Magnet Concept for SaaS  The lead magnet concept is particularly effective in the SaaS sector. We create compelling, value-driven content and offers that speak directly to the specific business problems your potential clients face. By addressing these issues head-on, our lead magnets not only attract leads but also qualify them, ensuring that the prospects have a genuine interest in and need for your solution.

Results-Driven Strategies for Lead Generation The effectiveness of a lead generation campaign in the SaaS industry is measured by the quality of leads it produces. Our focus is not just on quantity but also on the quality of leads—trials, demos, and potential buyers who have a real need for your software. We implement targeted campaigns that resonate with these high-value prospects, driving conversions and boosting sales.

Expertise in Conversion Optimization Conversion optimization is crucial in turning interest into actionable leads. Our team applies best practices in digital marketing to enhance the user experience, making it easier for potential customers to sign up for trials, request demos, or make purchases. We optimize every touchpoint, from landing pages to email campaigns, ensuring that each element of the campaign is fine-tuned for maximum conversion.

Tailored Approach to Each SaaS Client A tailored approach is essential in the diverse and dynamic SaaS market. We understand that every SaaS company has its own unique value proposition and target audience. Our strategies are customized to align with your specific goals and market positioning, ensuring that our campaigns resonate with your ideal customer profile.

Choose NuSpark Media Group as your partner in driving qualified leads for your SaaS company. With our deep industry knowledge, innovative lead magnet strategies, and results-focused approach, we are dedicated to helping you attract leads that are not just numerous but are the right fit for your software solutions. Let us help you turn these leads into successful trials, demos, and, ultimately, loyal customers.


With SaaS, there are many metrics to monitor as you know.  Our focus is leads, then trials, then buyers, then retention.



Much if these metrics we can track with my SaaS Sales Trend Report Calculator. Check it out. 

SaaS Industry ROI Calculator. How we begin engagements

The SaaS ROI calculator is unique, covering free trial and monthly buyer conversion rates, churn rates, MRR trends, total and net new customer comparisons & growth rate projections.

Example of our Lead Magnets that drove additional leads and sales for SaaS client

An example of a lead magnet for a client, Galileo Performance Suite.  The goal was to educate prospects about how to save and optimize cloud server performance with their suite of cloud-based monitoring tools.  

Promoted via both inbound and outbound, plus social, to robust landing pages, leads tripled, and sales people exceeded quotas with their SaaS offerings targeting mid-large enterprises.



Centreviews is an AP Automation SaaS. Targeting CFOs, the goal was to remind them of the benefits of AP Automation to their firm. By reading the eBook, the benefits were clear. The salesteam performed successful demos for those who downloaded, and closed a higher than average quota; since the audience was indeed closer to buying.


Our Lead Generation Process


Discovery Research

I’ll take a deep dive into your target audiences for your SaaS, and the benefits of your products versus competitors.  Goal is to set the stage for a robust lead gen program that separates yourself and builds trust.

Lead Magnet Build

We’ll work together for topic development, format, and key messages, then build assets that prospects will need as they consider their solutions.  Magnets may be eBooks, checklists, webinars, or special offers.

Landing Pages

Conversion optimization is a focus. Website traffic needs to be qualified, and your lead magnet landing page messaging, design, and proof points (testimonials, videos, etc.) need to be spot-on to generate high levels of leads.

Funnel Building

A funnel is a series of follow-up messages prospects receive, once leads are captured. A mix of emails, calls, or texts to engage prospects further to drive quotes and applications. All processed via my proprietory CRM if needed (or we can use your own)


Promotional Plan

With over 35 years as a Media Buyer, both traditional and digital, rest assured I will implement campaigns to target the right traffic.  Think paid search, display, trade journals, YouTube & video, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, influencers, and more.



All campaigns and funnels will be measured with rigor.  We’ll consider A/B tests, with the goal to optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis, and maximize your campaign ROI. 


 Email marketing and funnels need robust follow-up messaging to perform the following:

  • Segue mid-funnel prospects into trials or demos
  • Segue trials or demos into customers
  • Provide customer success newsletters, tips, and upsells to customers
  • Onboarding sequences to ensure proper platform set-up
  • Limit churn when signs point to lack of platform usage

Below and within this link are a number of templates we can use by category; but customized to your objectives. We’ll work with you to build robust funnels that drive MRR and limit churn.


Measuring SaaS

Of course, as potential partners we will work with your team to have dashboards that measure campaign performance and attribution. We discuss analytics elsewhere, but as you know for SaaS we also need to track CAC, MRR, ARR, customer churn, trial to buyer conversion rates and more.

Below are example dashboards from one of our analytics partners. You may have your own already we can use, but whatever tool we have, including Google Analytics G4, we need to track and tweak accordingly.

Two SaaS-focused analytics tools we like are Chart Mogul and ProfitWell 


If you have a good CRM, great!  If not, we can use SparkLead. A CRM and Email solution all-in-one at a fraction of the cost.

Paul Mosenson has been an invaluable asset to our growth at Zibtek. As our Fractional CMO he helped us fine-tune our messages and value prop, improved our cost-per-lead from all of our marketing channels, and helped us generate new quality leads with content marketing programs.  He’s recommended highly for any firm looking to grow further. 

Cache Merrill

Founder, Zibtek

Paul Mosenson has proven to be a great partner for us. What I appreciate the most is that he’s always proactive, constantly looking to improve our campaigns and find new lead sources. He’s accessible 24/7; unlike many agencies, you never question whether Paul is committed to your success. He’s like an extension of your team. Additionally, he’s a thought leader on content marketing, lead nurturing, the buyer’s journey, and demand generation. NuSpark has nailed our content, which isn’t easy for a technical SaaS product such as ours.

Jamil Khan

Director of Product, Galileo Performance Explorer

Paul Mosenson is a fantastic lead generation expert. He got our new website content live with an awesome value proposition, and even included an explainer video. He then developed a robust lead gen plan with search, inbound, outbound and a lead magnet ebook to drive new. For any firm looking to grow and generate quality leads to the sales teams, I highly recommend Paul as a marketing partner.

Alex Carnevale

VP, Techadox

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