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Franchise Marketing Services

Franchise Marketing Media Buying Services: Measurable and Cost-Effective

NuSpark Media Group is uniquely qualified to help franchises amplify their lead generation and sales. Our extensive experience, including success stories like driving growth for Nutrisystem, combined with our expertise in both digital and traditional media buying, positions us as a standout choice for franchises looking to scale their business.

Proven Results in Franchise Growth Based on client work, we understand the unique dynamics of franchise marketing. Our tailored strategies are designed to not only increase leads and sales but also to enhance brand consistency across all franchise locations. Our experience with clients like Nutrisystem showcases our capability to deliver substantial growth and measurable results.

Understanding of Co-op in Franchise Marketing In our experience, navigating the co-op structure in franchises is crucial for successful marketing. We work collaboratively with both franchisors and franchisees to ensure that marketing efforts are aligned with the overall brand strategy while also catering to local market needs. This approach maximizes the impact of co-op advertising dollars and drives consistent growth across the franchise network.

Expertise in Digital and Traditional Media Buying  A balanced approach to media buying, incorporating both digital and traditional channels, is essential for reaching a diverse franchise audience. We strategically place your campaigns to ensure maximum visibility and engagement. Our approach is data-driven, using insights and analytics to inform our media buying decisions and to continuously optimize campaign performance.

Up-to-Date on Targeting Tools and Platforms Staying current with the latest targeting tools and platforms is vital in the ever-evolving landscape of franchise marketing. We are adept at using advanced targeting technologies to ensure that your campaigns reach the right audience, whether they are current or potential customers, effectively driving leads and sales.

Results-Driven Strategies The real success of any campaign lies in its measurable outcomes. At NuSpark Media Group, we focus on delivering tangible results. Our campaigns are constantly monitored and analyzed, allowing us to measure their effectiveness in real-time and make data-driven adjustments. This focus on measurement and results ensures that we consistently achieve and often exceed our clients’ goals in the franchise industry.

Partner with NuSpark Media Group to elevate your franchise’s lead generation and sales. With our proven track record, innovative lead magnets, understanding of co-op marketing, and comprehensive media buying strategies, we are ready to drive significant growth for your franchise, delivering measurable results every step of the way.

Media Buying Channels

And now, we embrace Generative AI to contribute to messaging and design elements. Couple cost savings mixed with today’s technology and a top-notch freelance creative team, and you get a robust plan (creative, offers, channels) that is sure to grow your business.


Our local store in Philadelphia went national in 2015 with an online ecommerce presence. We hired Paul Mosenson to help build our brand and generate sales on our website, in addition to generating increases store traffic. Glad to say that Paul’s partnership has helped us grow beyond expectations. Paul managed our search, display, and Facebook ad programs successfully. Plus our DRTV campaigns gave us a huge boost. Sales and conversions continue to increase. His attention to detail and strategic direction as a tactician and consultant have been second-to-none. I recommend him highly.

Matthew Sulby

President, Unclaimed Diamonds

We hired Paul and his team to manage our digital lead generation program as well as giving our website a facelift to increase our conversions. With Paul’s guidance, our site is much more engaging, and we have seen a strong increase in leads. We were impressed by his marketing knowledge and win-win approach. I’d recommend him to any business looking to grow further.
Ron Richter

CEO, ProFresh

We were looking to up-level our eCommerce marketing tactics and have utilized Paul Mosenson to assist us in our direction to drive conversions and sales. We like his “growth-hacking” mentality by planning innovative video campaign and lead magnet funnel programs to drive sales. In addition, he provides us with conversion rate optimization, and is very strategic when it comes to AB testing. We recommend Paul for any start-up or eCommerce firm looking to ramp up revenue and growth.

Jonathan Parker

Co-Founder, Lean Factor

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