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Fractional AI CMO & Lead Generation Services

NuSpark Media Group is uniquely positioned as the ideal partner for manufacturing and industrial firms seeking to boost their quote requests and lead generation. Our extensive experience in B2B media buying, combined with innovative AI-assisted message development and the strategic use of lead magnets, ensures that our clients achieve remarkable results.

Specialized in Manufacturing and Industrial Sectors Based on client work, we recognize the specific challenges and opportunities in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Our strategies are custom-tailored to resonate with your B2B audience, ensuring that the leads generated are not only numerous but also highly qualified and pertinent to your business.

AI-Assisted Message Development Here’s my thoughts on this topic: In the complex landscape of manufacturing and industrial services, conveying the right message is crucial. We utilize advanced AI technology to craft and refine messaging that speaks directly to your target audience. This AI assistance ensures that your communication is clear, compelling, and effectively drives increased quote requests and leads.

The Lead Magnet Concept in B2B In my experience, employing the lead magnet concept is especially effective in the B2B realm. We develop engaging, value-packed content and offers tailored to the interests and needs of your potential clients in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. These lead magnets not only attract leads but also position your brand as a knowledgeable and trustworthy industry leader.

Strategic B2B Media Buying with a Focus on Measurement Based on my observation, effective media buying in the B2B space is critical and requires a deep understanding of the industry. Our team specializes in strategic media buying, ensuring your campaigns are placed in the most impactful channels for your target audience. Coupled with this is our strong emphasis on measurement. We use sophisticated tracking and analytics tools to continuously monitor and optimize campaign performance, guaranteeing the best possible return on investment.

Results-Driven Approach If you agree, the ultimate measure of a campaign’s success is the tangible results it delivers. At NuSpark Media Group, we pride ourselves on our results-driven approach. We are committed to not only meeting but also surpassing your goals in lead generation and quote requests. Our focus on results ensures that every strategy we implement contributes significantly to the growth and success of your manufacturing or industrial firm.

Choose NuSpark Media Group to elevate your manufacturing or industrial firm’s lead generation and quote requests. With our unique blend of industry expertise, AI-assisted messaging, targeted lead magnets, and measurement-focused B2B media buying, we are ready to drive your business forward.


Among Paul’s services for your industry are:

  • Review your buyer’s needs and who they are, and how they seek out products
  • Assess your website, and make changes if necessary, to increase engagement, product views, and conversion rates
  • Diagnose your revenue goal process; and determine sales-qualified leads targets, and inquiry targets to reach your goals
  • Work with your team to plan a robust traffic-generating marketing plan, including search, shopping channels, trade publications, social media, trade shows, online media.
  • Develop a lead-generating marketing plan including conversion optimization, lead magnets such as content downloads, offer tactics, email nurture programs and more.

Paul Mosenson, Founder of NuSpark Consulting, has been managing B2B campaigns for over 30 years. A former Media Director at B2B marketing agencies, Paul’s experience and understanding of the entire lead funnel, and what makes inquiries become qualified leads, is second to none.

An example Lead Magnet that drove additional leads and sales

An example of a lead magnet for our client, Leica Geosystems.  The goal was to educate prospects on the benefits of 3D laser scanning. 3D laser scanning uses either phase-based or LIDAR technology to accurately and efficiently capture 3-dimensional data in a wide variety of settings, regardless of size and surface features. Without physically touching what is being measured, 3D laser scanning creates clear and precise digital records of existing conditions. The scan produces millions of measurement points called “coordinates.” Together the points create the raw data in the form of “point clouds.” 

  • Fast—A single laser scanner can capture up to a million 3D data points per second, providing incredibly accurate and rich detail of every aspect of your project.
  • Accurate—Individual measurements acquired by tape measures or hand-held devices are subject to errors. Laser scanning is the most accurate form of measurement available, delivering accuracy of a few millimeters or less.
  • Reduce costs —Incorporating a laser scan into the design of your project assures accurate and complete information, avoiding the cost of equipment rental, manual measurement, clashes, change orders, not to mention project delays and headaches.
  • Minimize shut-down times—Laser scanning is quick, safe and non-intrusive – eliminating or minimizing operational shut downs and client inconvenience.
  • Safety—3D scanning can obtain measurements in hard to reach or hazardous locations while keeping workers out of harm’s way. Scanning is completed safely from the ground without the need for harnesses, lifts or cranes.


NuSpark facilitated all our needs in our initial foray into internet advertising. Paul surveyed potential outlets, helped us select the sites with the best demographics, established pricing, and organized the advertising copy. Additionally, his attention-to-detail with our pay-per-click campaigns has contributed to our conversion growth and increased ROI. Paul has also been responsive, thorough and informed. I would highly recommend him and his team for any b2b company looking to grow within interactive channels.

Ken Miller

COO, Perry Videx

I am Paul Mosenson.  Over 35 years driving leads with strategic marketing and media plans across all forms of businesses B2B, B2C, and of course, Manufacturing/Industrial businesss.  As a Fractional CMO or Growth Advisor,  or even as an outsourced Media Director, I will work with your team to build campaigns that separate you from the competition, with an increased opportunity to build relationships with prospects, and increase quotes and sales.


Bottom- line; if you need more leads, you Better Call Paul


Lead Generation Process


Discovery Research

I’ll take a deep dive into your target audiences for each product or service, and the benefits of your firm. Goal is to set the stage for a robust lead gen program

Lead Magnet Build

We’ll work together for topic development, format, and key messages, then build assets that prospects will need as they consider product updates in their organization. I have writers and designers, affordable, ready to develop based on our outlines.

Landing Pages

Conversion optimization is a focus. Website traffic needs to be qualified, and your website or landing page messaging and proof points need to be spot-on to generate high levels of leads. 

Funnel Building

A funnel is a series of follow-up messages prospects receive, once leads are captured. A mix of emails, calls, or texts to engage prospects further to drive quotes or appointments.  All processed via my proprietory CRM if needed.

Promotional Plan

With over 35 years as a Media Buyer, both traditional and digital, rest assured I can implement campaigns to target the right traffic.  Think paid search, display, YouTube & video, Facebook. LinkedIn, product directories, content portals, trade journals, and more.


All campaigns and funnels will be measured with rigor.  I’ll consider A/B tests, with the goal to optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis, tweak along the way, and maximize your campaign ROI.  I got this.

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