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Pharmaceutical Marketing & Media Buying Services

NuSpark Media Group: The Ideal Choice for Pharmaceutical and HCP Media Buying

Unleashing the Power of Strategic Media Campaigns in Healthcare

NuSpark Media Group is your essential partner in advancing pharmaceutical marketing, specializing in elevating brand awareness and boosting conversion rates. Leveraging a deep understanding of both 1st party and 3rd party data, our team expertly employs the latest in targeting tools and platforms. This unique capability allows us to precisely address the nuanced requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring each campaign is both impactful and compliant.

Tailored Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies
Drawing from extensive client collaborations, we grasp the complexities of pharmaceutical marketing. Our strategies are meticulously designed to engage dual audiences: healthcare professionals (HCPs) and direct-to-consumer (DTC) condition searchers. This focused approach guarantees not only regulatory compliance but also enhanced awareness and conversions, catering effectively to each distinct audience.

AI-Driven Content Development and Messaging
At NuSpark Media Group, we integrate cutting-edge AI technology to refine content creation and messaging, engaging HCPs and consumers more effectively. Our AI tools analyze data to produce compelling, customized content that resonates with each audience segment. This tailored messaging optimizes communication strategies, increases engagement, and drives meaningful interactions, seamlessly blending AI insights with human creativity.

Innovative Lead Magnet Concepts for Pharmaceuticals
Our lead magnet strategies are vital to capturing the attention of both HCPs and DTC searchers. We develop engaging, educational content that not only attracts but also retains interest, paving the way for deeper engagement and successful conversions. These resources are crafted to provide value, foster trust and establish a foundation for ongoing relationships.

Conversion Optimization Expertise
Optimizing conversions is at the heart of our approach to pharmaceutical marketing. We apply sophisticated digital marketing techniques across all user touchpoints, enhancing the journey to maximize engagement and conversions. Whether targeting HCPs or DTC searchers, our focus is on delivering a persuasive, seamless experience that effectively drives results.

Deep Understanding of Data Utilization and Targeting Precision
Mastering data utilization is crucial for effective targeting in pharmaceutical marketing. We excel in deploying 1st party and 3rd party data to precisely target both HCPs and DTC condition searchers. This strategic capability enables us to craft campaigns that are not only relevant and engaging but exceptionally proficient in reaching and resonating with the intended audiences.

Up-to-Date with Targeting Tools and HCP Platforms
Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving landscape of targeting tools and HCP platforms is essential. We are adept at utilizing these technologies, ensuring that your campaigns are precisely aimed and delivered through the most effective channels, both online and offline.

Balanced Media Buying Approach
Our comprehensive media buying strategy is key to effective pharmaceutical marketing. We navigate both digital and traditional media to ensure your message consistently reaches the intended audience across various touchpoints. Our commitment to measurement and results drives continuous campaign optimization, ensuring maximum ROI.

Partner with NuSpark Media Group to propel your pharmaceutical company’s marketing objectives. With our specialized knowledge, AI-enhanced content development, innovative lead magnets, and a balanced approach to media buying, we are dedicated to delivering impactful and measurable results in the pharmaceutical industry.

DTC Targeting Overview

We understand the critical importance of reaching the right audience in the pharmaceutical industry. Our approach to pharmaceutical advertising combines cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise to connect you with your ideal consumers.

Data-Driven Strategies: Leveraging our partnerships with leading data providers, we gather comprehensive insights into consumer behavior, health trends, and market dynamics. This data forms the backbone of our targeting strategies, ensuring your message reaches those most in need of your products.

Sophisticated Targeting Strategy: Understanding your audience is key. We utilize advanced targeting techniques, informed by our collaboration with top-tier data providers. This approach allows us to identify and engage with specific consumer segments, from patients to healthcare professionals, ensuring your message resonates with those who matter most.

Intelligent Media Buying: Our team excels in strategically placing your ads across a mix of channels, including digital, print, and broadcast media. By analyzing data on consumer media consumption, we optimize ad placements to maximize visibility and impact, while also ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Customized Campaigns: Each campaign is tailored to meet your unique goals. Whether it’s raising awareness about a new medication or educating about a medical condition, we craft our media buying strategy to align with your objectives, target audience, and budget.

Continuous Optimization: The world of pharma marketing is ever-changing, and so are our strategies. We continuously monitor campaign performance, adjusting our media buying tactics in real-time to ensure ongoing effectiveness and optimal ROI.

Measurable Results: Our commitment to data doesn’t end with targeting. We continuously monitor campaign performance, providing you with detailed analytics and insights. This transparency allows for ongoing optimization, ensuring the highest ROI for your marketing efforts.

Target HCPs with Precision: Advanced Media Buying Solutions

Expert HCP Targeting with Third-Party Data: At NuSpark, we understand the nuances of HCP media buying. Leveraging third-party data, including NPI (National Provider Identifier) registries and specialty databases, we refine our targeting strategies. This approach ensures your campaigns reach the right HCPs, from GPs to specialists, with messages tailored to their practice and interests.

Intelligent Media Placement for HCPs: Our media buying isn’t just broad; it’s precise. In order to make sure that HCPs see your content, we use a variety of channels, including online professional platforms and medical journals. By analyzing HCP media consumption patterns and preferences, we optimize placements for maximum engagement and ROI.

Customized Campaigns for Maximum Impact: Recognizing that each pharma campaign has unique goals, we tailor our approach to fit. Whether it’s introducing a breakthrough treatment or sharing pivotal trial data, we align our media buying strategy with your objectives, targeting specifics, and budget constraints.

Innovative Social Media List Targeting: Revolutionizing HCP engagement, we employ list targeting on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. By uploading lists of HCPs segmented by NPI, specialty, or practice type, we deliver highly personalized social media campaigns. This strategy not only boosts engagement but also ensures compliance with privacy standards and industry regulations.

Dynamic Strategy and Continuous Optimization: In the fast-paced world of pharma marketing, agility is key. We constantly monitor campaign performance, adapting our strategies in real-time to ensure continued relevance and impact in the dynamic HCP landscape.


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Discover how our tailored media solutions can transform your pharmaceutical marketing. Let’s create campaigns that not only reach but also resonate with your target healthcare professionals.

 I have had the privilege of collaborating closely with Paul Mosenson, NuSpark Founder, on various pharma-related media engagements. Paul’s expertise and dedication to excellence have been invaluable assets to our team and clients. Paul consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies and extensive experience in media buying and campaign planning. His strategic insights and approach to crafting media campaigns have played a pivotal role in driving success for our clients. Paul’s professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication make him an invaluable partner in our mission to deliver exceptional client service. I  recommend Paul to any organization seeking a seasoned media director to elevate their marketing initiatives.

Rishi J. Kadiwar

Vice President, Strategy, LIveWorld (Pharma agency)

AI and Pharmaceutical Marketing Together

Artificial intelligence can transform pharmaceutical manufacturing marketing by enabling highly personalized and efficient communication strategies. With custom AI models, companies can craft targeted lead magnets specifically designed for healthcare professionals, ensuring that the content is both relevant and compelling. Additionally, AI-driven systems enhance email marketing campaigns by optimizing message timing, content, and segmentation, leading to higher engagement rates.

 This strategic use of AI not only improves the effectiveness of marketing efforts but also significantly boosts return on investment in the competitive pharmaceutical industry. NuSpark Founder Paul Mosenson is also an AI expert, and is offering his suite of Custom GPTs from ChatGPT to help grow and manage your online engagement. Below are a few of interest. Click to see the tool (Paid users of ChatGPT only).  AI management is part of our management fees.

A matrix covering HCP pain points, ad headlines to make targets click, and sample ebook titles for planning. 15 at a time!. Then go deeper with 10 more.

Goal is to build leads from consumers and HCPs by providing customizable ebooks or lead magnets. Starts with outlines for approval, then the copywriting. 

Our AI tool that helps us brainstorm messaging and ad strategy to target both DTC and HCP.

Once guides are downloaded or audiences sign up for updates, this AI tool plans follow-up messaging. It’ll find recent articles with phrases like “condition treatment, symptoms, updates, facts, management, and diagnosing”

This is a very rough example of a TV ad with a QR code promoting a health guide, produced with our AI tools. It’s a fake firm, but it’s goal is to have you think about the potential. We at NuSpark have top-notch AI freelancers if needed to clean up the creative.

Make Them Click & Convert: HCP

This matrix is designed to help pharmaceutical manufacturers effectively communicate with HCPs through targeted digital advertising, driving them to a landing page that converts interest into actions such as learning more about a drug, requesting samples, or accessing detailed clinical data.

Make Them Click: DTC

This matrix is tailored to help pharmaceutical manufacturers communicate effectively with consumers who have specific health conditions, driving them from interest piqued by empathetic and informative advertising to taking action on a landing page designed to convert interest into inquiries or further engagement.

Lead Generation Media Channels

Our strategic approach to media buying for pharmaceutical HCP (Healthcare Professional) targeting is designed to drive high-quality leads or website engagement through a tailored blend of strategies, meticulous measurement, continuous testing, and relentless optimization. We start by developing a deep understanding of your target healthcare professionals and business goals, ensuring that each campaign is precisely aligned with your objectives. By leveraging a mix of specialized channels, including medical journals, professional networks, conferences, digital platforms, and direct mail, we maximize reach and engagement, ensuring your message connects with HCPs at every touchpoint.

Measurement is a cornerstone of our strategy. We employ advanced analytics to meticulously track performance and gather actionable insights, enabling data-driven decisions. Continuous testing is integral to our methodology, allowing us to experiment with various creative elements, messaging, and targeting options to identify the most effective approaches. Through ongoing optimization, we fine-tune and enhance campaigns to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness, driving higher engagement rates and delivering the quality leads your pharmaceutical business needs to thrive. Our commitment to a strategic, data-driven approach ensures that every media dollar spent contributes directly to your growth and success in the healthcare sector.

Pharma Manufactuer?

You can work with us two ways:

  • Direct as your media buying or marketing agency
  • As a complement to your current marketing firms

Advertising or Marketing Agency?

You can work with us two ways:

  • If you are a creative shop, as your media buying alliance
  • As a complement to your current media department

Our Pharma Campaign Planner. How We Begin Engagements

Feel free to click the image to download a sample.

Targeting Strategy.  This Template We Use to Plan Target Audiences and HCP Segmenting

Meaaurement Strategy.  This Template We Use to Plan Website Conversions & Performance Tracking

Feel free to download our eBook to learn more about the strategies, tactics, and key plaforms that target HCPs with ad campaigns and with the goal of communicating your pharmaceutial product to these key audiences.  From 1st and 3rd party data, social networks, and display ad platforms, to tracking conversions and performance, we cover the entire scope.

Here’s a sample media plan we developed as partner with a Pharma marketing firm specializing in social media. Targets HCP and DTC. 

HCP Marketing Partners

Plus samples of our data sources to reach HCPs as well as consumers with pharma interests

Some Media Buying Channels We Manage

Did Ya Know You Can Target HCPs on TV?

Targeting healthcare professionals (HCPs) using National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) on connected TV (CTV) through Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) is a sophisticated process that involves several steps. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  • Identification of HCPs Using NPIs: Healthcare professionals in the United States are assigned unique National Provider Identifiers (NPIs). These identifiers are used to track their activities and affiliations in the healthcare system
  • Data Matching: In the digital advertising world, NPIs can be matched with digital identities. This is done by data management platforms (DMPs) or similar entities that have access to both NPI databases and digital user data. They correlate an HCP’s NPI with their online behavior, device usage, and other digital footprints.
  • Integration with DSPs: Once the correlation is established, this data is integrated into Demand-Side Platforms. DSPs are tools that manage the buying of digital advertising space. They can use the matched data to target ads specifically to devices associated with HCPs.
  • Targeting on Connected TV: Connected TV refers to any TV that can connect to the internet and access content beyond what is available via the traditional cable provider. When an HCP uses a connected TV, their device can be recognized by the DSP, thanks to the earlier data matching process.
  • Using ISP for Precision Targeting: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can play a crucial role here. They have detailed data about which devices are connected to their networks and the specific internet connections used. By leveraging this information, DSPs can target HCPs more precisely when they are using their connected TVs, ensuring that the ads are reaching the intended audience.

          Tracking Conversions

          Tracking conversions is vital in digital marketing, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, as it provides clear insights into the effectiveness of your online strategies.

          By monitoring conversions, such as downloads, form submissions, and newsletter sign-ups, you gain a deeper understanding of what resonates with your audience, allowing for data-driven decision-making.

          This information not only helps in optimizing marketing campaigns for better ROI but also ensures that the content and services offered align closely with user needs and preferences, ultimately enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

          • Form Submissions: Track submissions for contact forms, patient support program sign-ups, or health assessments, indicating interest in specific medications or treatments.
          • Guide Downloads: Measure downloads of educational content such as medication guides, treatment information booklets, or health tips, showing engagement with the content.
          • Newsletter Sign-Ups: Count the number of users subscribing to newsletters, highlighting ongoing interest and opportunities for direct communication.
          • Video Views: Track complete or significant views of informational or instructional videos, important for content explaining complex treatments or drug mechanisms.
          • Event Registrations: Monitor registrations for webinars, workshops, or online events, especially relevant for HCP-focused websites for continuous education.
          • “Contact Us” Inquiries: Track inquiries through the “Contact Us” page as conversions, indicating active user engagement and interest in direct communication.
          • Trial Sign-Ups: Count the number of free trial sign-ups for services or products, a key conversion indicating product interest.

          The Leadership Team

          Paul Mosenson, Media Director

          Paul is an accomplished marketing professional and Media Director/Buyer, focusing on performance and results. Since 2010, he has been the Director of Media Services at NuSpark Media Group, where he manages media strategies and campaigns across various mediums, provides strategic insights, and implements robust tracking and measurement dashboards.

          He has extensive experience in various industries, including dietary supplements, healthcare, and retail. Paul’s skills include media strategy, marketing analytics, and conversion optimization. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Business from Temple University.

          Paul has extensive experience in media buying for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. His expertise involves crafting targeted media strategies that effectively reach healthcare professionals and patients, utilizing both traditional and digital channels. He excels in negotiating and buying media space in highly specialized areas such as medical journals, health-focused websites, and patient education platforms.

          Paul’s approach is data-driven, focusing on maximizing ROI through detailed analytics and performance tracking. His work in these sectors showcases his ability to navigate the complex regulatory environments and ethical considerations unique to healthcare and pharmaceutical advertising.

          Clients as White Label Media Director (other agencies)

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