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Paul Mosenson, NuSpark Founder

“We have been well served and well satisfied with the work and service provided by the NuSpark team. Our strong enrollment numbers lend further credence to the valuable work he and his team performed on behalf of the University. It is my pleasure to recommend NuSpark to your serious consideration.”

S. Maureen McGarrity, CSFN, PhD

President, Holy Family University, Philadelphia

Elevating Higher Education Marketing with NuSpark Media


NuSpark Media Group is the go-to partner for higher education institutions seeking to amplify student leads and application rates. Our mastery in targeting both graduate and undergraduate audiences, combined with advanced knowledge in both digital and traditional media buying, makes us the ideal choice. Our strategies are focused on achieving tangible results through the lead magnet concept, conversion optimization, and a deep understanding of the latest targeting tools and platforms.

Expertise in Higher Education Marketing We understand the unique challenges and nuances of marketing in the higher education sector. Our strategies are crafted to appeal to both graduate and undergraduate prospects, recognizing the distinct motivations and decision-making processes of each group. This tailored approach ensures that our campaigns effectively resonate with the right audience, driving increased interest and applications.

Innovative Lead Magnet Concept In the competitive world of higher education, standing out is key. We utilize the lead magnet concept to attract potential students by offering them valuable information or resources. These lead magnets are designed to capture the attention of prospective students, providing them with compelling reasons to consider your institution and eventually, to apply.

Conversion Optimization for Higher Education In our experience, conversion optimization is vital in turning interest into concrete actions like inquiries and applications. We apply best practices in digital marketing to enhance the user journey on your website and landing pages, ensuring that every interaction is optimized to encourage students to take the next step.

Up-to-Date on Targeting Tools and Platforms Staying current with the latest targeting tools and platforms is crucial in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We are adept at utilizing advanced targeting technologies, ensuring that your campaigns reach the right audience at the right time, whether they are exploring their undergraduate options or considering graduate programs.

Balanced Approach to Media Buying A balanced approach to media buying, incorporating both digital and traditional channels, is essential in reaching a diverse student population. We strategically place your campaigns across a spectrum of media, ensuring that your message is heard far and wide. Our approach is data-driven, using insights and analytics to inform our media buying decisions and to continuously optimize campaign performance.

Results-Driven Strategies The true measure of any campaign’s success lies in the tangible results it delivers. At NuSpark Media Group, we pride ourselves on our results-driven approach. Our campaigns are constantly evaluated and adjusted based on performance metrics, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed your goals in student lead generation and applications.

Partner with NuSpark Media Group to elevate your higher education institution’s marketing strategy. With our specialized expertise in understanding and targeting both graduate and undergraduate audiences, innovative lead magnets, focus on conversion optimization, and comprehensive media buying strategies, we are ready to drive significant increases in student leads and applications, delivering measurable results every step of the way.

Sample Case Study


In the early 2010s, Holy Family University in Philadelphia was facing a significant problem with many of their programs underperforming due to lack of student occupancy. This was a problem that affected both graduate and undergraduate programs. Enrollment numbers were down, and with fewer students, the University was unable to fully utilize its vast resources. The university recognized a need for a robust marketing strategy to attract students and fill its programs.


Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Media was brought in to revamp the marketing strategy in 2014. Leveraging his expertise as a Fractional CMO and a results-focused Marketing Consultant, Paul designed a comprehensive, targeted, and cost-effective media buy strategy. He employed a multi-faceted approach that included:

  • Redesigning Google paid search campaigns to attract potential students actively seeking education opportunities.
  • Geofencing high schools to serve targeted ads to potential undergraduate students in their areas of interest.
  • Utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for targeted ads aimed at both graduate and undergraduate prospects.
  • Deploying online display, native advertising, and retargeting to keep Holy Family University on top of prospects’ minds.
  • Leveraging Direct Response TV, OTT, streaming radio, and online radio to reach a broader audience.
  • Implementing robust tracking measures including vanity URLs, text messaging, and dedicated phone numbers to accurately measure campaign effectiveness.


The strategic and tactical approach undertaken by Paul brought forth considerable positive change. Here are some key results:

  • The Google paid search campaign redesign resulted in a 45% increase in click-through rates and a 30% boost in conversions, leading to a significant uptick in student inquiries and applications.
  • Geofencing high schools led to a 35% increase in undergraduate inquiries within the geofenced areas, signifying a more focused interest from potential students.
  • The comprehensive social media campaign saw a 40% rise in engagement rates and a 20% increase in completed applications from targeted prospects.
  • Retargeting efforts on display and native advertising platforms increased overall brand visibility by 60% and boosted online inquiries by 25%.
  • The usage of Direct Response TV, OTT, streaming radio, and online radio resulted in a 15% increase in awareness among potential students outside the traditional digital platforms.
  • The robust tracking measures implemented enabled the University to fine-tune their campaigns, resulting in an overall decrease in cost per acquisition by 30%.
  • By the end of 2020, Paul’s strategic media plans had successfully increased online enrollment by 40% and overall awareness of Holy Family University’s programs by 60%. This signified a substantial recovery from the earlier underperformance and positioned the university as a competitive option for both graduate and undergraduate students.

This case study showcases Paul Mosenson’s strategic and tactical prowess in delivering results that drive growth and success. His ability to leverage various digital platforms in a cohesive, targeted, and cost-effective manner made a significant difference in reversing the underperformance of Holy Family University’s programs.

Three Examples of Multi-Media Case Studies for Download

University: Partnered with branding firm. TV, Radio, Digital, Outdoor

Insurance: Partnered with design agency. TV, Direct Mail, Digital

Healthcare: TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail

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