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Effective Media Strategies for Success

It’s all about Performance & Results

Whatever media plan we put together, once implemented and tracked, you’ll have the answer to the question:

Did it work?

Media Planning & Buying is Paul’s passion. Always has been. And the focus is combining his experience, data, and the right strategy to bring you the results you desire. I do it all.  That’s how he plans & buys the most powerful media campaigns to your benefit.

Performance Media Campaigns

Founder Paul Mosenson focuses on lead generation and performance media buying. It’s all about driving targeted eyeballs to ads that result in quality clicks, leads, store visits, and sales, and tracking mediums, messages, and offers.

Watch the video for an overview of performance media buying.


Cost-Effective Media Buying

Choosing the right media channels and executing them properly with efficient pricing is both an art and a science. Luckily, Paul has over 30+ years planning and buying media for clients of all types and sizes, utilizing traditional and digital media.

Watch the video to learn more about Paul Mosenson and the Media Spark program.


Every media and marketing channel chosen will be tracked and analyzed on an ongoing basis. Your goal is to generate cost-effective leads that will become customers. This is what Paul does.  Every channel, message, and offer is tracked via vanity URLs to your website, custom phone numbers, QR codes, or texting with keywords. This is not about branding. This is direct response at its best. 

Our AI Contributions

Market Research and Industry Trends

Target Audience Planning

Advertising Copy

Promotional Strategy Ideation


For B2C a number of options

There’s many channels to pick from, and your plan will be comprehensive and strategic. It’s all about results.

Direct Response TV

Any ad with a call-to-action is considered DRTV. That means cheaper rates and an eye on performance.

OTT and Connected TV

Digital TV via apps and devices has taken off, and is a viable option to reach smart TV viewers and mobile viewers.

Addressable TV

Data is huge with cable TV strategy, and being able to “geo-fence” and target segments via focused messaging is powerful.

Paid Search

It goes without saying how important search engine marketing is. It reaches those prospects actively seeking a solution. Is it you?

Display Advertising

Typically used for branding and retargeting, but there are many ways to target specific audiences with display that can drive response.

Social Media Advertising

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. Lots of opportunities for targeted advertising here. Follow me?

Radio Streaming

Spotify, Pandora, iHeart, and more. Reach targeted audiences actively listening. And all is tracked to optimize performance.


Satellite radio continues to be an effective medium for direct response. It’s huge for in-car listening.

Other Placements

Reddit? In-app advertising? Digital outdoor?  Direct marketing and mail? If it makes sense, it’s on the plan.

On-Air Radio

On-air radio buying by market or multi-market. Specific dayparts or remnant.  Love to negotiate!

Broadcast TV

Local TV spots placements. Been doing it since the 80s!  Still a valid place to advertise.


Newspapers, magazines, in-mail coupons.  Still exist and can be effective with the right audience.

We Track How They Become Leads

Direct Click to Website

Calls to Your Business

Text Messages for Offers

QR Codes for Special Deals

For Online Purchase: We Track How They Convert and Buy

Promo Codes

PopUp Offers


Mobile or Emailed Coupons

Three Examples of Multi-Media Case Studies for Download

University: Partnered with branding firm. TV, Radio, Digital, Outdoor

Insurance: Partnered with design agency. TV, Direct Mail, Digital

Healthcare: TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail

Let’s Grow Your Business and Optimize Media Performance.  Discovery Call First

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