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Team Members

My team of experts to support our client engagements as needed. And we all embrace AI as a tool.

Emilio Cordova

AI Designer

Runs ECDVA Studios, a leading full-service AI digital production agency offering expert creative services covering websites, video, and advertising.

Shannon Leonard

Creative Producer

Multi-disciplinary Video Editor and Creative Producer with 10+ years of experience in film/video production. Dedicated to creating compelling, innovative, and scalable high-quality media. 

Phil Goodhart

Direct Marketing

Responsible for mailing millions of direct mail pieces during his career and can provide turnkey solutions for testing and scaling.


Shawn McCarthy

eCommerce Analytics

Focuses on setting up, managing, and reporting on eCommerce metrics with GA4 as well as shopping cart platforms. 


Will Judson

eCommerce Analytics

Analytics professional with 10 years of experience analyzing online customer behavior, communicating actionable insights and designing statistical experiments.

Ray Cunningham

Artist & Designer

Designs conceptual visions for musical releases, and emerging brands, researching and developing assets for marketing campaigns, building alluring brand identities, and more. 

Christian Ricciardi

Video Producer

Video Producer, Video Editor, and Motion Designer. Handles scriptwriting, voice-overs, animation, visual effects, sound design, music, video editing

Charlene Smith-McCaw


Marketing writer; covering web pages, ads, landing pages, email messaging, scripting. and more.

Dylan Ix

Video Manager, Shutterock

By combining in-house talent with a powerful technology platform, Shuttlerock streamlines every step of the process and deliver creative built for your brand and optimized for every platform, audience and objective.

Amy Rubinstein

Direct Response TV Specialist

Amy has many years of experience buying TV campaigns with a focus on results. She spent most of her early years at media buying companies managing the direct response divisions

Jake Mehani

Social Media Ad Buyer

Jake has many years of experience designing ads at agencies, and now supports NuSpark with a focus on TikTok and Facebook ad planning

Krista Clark

Traditional Media Buyer

Krista is a seasoned media buyer, with many years buying TV and radio at Philly ad agencies, now on her own, and is an accomplished negotiator

At NuSpark, besides the above, we utilize a team of specialists with creative, copy, and video marketing skill-sets; chosen based on need and budget.

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