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Radio Lead Generation

Traditional radio advertising can be a powerful tool, but capturing valuable leads and building lasting customer relationships requires a fresh approach. Introducing NuSpark Media Group’s “Make Radio Work Again” program!

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Targeted Educational Guides

Craft compelling guides, AI-assisted, that resonate with specific listener segments, sparking interest and capturing valuable contact information.

High-Impact Radio Ads

We’ll work with our AI tools as well as freelance creative team if needed, to craft engaging radio ads that grab attention and drive listeners to download your guides. Easy-to-remember vanity URLs make it simple to act on your call to action.

Data-Driven Optimization

Track results by station, format, and guide downloaded using UTM parameters in Google Analytics 4 (GA4). We use this data to continuously refine your campaign for maximum impact.

Post-Download Nurturing

Don’t let leads go cold! We help you nurture them with personalized email or text follow-up campaigns that include targeted offers and drive sales conversions.

Why GainForge is the Perfect Tool for Your Radio Lead Generation

NuSpark Media Group’s Gainforge platform revolutionizes radio lead generation by enabling high-volume, targeted educational guides, enhancing the effectiveness of your radio campaigns. Gainforge simplifies guide creation for different listener segments, ensuring consistency and brand alignment.

Key features include:

  • Multiple Guide Creation: Gainforge crafts guides tailored to specific audience segments, streamlining the process for consistency.
  • Campaign Optimization: Pair guides with radio ads resonating with each segment, and use analytics to refine messaging and placement.


  • Beyond Radio: Gainforge applies to various marketing campaigns, offering consistent messaging and reducing production costs.
  • Lead Capture: Educational guides build brand credibility and trust, integrated with radio ads through CTAs for multiple engagement channels.
  • Measurable Results: Track downloads to analyze which messages resonate, maximizing impact and audience reach.

Maximizing Impact with Educational Lead Magnets

NuSpark Founder Paul Mosenson’s expertise in crafting tailored educational content using cutting-edge AI tools enhances B2C engagement. Lead magnets gather valuable contact information in exchange for insightful content, nurturing relationships, facilitating up-selling and cross-selling, and cultivating long-term loyalty, boosting conversion rates and retention.

Paul’s Custom GPTs have generated over 150 content pieces, finely tuning digital audio and radio campaigns to resonate with audience interests and demographics. Under Paul’s supervision, these tools streamline content creation, allowing for multiple guides to be created simultaneously, targeting various themes and segments. This precision-targeted approach drives engagement, generates quality leads, and fosters meaningful connections with potential customers.

Founder Paul Mosenson’s Radio Media Buying Skills

NuSpark Media Group’s radio lead generation program benefits from the expertise of Paul Mosenson, a seasoned radio media buyer. His comprehensive approach ensures your advertising budget is effectively utilized, delivering strong results.

Key contributions include:

  • Strategic Planning: Paul collaborates with the team to create a media plan that aligns with your target audience and campaign goals, ensuring your educational guide promotion reaches the right listeners at the right time.
  • Meticulous Budget Allocation: Paul maximizes your advertising reach by allocating resources based on station formats, demographics, and remnant inventory opportunities.
  • Expert Negotiation: Leveraging industry knowledge and relationships, Paul secures the best rates and placements for your radio ads, ensuring maximum ROI.
  • Digital Platform Expertise: Paul’s skills extend to streaming and digital audio advertising, broadening your message’s reach across various platforms.

A Custom GPT we built to showcase the potential. Lead Gen Guide Preview:  Allows a user to prompt a guide topic, then GPT will write a sample outline, write an introduction, and then offer a follow-up email with an offer you prompt. Click and test if you are a paid user, or we can demo.

Watch the video demo of 4 B2C ChatGPTs we created, from eBook planning to offer strategies. The example is for a ficticious franchise weight loss center but can apply to any business.  Together we’ll use these tools and plan targeted messaging with AI, to generate new prospects and customers. 

Custon GPTs are for paid users of ChatGPT, but we’d be happy to demo this during our discovery call. Custon GPTs are for paid users of ChatGPT, but we’d be happy to demo this during our discovery call. Or, click the button below to see 4 short samples of guides targeting 3 audiences in e-commerce, the travel industry, fitness/wellness, and financial services.

Lead Generation Radio

Below are a number of samples of 30-second radio ads, with fictitious companies, to give you intrigue on what could be if we worked together. These are not professionally cleaned up, but just prototypes.  Actual ads, built with a combination of our AI tools and your branding, with top-notch freelancers if needed, are designed to attract attention quickly, and allow time for audiences to remember the vanity URLs (memorable websites that redirect to the actual guide landing page/website we build, or manage with your team). We can do 60s as well, but 30s are the most common length with on-air or streaming radio/digital audio.

Click each logo to hear the sample radio ad.

eCommerce: Dietary Supplement

Wellness: Fitness Center

Higher Education


Financial Services: Investments


Wellness: Weight Loss Center

eCommerce: Pet Supply Store

Legal Services

Franchise: Tutoring Service

Vanity URLs: A Powerful CTA for Downloading Educational Guides

Vanity URLs as CTAs:

Vanity URLs are short, memorable web addresses that replace lengthy website URLs in radio ads. They serve as a clear and convenient call to action (CTA) for listeners to download your educational guides. Here’s how they benefit your radio lead generation strategy:

  • Enhanced Recall: Vanity URLs are easier to remember than complex website addresses, especially for listeners who can’t write them down immediately.
  • Brand Reinforcement: They can incorporate your brand name or keywords associated with your guide, strengthening brand recognition.
  • Professional Appearance: Vanity URLs convey a professional and trustworthy image.

Benefits of Using Vanity URLs with Radio Ads:

  • Increased Download Rates: Clear and memorable CTAs with vanity URLs lead to a higher likelihood of listeners downloading your guides.
  • Improved Tracking: Vanity URLs can be embedded with UTM parameters (Urchin Tracking Module) within Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

UTM Parameters for Tracking Results:

UTM parameters are tags attached to the end of your vanity URL that track specific details about your radio ad campaign. Here’s how they can be used:

  • Campaign Source: Identify the source of the traffic, in this case, “radio_lead_gen”.
  • Campaign Medium: Specify the advertising medium, such as “on-air” or “streaming_radio”.
  • Campaign Name: Distinguish between different radio ad campaigns, e.g., “Guide_A_Promotion” or “Guide_B_Launch”.
  • Campaign Term: Track specific keywords or demographics targeted within the radio campaign.

Tracking Success with GA4:

By integrating UTM parameters with your vanity URLs, you can track user behavior in GA4 and gain valuable insights, such as:

  • Which radio channels (on-air vs. streaming) generate the most downloads.
  • What radio stations within a specific format (news, music) are most effective for your target audience.
  • Which demographics downloading the guides (age, location, interests).
  • The performance of different lead magnets (Guide A vs. Guide B).

Refining Your Strategy:

By analyzing the data collected through GA4, you can refine your radio lead generation strategy. Here’s how:

  • Allocate Resources: Focus your budget on radio stations and ad formats that drive the most downloads.
  • Optimize Lead Magnets: Adapt or create new educational guides based on audience preferences and downloading trends.
  • Refine Targeting: Adjust your radio campaign’s targeting based on demographics with high download rates.


Vanity URLs coupled with UTM parameters in GA4 create a powerful tracking system for your radio lead generation efforts. This data-driven approach allows you to continuously optimize your strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your radio ads and ultimately convert radio listeners into qualified leads.

Nurturing Leads and Driving Sales with Post-Download Follow-Up

After listeners download your educational guide through a radio ad’s CTA, NuSpark Media Group continues to nurture these leads through strategic follow-up via text or email. Here’s how:

Personalized Communication:

  • Segmented Audience: Segment leads based on demographics or interests from the guide download, allowing for personalized communication.
  • Targeted Offers: Tailor follow-up messages with offers relevant to each segment, such as discounts or consultations related to the guide’s topic.

Compelling Content and CTAs:

  • Value-Driven Messages: Provide additional value in follow-up messages with actionable insights, bonus materials, or exclusive content, keeping your brand top-of-mind.
  • Clear Calls to Action: Include concise CTAs guiding recipients toward actions such as visiting a landing page, scheduling a demo, or making a purchase.

Engagement Strategies:

  • Drip Campaigns: Use automated email drip campaigns to deliver a series of messages over time, nurturing leads and maintaining brand visibility.
  • Interactive Content: Incorporate elements like surveys or polls to gather insights and engage recipients with your brand.

Planning Mobile Offers

When prospects fill out forms on landing pages we would build, they get immediately put into a text keyword list, as long as they agree to offers, for promotional follow-up drip campaigns that we would plan together with the texting platform.  We can email as well.


This setting allows you to choose a redemption type for your coupon. You can choose between the ‘standard’, ‘barcode’, ‘image’ or ‘redirect’ redemption types.

  • The standard redemption type simply shows the redemption code that you provide when the user redeems the coupon.
  • The barcode redemption type shows the redemption code that you provide in a scannable barcode format when the user redeems the coupon.
  • The image redemption type shows an image that you upload when the user redeems the coupon.
  • The redirect redemption type allows you to provide a URL to redirect the user to after they click the button to redeem. With this redemption type, users will not see the redemption screen of the coupon. They will immediately be redirected to a URL that you provide.

Campaign Measurement

Every radio test will include a text keyword to start. Since this is radio and using vanity URLs to web pages, the actual keyword is a list name that prospects will enter.  In this example, the form name below is called Spotify-guide, denoting the platform we are buying.  Each buying strategy will have its own keyword for tracking.

With the form saved, we embed the form code onto a website or landing page for the guide to be downloaded, alllowing prospects to enter their information, and then the contact info is sent to the text platform for the Spotify Keyword list.   Then we can plan follow-up promotions, like the example below for a Fitness Center.  Promotion will include a promo code, or other redemption options. This is a plan we would work on together. 

Now our approach to reporting. We’ll enter the media partner and type, the target segment, the content name and URL where it can be downloadedm as well as the selected vanity URL for the redirection. For Google Analytics conversion tracking, the guide URLs will need UTM parameters. In this example, Source is Spotify, Medium is Radio, Content is w2534 (using the content parameter as target audence segment here), and Campaign is Supplement Guide. Then for each segment we can track leads, media cost, and cost-per-lead.

Mobile Coupon

For each list we developed, we’ll create a drip text promotion, complete with promo code and redemption as shown above. Note if we send the prospects to a URL to redeem, again, we’ll set up GA4 tracking parameters for the URL, to measure the source, campaign, or segment sales came from.  Whether it’s website or landing page, with a web form and a place for a discount code, we’ll measure the results of the campaigns with rigor.

Below are more visual charts showing

1. Vanity URL planning, 2. Mobile Coupon planning, 3. Email Offer planning

Industry Stats

  • Lead Magnet Effectiveness:
    • Studies have shown that offering valuable content such as guides or ebooks can significantly increase lead generation and customer acquisition for B2C companies.
    • According to HubSpot, companies that use lead magnets in their marketing strategy experience a 55% increase in leads.
  • Conversion Rates:
    • Research indicates that providing lead magnets can improve conversion rates by providing prospects with valuable information that addresses their needs and pain points.
    • A study by Demand Metric found that companies with well-executed lead nurturing campaigns that include lead magnets experience a 45% higher conversion rate compared to those without such campaigns.
  • Customer Engagement:
    • Offering guides or lead magnets can enhance customer engagement by providing valuable content that educates and informs potential customers.
    • Data from Content Marketing Institute shows that 70% of B2C marketers say that interactive content (which includes guides and ebooks) is effective at engaging their target audience.
  • Brand Loyalty:
    • Providing valuable resources like guides or ebooks can help build trust and credibility with consumers, leading to increased brand loyalty and repeat purchases.
    • A study by Loyalty360 found that 69% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they trust.
  • Long-Term Value:
    • Lead magnets can also have long-term benefits for B2C companies by nurturing leads over time and contributing to overall customer lifetime value.
    • Research from McKinsey & Company shows that companies with effective lead nurturing strategies generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.
  • Growth Acceleration:
    • Companies that effectively utilize guides or lead magnets often experience accelerated growth by attracting more qualified leads and converting them into customers.
    • According to research by Marketo, businesses that implement lead nurturing strategies, which may include providing guides or lead magnets, experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.
  • Revenue Generation:
    • Offering guides or lead magnets can directly contribute to revenue generation by influencing purchase decisions and driving sales.
    • A study by Content Marketing Institute found that 61% of B2C marketers believe that content marketing (including lead magnets) is effective at generating revenue for their organization.
  • Cross-Selling and Upselling:
    • Guides or lead magnets can serve as effective tools for cross-selling and upselling additional products or services to existing customers.
    • According to Accenture, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations, which can be facilitated through targeted guides or lead magnets.
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):
    • Lead magnets can contribute to increasing customer lifetime value by fostering long-term relationships with customers and encouraging repeat purchases.
    • Research by Bain & Company found that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95%, highlighting the importance of strategies like providing guides or lead magnets in maximizing CLV.
  • Competitive Advantage:
    • Companies that effectively leverage guides or lead magnets gain a competitive advantage by providing added value to their customers and differentiating themselves from competitors.
    • A report by McKinsey & Company indicates that companies that prioritize customer-centric strategies, which may include offering valuable resources like guides or lead magnets, outperform their competitors in terms of revenue growth by 2.3 times.

More Inspiration


Athleta, an activewear brand, has utilized an ebook campaign targeting consumers interested in fitness and wellness. They launched a campaign offering a free guide on yoga practices and healthy living, which attracted potential customers by providing valuable content. The campaign was designed to engage fitness enthusiasts and build Athleta’s customer base through email sign-ups.


Lululemon, a retailer specializing in athletic apparel, has launched campaigns offering ebooks on fitness routines, healthy recipes, and wellness tips. These ebooks targeted consumers in the health and wellness sector, helping to build a strong customer base interested in Lululemon’s brand. The content was designed to resonate with consumers, encouraging further engagement and product purchases.

Health & Wellness:

Calm, a wellness app, offers ebooks and guides on topics such as mindfulness, stress reduction, and sleep improvement. These guides attract consumers looking for relaxation techniques, generating leads for their subscription-based app and helping Calm build a strong customer base.

Food & Beverage:

HelloFresh, a meal kit delivery service, offers free recipe books and meal planning guides. This approach attracts consumers interested in cooking and meal preparation, helping HelloFresh capture leads and build its customer base.


IKEA has offered downloadable design guides for consumers looking to improve their home interiors. These guides include furniture arrangement tips, color coordination, and decor suggestions. This campaign attracts potential customers interested in home improvement, guiding them towards IKEA’s range of products.


Coursera, an online learning platform, offers downloadable ebooks and guides on various educational topics. These guides attract learners, introducing them to Coursera’s platform, and encouraging them to explore courses and resources, thus building Coursera’s customer base.

Travel & Hospitality:

Airbnb launched a campaign offering travel guides on various destinations, helping travelers find unique experiences and accommodations. These guides generate leads from interested travelers, guiding them to explore Airbnb listings and services, thereby expanding their customer base.

Fashion & Beauty: Sephora’s “Beauty Secrets Revealed” Campaign

Sephora developed an ebook titled “Beauty Secrets Revealed,” featuring insider tips from makeup artists and skincare experts. They promoted the ebook through beauty influencers on Instagram, YouTube tutorials, and sponsored content on popular beauty blogs. This campaign generated a high volume of leads interested in cosmetics and skincare products, with many leads signing up for Sephora’s loyalty program and making purchases both online and in-store.

Home Improvement: Home Depot’s “DIY Home Projects Guide” Campaign

Home Depot created a guide highlighting DIY home improvement projects and decorating ideas, targeting homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. They promoted the guide through targeted Facebook ads, sponsored content on home improvement websites, and partnerships with home renovation influencers. As a result, Home Depot generated a significant number of leads interested in home improvement products and services, driving both online and offline sales.

Fitness & Sports: Nike’s “Ultimate Workout Guide” Campaign

Nike launched a campaign offering an “Ultimate Workout Guide” ebook, featuring training routines and fitness tips from professional athletes and trainers. They promoted the guide through social media ads, fitness influencers on Instagram, and partnerships with fitness apps. This campaign attracted leads interested in fitness and sports performance, driving traffic to Nike’s website and increasing sales of their athletic apparel and footwear.

Health & Wellness:

Beachbody, a fitness and nutrition company, created an ebook called “Fitness Transformation Guide” offering workout plans and nutritional advice. They promoted the guide through targeted ads on fitness-related websites, partnerships with fitness influencers, and email marketing campaigns. This campaign attracted leads interested in health and fitness, resulting in increased sign-ups for Beachbody’s workout programs and nutritional supplements.

Food & Beverage:

HelloFresh developed an ebook titled “Cooking Made Easy,” featuring easy-to-follow recipes and cooking tips. They promoted the ebook through sponsored content on cooking blogs, social media ads targeting food enthusiasts, and partnerships with cooking influencers. This campaign generated leads interested in meal preparation and cooking, driving subscriptions to HelloFresh’s meal kit delivery service.


IKEA launched a campaign offering a “Home Design Handbook” ebook, providing interior design inspiration and home decor ideas. They promoted the ebook through targeted Facebook ads, sponsored content on home design websites, and collaborations with interior design influencers. This campaign attracted leads interested in home improvement, driving both online and offline sales for IKEA’s furniture and home accessories.

Travel & Hospitality:

Expedia created a guide called “Travel Like a Pro,” offering travel tips and destination recommendations. They promoted the guide through sponsored content on travel blogs, social media ads targeting travel enthusiasts, and partnerships with travel influencers. This campaign attracted leads interested in travel planning, resulting in increased bookings and revenue for Expedia’s travel services.

Weight Loss & Supplements:

Herbalife, a nutrition and weight management company, created an ebook called the “Ultimate Weight Loss Guide,” offering diet plans and exercise routines. They promoted the guide through targeted Facebook ads, sponsored content on health and fitness websites, and partnerships with wellness influencers. This campaign attracted leads interested in weight loss solutions, driving sales of Herbalife’s nutritional supplements and meal replacement products.

Museums & Arts:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art developed a guide called the “Art Appreciation Guide,” featuring insights into famous artworks and museum collections. They promoted the guide through sponsored content on art blogs, social media ads targeting art enthusiasts, and partnerships with art influencers. This campaign attracted leads interested in art and culture, driving museum visits and memberships for The Met.


Geico, an insurance company, launched a campaign offering an “Insurance Savings Handbook,” providing tips for saving money on insurance premiums. They promoted the handbook through targeted Google Ads, sponsored content on personal finance websites, and partnerships with finance influencers. This campaign attracted leads interested in insurance savings, resulting in increased quote requests and policy purchases for Geico.


Quicken Loans developed a guide called the “Homebuyer’s Guide,” offering advice on the mortgage process and home buying tips. They promoted the guide through targeted YouTube ads, sponsored content on real estate websites, and partnerships with home buying influencers. This campaign attracted leads interested in mortgage services, driving inquiries and loan applications for Quicken Loans

Fashion Ecommerce:

ASOS, an online fashion retailer, created an ebook called “Style Insider,” offering fashion trends and styling tips. They promoted the ebook through targeted Snapchat ads, sponsored content on fashion blogs, and partnerships with fashion influencers. This campaign attracted leads interested in fashion and clothing, driving website visits and purchases for ASOS’s fashion items.

Nice. We Have an Agency

No worries.  NuSpark collaborates. We are a team.  We can build the lead magnets or guides, and they can do the media buying. We can also work together with my tools and promo offers. Let’s make it a win-win.

Creative Questions

We are big on AI at NuSpark Media Group, because saving creative costs, and allocating that budget to media, is critical. That said, for creative, we can collaborate with a designer you have, or one of our freelancers, or a combination. The ones above Mosenson did himself with the AI video tools. Options galore.

Program Costs

We charge a moderate retainer for the service; affordable for SMB and moderately-sized businesses. We are open to a mix of retainer and “per-lead” perfomance fees. 

Want to Learn More? Contact Founder Paul Mosenson Today. And Let’s Discuss AI and Strategy

  • eCommerce Client: Transactions Up 70% 70%
  • University Client: Enrollment Up 40% 40%
  • Financial Services Client: New Accounts Up 25% 25%
  • Retail Client: Sales Up 80% 80%
  • National Weight Loss Program: Revenue Up 30% 30%
  • Auto Insurance Client: Applications Up 25% 25%
  • Supplement Product: Sales Up 40% 40%
  • Consumer Goods Client: Conversion Rate Up 28% 28%
{...Paul's strategic insights and approach to crafting media campaigns have played a pivotal role in driving success for our pharmaceutical clients,,,
Rishi J. Kadiwar, VP
{..Paul's enthusiam and knowledge second-to-none...drove our revenue leaps and bounds...great media buyer...
Rick Obrzut, VP, Franchise Consultant
{...Paul gave us a robust media buy and helped with our conversion rate...We recommend Paul for any Commerce firm looking to ramp up revenue..
Jonathan Parker, Co-Founder
Lean Factor
{Our strong enrollment numbers lend further credence to the valuable work Paul and his team performed...
S. Maureen McGarrity, President
Holy Family University
{...great results as we grew our region...Paul's media buying expertise was thankful we used him...
Sarah Willoughby, Executuve Director
Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau
{...loved working with Paul...such attention-to-detail....a media buying whiz...
Andrea Plaza, VP
United Teletech
{...grew beyond expectations...ran our digital and TV sales continue to climb....
Matthew Sulby, President
Unclaimed Diamonds
{...huge increase in online sales...loved the creativity and the results...recommended for any ecommerce firm...
Ron Richter, CEO
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