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Here’s an overview of media and ad campaign planning; the NuSpark way, with a compelling process on how to drive sales and measure what works.



I’m Paul Mosenson, CEO

NuSpark Media Group, 

Media Director/Buyer:

It’s all about Performance & Results

Whatever media plan we put together, once implemented and tracked, you’ll have the answer to the question:

Did it work?

Media Planning & Buying is Paul’s passion. Always has been. And the focus is combining his experience, data, and the right strategy to bring you the results you desire. I do it all.  That’s how he plans & buys the most powerful media campaigns to your benefit.

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Whether you are an established brand or burgeoning business, NuSpark Media Group exists to give you access to best-in-class media and advertising services. Whatever your goals, let us help you exceed them. 

Performance Media Campaign Video Overview


Founder Paul Mosenson focuses on lead generation and performance media buying. It’s all about driving targeted eyeballs to ads that result in quality clicks, leads, store visits, and sales, and tracking mediums, messages, and offers.

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Sample Results

  • eCommerce Client: Transactions Up 70% 70%
  • University Client: Enrollment Up 40% 40%
  • Financial Services Client: New Accounts Up 25% 25%
  • Retail Client: Sales Up 80% 80%
  • National Weight Loss Program: Revenue Up 30% 30%
  • Auto Insurance Client: Applications Up 25% 25%
  • Supplement Product: Sales Up 40% 40%
  • Consumer Goods Client: Conversion Rate Up 28% 28%

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