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Affordable Lead Generation: Combine Our Proven Process, with AI Tools, and Capture Qualifed Leads Close to Buying

The Goal

Affordable lead magnets for every business.

The AI technology is here. Between the tools, and an optimal message strategy that attracts prospects to your firm, effective content marketing is now much more affordable than the past.

Welcome to SparkMagnet

Our goal here at NuSpark was to find ways to make lead generation content marketing more more affordable for the SMB B2B and tech market. Traditionally, actually producing white papers or eBooks remained a huge barrier for many small business owners. Together, NuSpark Media Group, along with the best of AI, will create compelling lead magnets, based on prospect pain point research, to attract leads that are raising their hand that they need a solution to their business challenges. That solution is you, as your firm builds trust, with our help at NuSpark.

The Foundation

Problem-Solve, and Build Trust

Together we’ll create a list of all the problems you solve, and why a firm should hire you versus competitors. Then the lead magnets are developed.  Powerful landing pages built for conversion. Forms align with list segments for CRM inclusion and follow-up. We’re building a trust funnel. Based on the “problem-solution-offer” format.

Then the Marketing Plan

Cost-effective and targeted media plans

With Founder Paul Mosenson’s years of experience generating qualifed prospects to firms, you’ll get a robust plan that will drive leads with clues of a business issue. Tactics can include a mix of paid search, trade media eBlasts, LinkedIn and Facebook lead generation ads, content syndication, retargeting, geofencing, and cold email list building and deployment. All outreach campaigns are measured with rigor and optimized consistently.

Funnels & Follow-Ups

Trust leads to conversons, sign-ups, demos, trials, and more.

Our proven follow-up process is quite robust. Now with AI tools we can create compelling, and trustworthy, message follow-ups, after lead magnet leads are captured. We’ll make sure you have the right tools, and CRM integration, to make this work seamlessly and effectively.  Plus, we have seasoned, professional SDRs to make appointment calls as part of the email workflows strategically.  Founder Paul Mosenson is expert at building these funnels for clients.

CRM Management

If you have a good one, great. If not…

Our CRM tool is actually a full-featured lead management system. SparkLead combines a full-featured CRM with funnel builders, landing page builders, chatbots, surveys, email templates, with a robust email management program for cold or opt-in names. Unlimited users and leads. So many features. 

I’m Paul Mosenson. Founder, NuSpark.  Over 30 years of media buying and lead generation performance campaigns for clients. Now with AI, we can create ads, lead magnets, and buy media at scale, and drive you more leads and sales. Let’s do this.

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Learn more about our complete lead generation solutions

Paul Mosenson has been an invaluable asset to our growth at Zibtek. As our Fractional CMO he helped us fine-tune our messages and value prop, improved our cost-per-lead from all of our marketing channels, and helped us generate new quality leads with content marketing programs.  He’s recommended highly for any firm looking to grow further. 

Cache Merrill

Founder, Zibtek

From the start Paul and his NuSpark team have impressed me with their ability to quickly become team players and a strategic partner vs. just another vendor. They led a demand generation program for us targeting Enterprise and have shown.  I would recommend Paul for any IT or B2B firm looking for quality lead growth.

Charlie Born

Advisor, Galileo Performance Explorer

NuSpark has been extremely valuable with helping us develop a comprehensive demand generation plan in the United States and Europe. Utilizing their full scope of inbound marketing and content development services, our lead generation goals were far exceeded.  I would highly recommend Paul and his team to any firm looking to grow the number of quality leads in their funnel.

Jeff Kalter


Paul Mosenson is a fantastic lead generation expert. He got our new website content live with an awesome value proposition, and even included an explainer video. He then developed a robust lead gen plan with search, inbound, outbound and a lead magnet ebook to drive new. For any firm looking to grow and generate quality leads to the sales teams, I highly recommend Paul as a marketing partner.

Alex Carnevale

VP, Operations, Techadox

NuSpark facilitated all our needs in our initial foray into internet advertising. Paul surveyed potential outlets, helped us select the sites with the best demographics, established pricing, and organized the advertising copy. Additionally, his attention-to-detail with our pay-per-click campaigns has contributed to our conversion growth and increased ROI. Paul has also been responsive, thorough and informed. I would highly recommend him and his team for any b2b company looking to grow within interactive channels.

Ken Miller

Vice President of Marketing, Perry Videx Corporation

Paul Mosenson has proven to be a great partner for us. What I appreciate the most is that he’s always proactive, constantly looking to improve our campaigns and find new lead sources. He’s accessible 24/7; unlike many agencies, you never question whether Paul is committed to your success. He’s like an extension of your team. Additionally, he’s a thought leader on content marketing, lead nurturing, the buyer’s journey, and demand generation. NuSpark has nailed our content, which isn’t easy for a technical SaaS product such as ours.

Jamil Khan

Director of Product Marketing, Galileo Performance Explorer

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Product: Software services



Category: B2B
Target: Human Resources



Category: B2B
Target: CIOs



Category: B2C
TYPE: University



Category: B2B
Product: SaaS



Category: B2B
Type: Manufacturing



Category: B2B
Target: Technology



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TYPE: eCommerce



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