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Retail Marketing & Media Buying Services

Measurable Results: Our Commitment to Your ROI

We understand the importance of measurable outcomes. Our media buying strategies are designed with a strong focus on tracking and analytics. You’ll see tangible results in increased foot traffic, online engagement, and sales.

To drive online conversions and in-store sales, a focused media buying strategy is essential.  By leveraging both digital and traditional media, you can effectively guide potential customers through the buying journey, from online browsing to in-store purchasing.


Maximizing Retail Success Through Strategic Media Buying

Retail businesses thrive on visibility and customer engagement. Effective media buying is crucial in steering your retail brand towards the spotlight. Leveraging both digital and traditional media channels ensures your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Digital Media Buying: Precision and Flexibility

Digital media offers unparalleled precision in targeting. Using advanced analytics, we identify and reach your ideal customer demographics. Campaigns are crafted to resonate with your audience, driving engagement and conversions. Incorporating special offers in digital ads significantly boosts click-through rates and sales. Through targeted advertising on platforms like social media, search engines, and display networks, you can reach customers who are already interested in products similar to yours. These ads, combined with special offers and strong call-to-actions, effectively lead users to your website, boosting online sales.

Traditional Media: Broad Reach with a Personal Touch

Traditional media channels, such as TV, radio, and print, provide broad reach and establish brand credibility. We tailor these media buys to align with your target audience’s habits, ensuring maximum exposure. Special offers in these mediums create urgency and encourage immediate response.

Integrated Media Strategies: The Best of Both Worlds

Our approach combines the targeted precision of digital with the extensive reach of traditional media. This integrated strategy amplifies your marketing efforts, ensuring your retail brand stands out. Measurable metrics are key; we track every campaign’s performance, continually optimizing for the best results.

Measuring In-Store Sales: The Role of Special Offers and Coupons

Measuring the impact of media campaigns on in-store sales can be challenging. However, using special offers and coupons is an effective method. By providing unique codes or coupons in your ads, you can track the redemption rates in-store. This not only provides valuable data on the effectiveness of your media buying strategies but also stimulates sales.

Analytics and Tracking for Continuous Improvement

Integrating analytics and tracking tools is vital for understanding the performance of your campaigns. For digital ads, use tools like Google Analytics 4 to track website visits, conversion rates, and customer behavior. For traditional media, monitor coupon redemption and in-store foot traffic patterns to gauge effectiveness.

Driving Retail Growth with Expert Media Buying

In our experience, a successful retail media buying strategy balances innovative digital tactics with the proven power of traditional media. Our expertise ensures your campaigns not only reach but resonate with your audience, driving measurable growth for your retail business.

Media Buying Channel Overview

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Case Study Highlights

Unclaimed Diamonds

NuSpark Media Group, led by Paul Mosenson, revamped Unclaimed Diamonds, a Philly-based Jewelry Retailer with an online store, marketing strategy to reach a national audience, employing tactics like Google Paid Search Campaign, Social Media Advertising, and a Direct Response TV Campaign. This strategy resulted in a 65% increase in site traffic, a 50% increase in online sales from social media, and a substantial 80% overall increase in online sales.



WSFS Bank,  struggled with low awareness of its new product offerings. Paul Mosenson, NuSpark Founder, developed a comprehensive marketing campaign across TV, radio, and digital channels, focusing on product awareness and targeting potential customers. This strategy led to a 37% increase in website conversions, a 25% increase in new personal accounts, and a 42% growth in new business accounts.


The Ski Bum, a local Philly-area ski shop – Enhanced Sales Strategy Case Study

Background: The Ski Bum’s store specializes in skiing and snowboarding equipment and apparel, catering to winter sports enthusiasts.

Challenge: Despite a loyal customer base, the store sought to expand its market reach and increase sales.


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Implemented a targeted Google Ads campaign focusing on keywords related to skiing and snowboarding gear, optimizing for local searches.
  • Social Media Advertising: Leveraged Facebook and Instagram ads, showcasing popular products and store events, targeting winter sports enthusiasts.
  • Cable TV and Radio Advertising: Developed engaging ads for local cable TV and radio stations, emphasizing seasonal promotions and unique store offerings.

Results: The integrated marketing approach led to a significant increase in store traffic, higher online engagement, and a substantial rise in sales, especially during the peak winter season.



Our local store in Philadelphia went national in 2015 with an online ecommerce presence. We hired Paul Mosenson to help build our brand and generate sales on our website, in addition to generating increases store traffic. Glad to say that Paul’s partnership has helped us grow beyond expectations. Paul managed our search, display, and Facebook ad programs successfully. Plus our DRTV campaigns gave us a huge boost. Sales and conversions continue to increase. His attention to detail and strategic direction as a tactician and consultant have been second-to-none. I recommend him highly.

Matthew Sulby

President, Unclaimed Diamonds

As the owner of a ski shop, I am delighted to recommend Paul Mosenson for media buying for any retail firm. His expertise in aligning marketing strategies with our unique business needs has been exceptional. Paul’s ability to integrate both digital and traditional media platforms brought a significant increase in our customer engagement and sales. His results-focused approach and deep understanding of the retail landscape make him an excellent choice for any retail business looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

Duane Allen

Owner, The Ski Bum

As VP of Marketing at a leading bank, I wholeheartedly recommend Paul Mosenson for any retail or service firm seeking a media buyer. Paul’s strategic approach and deep understanding of the media landscape significantly enhanced our marketing efforts, leading to remarkable growth in our customer base and product awareness. His expertise in both digital and traditional media buying, coupled with his commitment to measurable results, makes him an invaluable asset to any marketing team.

Stephanie Arnold

VP, Marketing, WSFS Bank

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