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Paul Mosenson is an experienced Fractional CMO who specializes in helping B2C companies improve their marketing and media strategies and achieve their business goals to drive sales. Here’s a few reasons you should consider Paul.

Limited Marketing Expertise

If the firm lacks the necessary marketing expertise in-house, a Fractional CMO like Paul could provide strategic guidance and implement successful marketing initiatives, including media buying strategies.

Media Buying Challenges

If the firm has been struggling with media buying – selecting where to place ads, negotiating costs, or measuring effectiveness – a professional like Paul, with his breadth of knowledge and experience, could significantly improve these efforts.

New Product Launch

If the company is planning to introduce a new product to the market, having a Fractional CMO can help build a robust marketing strategy, including effective media buying, to ensure a successful launch.

Cost Considerations

For firms operating on a tight budget, hiring a full-time CMO might be financially challenging. In such cases, a Fractional CMO like Paul can offer expert services at a more affordable rate.

Inconsistent Marketing Performance:

If the company’s marketing performance has been inconsistent or subpar, an experienced Fractional CMO could diagnose problems and implement solutions, potentially transforming the firm’s marketing effectiveness.

How Can I Help

As a Fractional CMO, Paul Mosenson would be expected to oversee a variety of responsibilities for a B2C firm. These duties can range from high-level strategic planning to managing specific marketing activities such as media buying. Here’s a closer look at some of these key duties:

Strategic Marketing Planning:

Paul would collaborate with the leadership team to establish a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with the business’s overarching goals.

Media Buying

Paul would be in charge of your firm’s media buying activities. This involves choosing the best channels for advertising (such as TV, radio, print, or digital), negotiating rates, scheduling placements, and tracking the performance. Given the ever-increasing complexity of the media landscape, his expertise could be invaluable in optimizing the firm’s media spend and ensuring that the advertising reaches the target audience effectively.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Implementing strategies for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones would be a crucial part of Paul’s role. This could involve managing promotional campaigns, loyalty programs, customer feedback systems, and more.

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Paul would likely be responsible for overseeing the company’s brand strategy, ensuring consistency across all marketing and advertising initiatives, and refining the brand’s positioning in the marketplace.

Marketing Team Leadership and Development:

As a Fractional CMO, Paul would also likely provide leadership and mentorship to the marketing team. This could involve defining roles and responsibilities, providing training, and supporting the team’s ongoing development.

Marketing Analytics and ROI

Paul would be responsible for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and measuring the return on investment (ROI) of different marketing activities, including media buying.

The Benefits of Paul

Why Paul

Hiring a Fractional CMO like Paul Mosenson can bring several benefits for a B2C company:


Expertise: With his wealth of experience in marketing, Paul Mosenson brings a level of expertise that can help elevate a company’s marketing strategy. His knowledge of diverse marketing channels and tactics, including media buying, can help maximize your brand’s exposure and reach.


Media Buying Management: Paul Mosenson’s knowledge of media buying can help your B2C firm efficiently navigate the complex landscape of advertising channels. By selecting the best channels, negotiating rates, and tracking ad performance, he can ensure your advertising budget delivers maximum returns.


Strategic Guidance: A Fractional CMO like Paul can help align the marketing strategy with the company’s overall business goals. He can provide the strategic leadership necessary to ensure all marketing activities are effectively driving business results.

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