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LinkedIn CTV Lead Generation with AI

With LinkedIn’s Connected TV (CTV) advertising, you can leverage the first-party data from their extensive community of one billion professionals to engage your target audience through a large-screen format. This innovative approach combines the precision of digital targeting with the expansive visibility of television advertising, offering a unique opportunity to connect with decision-makers in a dynamic and impactful way. 

How Connected TV Works

Connected TV (CTV) advertising involves displaying video ads on streaming services. These ads are viewed on TVs either directly through smart TVs or devices like Roku or Fire sticks. Traditional TV advertising reaches a broad audience at once but often wastes resources by not targeting effectively. CTV advertising, in contrast, uses advanced digital targeting to reach specific audiences, making it more efficient.

Advantages of CTV Advertising

  • Precise Targeting: Advertisers can target audiences based on detailed criteria like interests and behaviors, significantly improving ad relevance.
  • Local Targeting: Ads can be delivered to very specific local areas, enhancing relevance and effectiveness.
  • High Video Completion Rates: Targeted ads are more engaging, leading to higher completion rates.
  • Detailed Measurement and Attribution: Advertisers can track the effectiveness of their ads in driving sales, both online and offline.
  • In-flight Optimization: Ads can be adjusted during the campaign based on performance data to improve results.

LinkedIn CTV utilizes their broad network of B2B advertisers to deliver targeted ad campaigns across streaming platforms, devices, and smart TVs. These ads are seamlessly integrated into long-form and episodic content, with placement options including pre-roll (before the content starts), mid-roll (during a break in the content), or just before the content concludes. This flexibility ensures that your message reaches your audience at optimal times during their viewing experience.

LinkedIn’s Distinct Edge in CTV Advertising

As the premier professional networking platform globally, LinkedIn is uniquely equipped to redefine B2B marketing with its CTV ads. Home to over a billion members, including countless business leaders and decision-makers, LinkedIn offers an unmatched reservoir of professional data, enabling incredibly focused and potent advertising opportunities.

Utilizing its vast professional identity graph, LinkedIn allows marketers to precisely target audience segments based on specific professional criteria such as job titles, industries, company size, seniority levels, and more. This targeting precision ensures that promotional efforts are not only seen but are also highly relevant and effective.

Strategic Elements of LinkedIn’s CTV Advertising:

  • Professional Identity Graph Utilization: At the heart of LinkedIn’s targeting mechanism is its Professional Identity Graph, which contains detailed, actionable data about its users’ professional attributes.
  • Data Matching for Targeted Delivery: LinkedIn synchronizes this data effectively across CTV platforms to match ads with appropriate viewer profiles in real-time, enhancing the relevance of its messaging.
  • Comprehensive Campaign Management Tools: LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager facilitates the easy setup and ongoing management of CTV ads, allowing marketers to launch and modify campaigns with ease.

Advanced Strategies for Maximizing LinkedIn CTV Advertising Impact

Harnessing AI for Customized Lead Magnets and Engaging Content

NuSpark Media Group’s innovative approach to LinkedIn’s Connected TV (CTV) advertising is revolutionizing how B2B firms attract and engage their target audiences. By crafting tailored lead magnets that address specific pain points and interests, they ensure that each marketing effort resonates deeply with potential clients.

  • Develop Compelling Lead Magnets: NuSpark creates content specifically designed to capture the attention of the target B2B audience, addressing their unique needs and challenges. This might include whitepapers, e-books, or exclusive webinars that provide valuable insights relevant to the audience’s industry.
  • Design Engaging CTV Ads: LinkedIn CTV ads created by NuSpark are not only visually appealing but also strategically crafted to highlight the value proposition of the lead magnets. These ads are designed to prompt immediate action from viewers, ensuring high engagement and conversion rates.

Integrating Technology for Seamless Interaction

To streamline the process from viewer interest to lead capture, NuSpark employs advanced technologies like QR codes, which link directly to customized landing pages that facilitate easy and quick information exchange.

  • Incorporate QR Codes for Easy Access: By embedding QR codes in CTV ads, NuSpark enables viewers to transition smoothly from viewing an ad to engaging with a brand on their mobile device, without interrupting their viewing experience.
  • Personalized Follow-Up Campaigns: Post-engagement, NuSpark uses personalized content and offers in their follow-up campaigns to nurture the leads. This strategic communication is essential in moving leads down the sales funnel toward a purchasing decision.

Leveraging LinkedIn’s Rich Data for Targeted Advertising

Utilizing LinkedIn’s extensive professional data ensures that CTV advertisements reach the most relevant decision-makers and influencers within particular industries, increasing the effectiveness of your advertising spend.

  • Precise Audience Targeting: By tapping into LinkedIn’s robust data on job titles, industries, and seniority levels, NuSpark ensures that ads are delivered to the most relevant audiences, maximizing both impact and efficiency.
  • Continuous Optimization: NuSpark consistently monitors and optimizes campaign performance, using both LinkedIn’s native analytics tools and third-party measurement solutions to refine strategies and enhance return on investment.


The collaboration between LinkedIn’s innovative CTV advertising platform and NuSpark Media Group’s advanced AI-powered strategies heralds a new era in B2B marketing. This partnership not only enhances the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns but also sets a benchmark for future innovations in the industry.

As B2B marketing strategies continue to evolve, those who leverage these sophisticated tools and methodologies are best positioned to succeed, driving significant business growth and establishing themselves as leaders in the digital marketing realm. With the continuous advancements in AI and digital technologies, the potential for LinkedIn CTV advertising and its impact on B2B lead generation is more promising than ever.

Example Ads.  

Keep in mind these examples are prototypes, with ficticious company names, and would be cleaned up and edited by our top AI freelance team as needed. However, to best utilize LinkedIn’s (or other platforms), is to test, and the best way is to create lead generation ads with QR codes as below.

Industry: Marketing

Industry: SaaS/Cybersecurity

Industry: Software Development

Industry: ERP Solutions

Industry: Business Consulting

Industry: Accounting Software

Learn more about our innovative AI solution; Gainforge. With NuSpark Founder Paul Mosenson’s guidance, we’ll draft multiple lead magnets or eBooks that target your audiences; by industry, title, or more, and use them for all of our lead generation programs, including LinkedIn. The sample ads on this page are example eBook titles we can build easily with AI.

If we’re going to test TV for lead generation, this is the way to do it. Page down and sign up for a demo.

Building Pipeline

Once prospects scan the QR codes, they would receive a webform, which is aligned to a text keyword in our texting/drip message software program. From there, they would check the box to opt-in for additional messages. Below we are promoting additional content and blogs, but that can include offers as well. The copy can be edited as needed. Those who download guides can enter your CRM or email programs as well for follow-up. In the examples below are text offers, each with a different theme. You’ll also see a simple example of a text drip funnel.  A note; if we use our AI-generated video ads for online use, like YouTube, prospects can click right to landing pages as well.

Industry: Marketing

Industry: SaaS/Cybersecurity

Industry: Software Development

Industry: ERP Solutions

Industry: Business Consulting

Industry: Accounting Software

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  • Professional Services Firm: Leads Up Monthly 25% 25%
  • SaaS Firm in AP Automation: Leads Up 60% 60%
  • Software Development Firm: Online Leads Up 100% 100%
  • Financial Services Firm: Revenue Up 50% 50%
  • Customer Experience Software: Leads Up 29% 29%
  • eLearning Platform in HR: ROI Up 57% 57%
  • Manufacturing Firm: Conversion Rate Up 100% 100%
  • SaaS Server Monitoring Software: Leads Up 101% 101%
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