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Insurance Lead Generation

Insurance Lead Generation Services

As an insurance company, no matter what type you sell, a key decision-making factor in choosing a new or updated insurance policy is trust.  Certainly price, deductibles, and plan options are huge factors, but generating leads in the first place is about convincing prospects to pay attention to your message, and having those prospects trust you because of the compelling content you offer, as those prospects get educated and learn about what is right for them.

That’s where lead magnets come in. Lead magnets are guides, eBooks, and even on-demand or live webinars, where prospects are intrigued by the content to potentially solve their business or personal insurance needs, that they submit their email addresses to digest the content, as they educate themselves on insurance buying decisions. Then, after leads are captured, they are nurtured via follow-up emails and calls with the goal to provide more trustworthy content and an offer to Get a Quote or Apply for the insurance.

Insurance marketing is typically pure “direct-response” to generate quotes and apps, but many people are not ready for that step yet. Thus, the lead magnet provides additional opportunity to capture leads in “consideration” mode as compared to “decision” mode. Lead magnets can be promoted across social, websites, native placements, even remnant radio and direct-response TV.

I’m Paul Mosenson, an accomplished marketing consultant and lead generator for forms of all types and sizes, including insurance. As you look around the site you’ll see my approach for B2B and B2C firms, with an emphasis on lead generation and results with lead magnets.  Where I provide the content and media strategy, my alliance, TPG Direct, based out of Philadelphia, provides additional creative direction, design, direct marketing, and analytics. Together you get a top-notch partner group ready to grow your business further.

We can work with you two ways:

  • As a full marketing partner/advertising agency if you have a need to change direction
  • As a partner with your current marketing team, providing the lead magnet lead gen portion of your overall marketing strategy.

An example Lead Magnet that drove additional leads and sales

An example of a lead magnet for a client, WAEPA.  The goal was to educate current and former Civilian Federal Employees about what to look for in a life insurance policy and at the same time reaffirm to value WAEPA has. 

Promotion included social media, targeted lists via email, and targeted journals.



Our Lead Generation Process


Discovery Research

I’ll take a deep dive into your target audiences for each insurance product, and the benefits of your products versus competitors.  Goal is to set the stage for a robust lead gen program that separates yourself and builds trust.

Lead Magnet Build

We’ll work together for topic development, format, and key messages, then build assets that prospects will need as they consider their insurance options.  The magnet will support your brand and be compelling enough to drive leads that your team can sell easier.

Landing Pages

Conversion optimization is a focus. Website traffic needs to be qualified, and your lead magnet landing page messaging, design, and proof points (testimonials, videos, etc.) need to be spot-on to generate high levels of leads.

Funnel Building

A funnel is a series of follow-up messages prospects receive, once leads are captured. A mix of emails, calls, or texts to engage prospects further to drive quotes and applications. All processed via my proprietory CRM if needed (or we can use your own)


Promotional Plan

With over 35 years as a Media Buyer, both traditional and digital, rest assured I can implement campaigns to target the right traffic.  Think paid search, display, YouTube & video, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, television, radio, and more.



All campaigns and funnels will be measured with rigor.  We’ll consider A/B tests, with the goal to optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis, and maximize your campaign ROI.  TPG specializes in advanced analytics framework.



For over 23 years, TPG Direct has provided insurance marketing solutions to top providers and their affinity partners in the auto, life and health verticals to help attract and retain profitable policyholders.  They support NuSpark for insurance marketing creative and analytics needs.

LiveRamp connects 1st and 3rd party data sources with multiple ad accounts we manage, to target those most likely in the market for your products! Watch the video.

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