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Key Measurement Questions as Answered By AI Avatars.

Written and designed by NuSpark Founder Paul Mosenson

Welcome to our Q&A page, a resource dedicated to providing clear and concise answers to essential questions in digital marketing analytics and attribution. Here, we explore a range of topics including the fundamentals of GA4’s Data-Driven attribution, the distinctions between 1st and 3rd party data pixels, and the implications of cookie depreciation on data reporting and view conversions. Each question is addressed with precision and clarity, offering valuable insights that will enhance your understanding of current trends and best practices in digital marketing attribution.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate the complexities of digital marketing analytics effectively. By engaging with our content, you will gain a more robust grasp of critical concepts and strategies, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive success in your digital marketing efforts.

GA4 for websites shows default attribution for conversion tracking as “data-driven.” What is that, why is it a default, versus “last-click” attribution?

What’s the difference between 1st party data pixels as supplied by attribution platforms and 3rd party data pixels as supplied by ad platforms?

What’s the Difference Between a Cookie and a Pixel?

Media companies often talk about deterministic data versus probalistic data. Please provide the differences to the audience

Explain “view conversions,” and why should a firm track view conversions as part of measuring the journey to conversion reporting

When cookies are depreciated, what happens to the 3rd party data reports, and the view conversion reporting?

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