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Insurance Lead Generation

Insurance Lead Generation Services

NuSpark Media Group stands as the optimal choice for insurance companies seeking to significantly boost their quote requests and app downloads. Our expertise in both digital and traditional media buying, coupled with a strong focus on conversion optimization and the lead magnet concept, positions us as a leader in driving tangible results for the insurance industry.

Tailored Strategies for the Insurance Industry Based on client work, we understand the unique landscape of the insurance sector. Our strategies are specifically crafted to address the needs and preferences of your target audience, ensuring that our campaigns are not only effective but also resonate deeply with potential clients, leading to increased quote requests and app downloads.

Innovative Lead Magnet Concept In the competitive world of insurance, standing out is crucial. We employ the lead magnet concept to attract potential clients by offering them valuable content or services. These lead magnets are designed to draw in your target audience, showcasing the value of your services and encouraging them to request a quote or download your app.

Comprehensive Media Buying: Digital and Traditional A balanced approach to media buying, encompassing both digital and traditional channels, is essential in the insurance sector. We strategically place your campaigns across a variety of platforms, ensuring that your message reaches your audience wherever they are. Our approach is always data-driven, using insights from both digital and traditional media to inform our buying decisions.

Measurement and Results-Driven Approach The real success of any campaign lies in its measurable outcomes. At NuSpark Media Group, we are dedicated to delivering results. Our campaigns are constantly monitored and analyzed, allowing us to measure their effectiveness in real-time and make data-driven adjustments. This focus on measurement and results ensures that we consistently achieve and often exceed our clients’ goals in the insurance industry.

Partner with NuSpark Media Group to drive your insurance company’s growth. With our specialized expertise, innovative lead magnets, focus on conversion optimization, and comprehensive media buying strategies, we are poised to significantly increase your quote requests and app downloads, delivering measurable results every step of the way.


Founder Paul Mosenson is also an AI expert, and is offering his suite of Custom GPTs from ChatGPT to help grow and manage your online sales. Below are three of interest. Click to see the tool (Paid users of ChatGPT only).  AI management is part of our management fees. 

An example Lead Magnet that drove additional leads and sales

An example of a lead magnet for a client, WAEPA.  The goal was to educate current and former Civilian Federal Employees about what to look for in a life insurance policy and at the same time reaffirm to value WAEPA has. 

Promotion included social media, targeted lists via email, and targeted journals.




Good2Go Auto Insurance, a reputable provider in the insurance market, faced two significant challenges: diminished market awareness and an unsatisfactory number of online conversions, which were specifically quotes and applications. These issues resulted in underwhelming sales and ROI, a scenario that was neither sustainable nor acceptable for a competitive player in the industry.


Leveraging his deep understanding of B2C direct response media buying, Paul Mosenson came on board along with a creative team to steer a robust solution. The approach combined cost-effective media buying with a strategic plan designed to yield high conversions.

  • Direct Response TV Buy: The first facet of the solution was an effective and cost-efficient direct response TV campaign. By zeroing in on the prime times and channels that resonated with the target demographic, Mosenson planned and executed a compelling TV buy that brought the brand to the fore of potential customers’ minds.
  • Google Paid Search: Recognizing the power of search engine marketing, Mosenson implemented a well-crafted Google paid search strategy. By using targeted keywords that potential customers were likely to search for, the campaign enhanced Good2Go’s visibility and pushed it ahead of competitors.
  • Facebook and Retargeting: Lastly, Mosenson tapped into the immense audience on Facebook, setting up ads tailored to appeal to potential clients. Additionally, a retargeting campaign was put in place to reach out to individuals who had previously shown interest, effectively maximizing the potential for conversion.


The result of this strategic media plan was nothing short of impressive:

Increased Online Conversions: The blend of these strategies led to a whopping 35% increase in online quotes and applications in just the first quarter of the campaign, and the trend only continued to improve.

Substantial Uplift in Sales: The spike in online conversions translated into increased sales. Good2Go Auto Insurance saw a significant 25% uplift in sales as compared to the same period in the previous year.

Boosted ROI: Perhaps most notably, the calculated and strategic approach of the media plan ensured an optimized cost-to-return ratio. The Return on Investment (ROI) saw a dramatic jump of 45%.

The marked results of this media plan are a testament to Mosenson’s tactical planning and execution. By precisely identifying the most effective platforms and tailoring the message for each, Mosenson ensured that Good2Go Auto Insurance got the best value for every dollar spent on the campaign. This is the kind of strategic acumen and results-oriented approach that Mosenson consistently brings to his work, providing value for clients in any industry


For over 23 years, TPG Direct has provided insurance marketing solutions to top providers and their affinity partners in the auto, life and health verticals to help attract and retain profitable policyholders.  They support NuSpark for insurance marketing creative and analytics needs.

LiveRamp connects 1st and 3rd party data sources with multiple ad accounts we manage, to target those most likely in the market for your products! Watch the video.

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