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Branding Media Buying 

At NuSpark Media Group, we understand the importance of branding in media buys. While our core focus is on performance and measurement, our extensive experience in the media landscape enables us to execute branding campaigns with the same level of effectiveness.

Branding is an essential aspect of any comprehensive marketing strategy. It’s not just about getting your name out there; it’s about creating a consistent and memorable presence in the minds of your target audience. Effective branding builds recognition and trust, laying the foundation for long-term customer relationships.

NuSpark Media Group is adept at navigating the complexities of branding media buys. Founder Paul Mosenson brings over 30 years of experience in media planning and buying to create branding strategies that not only increase visibility but also resonate with your audience. Let us help you build a strong, recognizable brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace.


At NuSpark Media Group, while we recognize that branding campaigns focus on awareness and perception, we also understand the importance of tracking conversions. Here’s how we approach this:

Holistic View of Conversions

  • Conversions in branding campaigns are often indirect and not attributable to specific channels or campaigns.
  • We look at overall trends in conversions and sales during the branding campaign period, rather than trying to link each conversion directly to a particular ad or channel.

Integration with Overall Marketing Analytics

  • Effective tracking of conversions in branding campaigns requires integration with overall marketing analytics.
  • We ensure that data from branding campaigns are incorporated into the broader analytics framework, allowing for a comprehensive view of marketing performance.

Incorporating the impact of branding campaigns on branded keyword lift in organic traffic is a key aspect of our strategy at NuSpark Media Group. Here’s how we approach and measure this:

Increased Branded Search Volume

  • We monitor the increase in search volume for branded keywords during and after the branding campaign.
  • This increase is a direct indicator of heightened brand awareness and interest, often resulting from successful branding efforts.

Correlation with Offline Campaigns

  • There is often a correlation between offline branding campaigns and increases in online branded keyword searches.
  • We assess how various offline media buys influence online search behavior, particularly focusing on branded keyword searches.

By carefully tracking and analyzing branded keyword lift in organic traffic, NuSpark Media Group provides clients with a comprehensive view of how their branding campaigns are influencing online behavior and brand perception. This approach allows us to demonstrate the tangible, measurable impact of branding efforts on digital engagement, offering valuable insights for ongoing strategy optimization.

NuSpark Media Group has extensive experience in various branding mediums, each offering unique advantages in reaching and engaging audiences. Here’s a closer look at some of these mediums:


  • Branding works effectively with Out-of-Home (OOH) media for several key reasons:
    • High Visibility: OOH media, such as billboards, transit ads, and digital signage, are typically located in high-traffic areas, ensuring maximum exposure to a large audience.
    • Geographical Targeting: OOH advertising can be strategically placed in specific locations to target particular demographics or catchments, such as near retail centers, business districts, or entertainment venues.
    • 24/7 Presence: Unlike TV or digital ads that can be turned off, OOH media is always on, offering continuous exposure.
    • Impactful Scale and Creativity: The physical size and creative potential of billboards and other OOH formats allow for impactful, attention-grabbing designs that can make a strong impression.
    • Supplements Other Media: OOH advertising complements other media channels. For instance, a billboard can reinforce a message seen on TV or social media.
    • Diverse Formats: OOH isn’t limited to billboards. It includes transit ads, bus shelters, digital screens, and more, offering a variety of ways to engage audiences.
    • Captive Audience: In some OOH settings, like transit media, audiences are captive and can’t avoid viewing the ad.
    • Technological Integration: Modern OOH media often integrates technology, such as digital screens and interactive elements, making it more engaging and sometimes even personalized.
    • Less Ad Avoidance: Unlike online ads, there’s less opportunity for the audience to ‘skip’ or block OOH advertising, ensuring more consistent visibility.
    • Brand Presence and Legitimacy: A strong presence in public spaces can enhance a brand’s perceived legitimacy and stature.

    Media Sponsorships

    • Media sponsorships are a great way to associate your brand with specific events, shows, or causes.
    • We help clients select and negotiate sponsorships that align with their brand values and target audience, enhancing brand credibility and connection.

    Television Advertising

    • TV remains a powerful medium for storytelling and brand building.
      • Wide Reach: Television has a broad audience, allowing brands to reach large amounts of viewers across different demographics.

      • Audio-Visual Impact: TV combines visual and auditory elements, making it easier to create memorable and engaging content. This multisensory approach can enhance brand recall.

      • Emotional Connection: TV ads can evoke emotions, connecting viewers with the brand on a personal level. Emotional storytelling can leave a lasting impression.

      • Credibility and Trust: Being featured on TV can lend a brand credibility, as viewers often perceive TV as a more trustworthy medium compared to online platforms.

      • Repetition: Regular airing of commercials helps in reinforcing the brand message, making it more familiar to the audience.

      • Targeted Advertising: With advancements in technology, TV advertising can now be more targeted, allowing brands to reach specific segments of the audience.

      • Integration with Other Marketing Efforts: TV advertising can be part of a larger marketing strategy, working in conjunction with online and social media campaigns for a more comprehensive brand presence.

    By leveraging these diverse branding mediums, NuSpark Media Group ensures that our clients’ brands are not only seen but also remembered and connected with. Each medium offers unique benefits, and our expertise lies in selecting and optimizing the right mix to meet the specific goals and target audiences of our clients.


    When to Avoid Pure Branding Media Spend

    There are specific circumstances where companies should reconsider allocating their media budget to pure branding. Here are some key considerations:

    Limited Budget Constraints

    • Companies with limited budgets need to prioritize spending that directly contributes to short-term revenue and growth.
    • Pure branding, while valuable in the long run, might not yield immediate returns necessary for businesses with urgent growth and cash flow requirements.

    Need for Fast Growth

    • Companies in stages of rapid expansion or in highly competitive markets may benefit more from direct response campaigns.
    • These campaigns are designed to elicit immediate actions from the target audience, such as sales or leads, which can be critical for quick growth.

    Strategic Spending for Maximum Impact

    •  For businesses with constrained resources, it’s crucial to spend each dollar where it has the most significant impact.
    • Investing in targeted, measurable, and conversion-oriented campaigns often provides more immediate and tangible returns.

    Measuring ROI on Limited Budgets

    • With limited budgets, the focus should be on marketing efforts where ROI is clearly measurable and attributable.
    • Pure branding campaigns can sometimes make it challenging to directly measure short-term ROI, which is often a critical requirement for smaller or growth-stage companies.

    In conclusion, while branding is an essential aspect of long-term business growth and market presence, companies with limited budgets or those in need of fast growth should strategically evaluate their spending. Focusing on more direct and measurable marketing strategies can often offer more immediate benefits and a clearer path to achieving short-term business objectives.

    When operating with a limited budget, offer and promotional media campaigns are often preferred due to several practical reasons:

    • Immediate Results: These campaigns are designed to elicit a quick response, often leading to immediate sales or conversions. This is particularly appealing for businesses needing a fast return on investment.
    • Measurable Impact: The results of offer and promotional campaigns are easier to track and measure in terms of direct sales, customer engagement, or lead generation, allowing for clear assessment of ROI.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to broader branding efforts, these campaigns can be more cost-effective, targeting specific audiences with tailored offers that are more likely to convert.
    • Focused Targeting: Offer campaigns can be highly targeted to specific segments of the market, which ensures more efficient use of the budget and reduces waste in advertising spend.
    • Quick Adaptability: These campaigns can be quickly adjusted or pivoted based on real-time feedback and data, which is ideal for businesses with limited resources that cannot afford long-term, unyielding strategies.
    • Consumer Incentives: Offers and promotions provide immediate incentives for consumers to act, which can be particularly effective in driving sales and increasing customer base.
    • Less Resource Intensive: Creating offer-driven campaigns usually requires fewer resources than full-scale branding campaigns, which might involve extensive market research, creative development, and a range of media channels.
    • Synergy with Digital Platforms: Offer and promotional campaigns work well with digital and social media platforms, which are cost-effective and offer precision targeting options.
    • Boosts Short-Term Sales: For businesses looking to boost cash flow or clear inventory quickly, these campaigns can be more effective than long-term branding strategies.
    • Builds Initial Customer Base: For new businesses or those looking to expand into new markets, such campaigns can be an effective way to build an initial customer base to engage with future branding efforts.

    While offer and promotional campaigns can provide quick wins and are budget-friendly, it’s important to balance them with long-term branding efforts for sustainable business growth.

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