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OTT Media Buying 

Over-the-top (OTT) content and its advertising potential are redefining the ways in which audiences engage with media. By seamlessly marrying the power of television with the flexibility and interactivity of digital platforms, OTT offers a robust and contemporary approach to reaching audiences. Let’s delve into its key aspects:

Understanding OTT Content: OTT content is essentially any video content streamed over the internet. This includes both short and long-form content, consumed through various devices, and doesn’t necessitate a traditional cable or satellite subscription. It allows viewers the luxury of enjoying premium content in a lean-back environment at their convenience.

OTT Advertising: The Hybrid Powerhouse Combining the strengths of TV and digital, OTT advertising opens new horizons for engagement. Here’s why:

  1. Addressability: National advertisers get precision targeting with OTT, achieving more than 75% in-demo ad views on entertainment content. The relevance enhances viewers’ connection with the ad.
  2. Authentication: With 68% of OTT ad views coming from logged-in viewers, advertisers have increased confidence that their messages reach real individuals, not bots or fake views.
  3. Penetration: The OTT reach is expanding, touching 62% of Americans monthly. It represents a substantial market segment that advertisers can tap into.
  4. Engagement: Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of OTT is its engaging nature. 72% of users can recall a specific OTT ad, and 40% have even paused content to explore or purchase an advertised product. This kind of engagement is seldom achieved through other mediums.
  5. Myth Busting: While digital and social media advertising are vital, they are not comprehensive on their own. Since 90% of TV households still watch cable, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of traditional mediums and their integration with OTT for a holistic approach.

OTT or Connected TV covers all of the devices as shown below:

Strategically Implementing OTT in Advertising Campaigns: Professionals like NuSpark Founder Paul Mosenson, focusing on driving quality leads and sales, can see the immense potential in OTT. The integration of cable TV as the primary campaign driver, extending the message across various platforms, mirrors a thought process driven by analytics and keen insight into market trends. The combination of cable TV with VOD and IP-based platforms presents a multifaceted strategy, where reach and engagement walk hand-in-hand.

In conclusion, OTT is more than just a buzzword. It’s a strategic tool that balances traditional viewing comforts with digital versatility. For experts like Paul, who thrive on converting insights into results, OTT is a vibrant canvas where creativity and analytics blend to paint a compelling picture for the audience. The rise of OTT content and advertising represents an evolving landscape where opportunities for connection, engagement, and conversion are not just plentiful, but also nuanced and highly adaptable. It’s not just about reaching the audience; it’s about resonating with them

Technology and Platform Diversity:

  • OTT Platforms: Companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ are dominating the space, offering diverse content that caters to various tastes.
  • Connected TVs: These are Smart TVs or devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast that facilitate streaming. It’s a market with both established brands and emerging players vying for a share.

Advertising Opportunities: For someone like Paul Mosenson, who is highly strategic and tactical in producing results, this landscape offers vast opportunities for targeted advertising. The data-driven nature of OTT platforms allows for more precise audience targeting, measurable results, and more engaging ad formats. It’s a field ripe for innovation and experimentation, where a media director focusing on quality leads and sales can truly make a difference.


OTT offers a multitude of targeting options. Based on our goals and targets, we’ll choose the right segments, and all will be tracked for performance.

An example of how we active 3rd party data segments when planning and buying OTT

Partnering with Paul Mosenson and NuSpark Media Group when purchasing OTT (Over-the-Top) TV ads is a strategic move rooted in industry expertise and results-driven methodologies. Paul Mosenson’s reputation as a tactical media professional aligns perfectly with the dynamic nature of OTT advertising, where customization, analytics, and targeted reach are key. Leveraging his proven experience in driving quality leads and sales, he showcases an analytical mind that understands the complexities of modern audiences.

With NuSpark Media Group’s solid infrastructure and Mosenson’s hands-on approach, they offer a fusion of creativity and scientific precision in ad placements that can truly optimize your media spend, providing an edge that turns viewers into loyal customers. 

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