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Planning Lead Generation: AI B2B Marketing Agency Services

The Big Picture

Turning your marketing around is not an easy task. It takes commitment and consistency. You need to be open-minded to change if need be. You’ve invested much time, energy, resources, and finances to getting this far. Now, we need to build, update, refine, and improve your marketing to generate more leads.  We are all in the art of convincing. Everything you and your organization does has one thing in mind: CONVINCE.

You’re convincing prospects to visit your website.
You’re convincing them to visit more than one page.
You’re convincing them to act.
You’re convincing them to buy.
You’re convincing existing customers to renew, buy more, or stay with you (where lifetime value comes into play)

We’ll go through all these convincing processes and work to optimize each one during our engagement.


We begin by taking a deep dive into your business.

Founder Paul Mosenson begins by taking a deep dive into your business.  His assessments cover several topics to set the framework for marketing planning and lead generation. He wants to learn as much as possible regarding:

  • Current business model and metrics for success
  • Your cost-per-acquisition goals and lifetime value of your average customer
  • Competition (which leads to my own SWOT analysis)
  • Target audiences – who, role, pain points, business challenges
  • Sales process and buying cycles
  • Your current products/services: Why do prospects need them, and why buy from you


Our approach to content development that drives leads

In his problem-solution program, Paul Mosenson, founder of NuSpark, adopts a focused approach to empower B2B clients in generating quality leads. This method centers on identifying and resolving the specific challenges faced by a client’s prospects, thereby laying the groundwork for effective content development and lead magnets. Here’s how Mosenson orchestrates this process:

  • Deep Dive into Prospect Research: The foundation of this strategy lies in comprehensively understanding the client’s target audience. This involves:
    • Gathering insights about the prospects’ industry, job roles, and business challenges.
    • Identifying common pain points, such as inefficiencies in process management, challenges in data analysis, or difficulties in achieving scalability,.
    • Analyzing the prospects’ decision-making journey and their criteria for selecting vendors or solutions.
    • Utilizing AI-driven analytics to process large volumes of data enables a deeper and faster understanding of market dynamics and customer behavior.
  • Solution Alignment: With a clear grasp of the prospects’ issues, Mosenson tailors solutions that align with these pain points. This could include:
    • Developing strategies for process optimization if inefficiencies are a concern.
    • Proposing innovative tech solutions for data analysis struggles.
    • Offering scalable services or products that grow with the prospect’s business.
  • Content Development Focused on Solutions: Utilizing the insights from the research, content is crafted to address the prospects’ specific problems. This includes:
    • Creating case studies that demonstrate how similar challenges were overcome.
    • Developing informative blog posts or articles that provide actionable solutions.
    • Crafting whitepapers or eBooks delving into industry-specific issues and remedies.
    • Employing AI content generation tools to assist in creating tailored and SEO-optimized articles, enhancing the relevance and reach of published material.
  • Designing Lead Magnets That Resonate: The content then transforms into lead magnets, designed to attract prospects by offering practical value. Examples include:
    • An industry report highlighting key trends and solutions to emerging challenges.
    • A webinar or online workshop offering expert advice on overcoming specific industry hurdles.
    • Integrating AI to develop highly personalized eBooks and whitepapers, tailored specifically to the interests and challenges of targeted prospect segments, enhances engagement and perceived value.

Through this problem-solution approach, Mosenson enables B2B clients to not only understand their prospects’ challenges deeply but also to position themselves as the ideal solution providers. This strategy ensures that the content and lead magnets are not just informative but are directly tied to the prospects’ immediate needs, making them effective tools for generating high-quality leads and fostering business growth.

ROI & Calculators

Paul’s ROI Calculators gives insights on what you are and what you can be

One of the best ways to plan and project growth is to use ROI calculators. The calculators include three columns; one for base or current KPIs, and two others with options to project a mix of increased traffic and increased conversion rates. I also include Lifetime Value metrics as well as marketing costs separated by media spend and fees. When we have our initial meetings, we’ll review these calculators as well as project and quantify goals for growth.

Pipeline ROI Calculator

The pipeline ROI calculator captures key funnel metrics from website conversion rates to sales opportunities, MQL-SQL rates, revenue and LTV metrics, and closing rates.

eCommerce ROI Calculator

The eCommerce ROI calculator covers product and cart page visits, purchases, revenue and CLV, retention, and transactional conversion rate metrics.

SaaS Industry ROI Calculator

The SaaS ROI calculator is unique, covering free trial and monthly buyer conversion rates, churn rates, MRR trends, total and net new customer comparisons & growth rate projections.

General Lead Gen ROI Calculator

The general calculator covers B2B whose CTAs are typically Get a Quote, or geeral form fills for B2C organizations and thus covers general conversion rates, and projected revenues per customer.

Planning & Managing

Next, Paul develops a plan for each element of your lead generation strategy, and then implements & manages those plans.

Next, Paul develops a plan for each element of your lead generation strategy.  Marketing plans include:

  • Website Enhancement (update content and design) to optimize for engagement and conversion
  • Content Marketing Plan (long-form papers, webinars, blogs, social media)
  • Search Engine Marketing Plan (SEO and paid search)
  • Video Marketing Plan (for website, thought leadership, advertising)
  • Media Plan (traditional, digital, direct marketing)
  • Promotional Plan (offers, upsell/cross-sell, collateral needs)
  • Email Marketing Plan (message, cadence, nurture segmenting)
  • Conversion Optimization Plan
  • Tele-services and Appointment Setting Plan
  • Measurement Plan (Tracking, analytics, reporting)

Summary of Our GTM Growth Matrix

A visual look at lead magnet and lead generation management we do

At our firm, we’ve developed a meticulous B2B Lead Generation planning process tailored specifically for our clients in the tech and SaaS sectors. This process begins with an in-depth analysis of your target market and competitive landscape, leveraging data-driven insights to identify your ideal customer profiles.

We then craft a multi-channel strategy, integrating both inbound and outbound tactics, that aligns with your unique business goals and resources. This strategy is not just theoretical but is backed by practical, actionable steps – from content creation and SEO optimization to targeted LinkedIn outreach and email marketing campaigns. Regular performance tracking and agile adjustments ensure that the strategy remains effective and responsive to market changes.

Our approach is collaborative and transparent, involving you at every stage to ensure alignment with your vision and objectives, ultimately driving meaningful and sustainable growth in your lead generation efforts.

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