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NuSpark Media Group Press Release

Press Release: NuSpark Media Group Launches to Transform Media Buying for SMBs with AI-Powered Creativity and Precision Analytics & Conversion Measurement

[King of Prussia, PA, September 2023] – A new era of media buying is upon us as NuSpark Media Group officially announces its launch. This cutting-edge firm is designed to serve small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) with a potent mix of top-notch measurement services and AI-driven creative solutions. The aim? To increase quality leads and sales for clients in an ever-evolving digital landscape, and answering the question “Did it work?”

Bridging Creativity with Analytics

NuSpark Media Group is founded under the visionary leadership of Paul Mosenson, a Media Director with an impressive track record of focusing on quality leads, sales, and analytics-driven results. Mosenson brings a balance of strategic insight and tactical expertise to the table, giving NuSpark a distinct edge in the crowded media buying landscape.

“At NuSpark, we believe that the real magic happens at the intersection of creativity and analytics,” says Paul Mosenson. “By leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies alongside precise analytics, we are creating highly impactful media buying strategies for our clients that yield tangible results.”

Introducing the Future of Media Buying

NuSpark Media Group’s unique offerings include:

  • Custom Measurement Dashboards: In today’s fast-paced business world, timely data interpretation is essential. NuSpark’s real-time media measurement dashboards enable businesses to make critical decisions with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The focus is attribution and reporting on the buyers’ journey that lead to conversions.
  • AI-Driven Creative Solutions: The firm’s AI engines will churn out content that’s not just eye-catching, but deeply resonant with target audiences, ensuring that businesses capture both attention and interest.
  • Smart and Tactical Media Buying Services: NuSpark’s expertise in media buying all forms of media, from traditional (TV and radio) to digital, again with a focus on tracking and measurement, ensures that a firm’s media budget goes only where it’s most effective.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Market Leaders

Paul Mosenson’s strategic and tactical brilliance has been instrumental in shaping NuSpark Media Group’s disruptive approach. “We’re not just about providing services; we’re about setting our clients up for long-term success,” he adds. “We are committed to pushing the envelope, continually evolving our offerings to meet the dynamic needs of today’s businesses.”

About NuSpark Media Group

NuSpark Media Group is a newly launched, innovative media buying firm committed to empowering small and mid-size businesses. It’s actually a rebrand of parent firm NuSpark Marketing, a long-time lead generation firm, opening in 2009. The new slogan is Measurable, Affordable, Ai-able. With a focus on generating quality leads and boosting sales based on offers and advertised promotions, NuSpark combines advanced media measurement with AI-assisted creative solutions to offer a game-changing experience for its clients.

In a digital landscape saturated with options but starving for attention, the value of effective media buying cannot be overstated. It’s no longer about shouting the loudest; it’s about speaking the right words to the right people at the right time. That’s where NuSpark Media Group comes in, under the adept leadership of Paul Mosenson. For businesses that aspire to transform their digital footprint into tangible results, NuSpark Media Group appears to be the missing puzzle piece. The future looks not just bright but laser-focused, as NuSpark is already setting new standards in the realm of media buying.


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