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Mobile App Media Buying


As Founder and Media Director at NuSpark Media Group, you’ll find Paul Mosenson is always learning to provide value to you, especially if you have a mobile app. A few years ago Paul worked with a developer to build a sports app, Sports Debatable, an app that offers sports debates to users. Going through the process from idea to development to growth, with analytics throughout the process, Paul and NuSpark can help plan app install campaigns for you. 

The App Marketing Landscape: Why Visibility Matters

  • Dominance of Apps: Over half of all internet traffic now flows through apps, with mobile users dedicating 90% of their screen time to app engagement.
  • The Power of Marketing: Effective app marketing can dramatically enhance user engagement, brand recognition, and revenue potential.
  • Marketing Avenues: From organic search and in-app promotions to cross-promotions, social media advertising, and app install campaigns, the avenues for promoting your app are diverse and dynamic.

Harnessing the Power of App Install Ads

App install ads, available in formats ranging from native ads and display banners to video content, offer a versatile tool for reaching potential users across platforms like Google, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

  • Google App Campaigns: Leverage Google’s vast network, including the Search Network, YouTube, and the Google Display Network, for widespread app promotion.
  • App Search Ads on Apple: Optimize visibility in the Apple App Store, where 65% of installs follow a store search.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads: Utilize these platforms for their high engagement and precise targeting capabilities.
  • Snapchat and TikTok: Tap into younger, highly engaged audiences with creative, visually compelling ad formats.

Elevating App Installs with TV Advertising

While digital platforms offer precision targeting, TV advertising remains a potent tool for reaching a broad audience, especially for apps with mass-market appeal. Strategies for success include crafting compelling narratives, clear CTAs, strategic time slots and demographics targeting, and exclusive offers to spur immediate downloads.

Measuring Success: Analytics and Strategy in Harmony

The effectiveness of app install campaigns hinges on a meticulous blend of analytics and strategic insight. Key components include:

  • Attribution Tracking: Identify the sources of app installs to optimize marketing spend across channels.
  • KPIs: Monitor metrics like Cost Per Install (CPI), Lifetime Value (LTV), and retention rates to gauge campaign success.
  • Cohort and Funnel Analysis: Delve into user behavior patterns for insights into engagement and conversion bottlenecks.
  • In-App Events and ROI: Track user interactions within the app and measure the return on investment to refine marketing strategies continuously.

The NuSpark Advantage

With Paul Mosenson’s expertise, NuSpark Media Group stands at the forefront of app marketing innovation. Our approach combines the art of creative messaging with the science of analytics, ensuring your app not only reaches its target audience but resonates deeply with them.

Whether navigating the complexities of Google App Campaigns, optimizing for the Apple App Store, or pioneering strategies on emerging platforms like TikTok, NuSpark tailors each campaign to your app’s unique needs and goals. With a commitment to learning and adaptation, we ensure your app install campaigns leverage the latest trends and technologies for maximum impact.


In the competitive app marketplace, strategic marketing is not optional—it’s essential. By partnering with NuSpark Media Group, you benefit from a blend of creative vision, strategic expertise, and analytical rigor, all aimed at transforming your app from a hidden gem into a market leader.

Ready to propel your app to new heights? Let NuSpark’s tailored app install campaigns be your launchpad to success.

More about those App Install Measurement Platforms


Adjust, AppsFlyer, and Branch are key players in the mobile app ecosystem, specializing in mobile measurement and attribution. Having a comprehensive understanding of how your mobile marketing strategies are performing is vital, especially when you’re focused on driving quality leads and sales.


Adjust primarily focuses on mobile app analytics and attribution. Its platform can track various KPIs, such as installs, user engagement, and lifetime value, across multiple channels. It integrates with a multitude of other platforms, making it easier for you to get a unified view of your campaign performance. Adjust is an invaluable tool for companies that demand precise analytics to optimize ROI.

  • Key Features: Real-Time Analytics, Audience Segmentation, Fraud Prevention


Similar to Adjust, AppsFlyer provides mobile app attribution and analytics, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns on different channels. It stands out for its extensive analytics features, which enable you to delve deep into customer journeys and interactions with your app. AppsFlyer also comes with built-in fraud prevention mechanisms.

  • Key Features: Cohort Analysis, Cross-Promotion Tracking, Cost Reporting


Branch takes a slightly different approach by emphasizing deep linking, which enables a seamless user experience across websites, emails, and apps. While it also offers attribution and analytics capabilities, Branch specializes in ensuring that links work across all platforms and channels, funneling users directly to the content or feature they’re interested in within the app.

  • Key Features: Deep Linking, Web-to-App Banners, Deferred Deep Linking


Adjust and AppsFlyer excel at the analytics and attribution end, providing detailed insights that can drive quality leads and informed decision-making. Branch, on the other hand, excels at user experience optimization through deep linking.

It’s not just about collecting data, but making that data actionable — turning insights into strategies that yield tangible outcomes. Paul would likely scrutinize the feature set of each platform, map it to the specific KPIs he’s targeting, and execute a more effective, ROI-positive mobile marketing campaign.


Paul’s App Experience

The experience Paul Mosenson gained in app marketing through the Sports Debatable app is invaluable when it comes to helping potential clients with their app install media buys. Here’s why:

Hands-on Experience

First off, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience. By managing Sports Debatable, Paul not only understands the strategic landscape but also the tactical nuances that come with app marketing. He knows the KPIs that truly matter and how to optimize them, which is golden knowledge that can be directly applied to client campaigns.

Data-Driven Insight

A focus on analytics is key in any form of digital marketing, but even more so with app installs. It’s not just about getting the app onto devices; it’s about quality installs that lead to engaged users. Paul’s emphasis on analytics ensures that every media buy is not just driving numbers but driving numbers that matter.

In essence, Paul Mosenson brings a rich tapestry of direct experience, data-driven strategy, and innovative tactics to the table. Clients don’t just get a media director; they get a seasoned partner who can navigate the complexities of app install media buys. Below are some screen shots of the app. Again the app website gives you more, plus links to the app stores.


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