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Here we are in the middle of 2nd quarter 2020 and if you’re a C-level leader, there’s certainly anxiety and uncertainty in direction as well as the economy.  We’re facing challenges for sure.

From a marketing perspective, this may be the best time for an assessment. Certainly, your own customers and prospects own needs and behaviors have changed. They are dealing with what you’re dealing with: unpredictable revenue, re-evaluation of priorities, budget management, and more.

Start by thinking about the needs of the customer:

  • Have their needs changed? And how?
  • Will their spending patterns change?
  • Is their buying process different?
  • How has their product or software research changed?

Then with lead generation planning, consider the following in your assessment:

  • Is your value proposition still unique and relevant?
  • Are your products/services appealing to buyers today and tomorrow?
  • Do the channels you use to market still make sense in today’s world?
  • Does your Go-To-Market strategies need pivoting?

One thing for sure, messaging that offers value to prospects is more critical than ever. Combining the right messaging with the right audience via the right channel hasn’t changed.  We’re offering plenty of free assessments here at NuSpark; and among those questions to think about:

  • How has your current and past digital channels performed?
  • What messaging creates the most value? Remember you’re still focusing on problem-solving, and demos/trials/ and other offers can still work.
  • Does the messaging align with your customer needs?

You’re also evaluating your Go-To-Market Strategy.  Decide on priorities.

  • New Customer Targeting: Expand into new markets with existing offerings, or new offerings
  • Current Customer Targeting: Increase market share; bring new offerings to existing target customers.

An example of a new offering may be growing ecommerce business. Ecommerce is a good way to test new products or offerings.

Enhancing relationships with current customers is a priority. Talk to them. Do they need new features or updated solutions? Do they still have pain points?  By continually solving their needs and updating your solutions to solve their new needs is the right way to go-to-market and be better positioned in the future for that market share increase; especially through the Covid-19 period.

Marketing thought leaders believe the pandemic will result in substantial, long-lasting changes in the behaviors and preferences of both consumers and business buyers. We’ll see.  Of course, time will tell, and depends on the vaccine timeline and more environmental issues.  But business must go on; it’s the smart companies that will assess and work hard to continue to offer value even if they have to rethink their positioning and solutions.  It just needs to happen.

For more, feel free to reach out and also check out our marketing assessment program, HeadStart600.