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Accelerate Your Post-Funding Growth with AI-Enhanced Lead Generation

Unlock your potential with NuSpark Media Group’s AI-driven solutions, led by marketing expert Paul Mosenson.

Ready to Scale?

Unlock your potential with NuSpark Media Group’s AI-driven solutions

Congratulations on securing your funding! Now comes the exciting yet challenging phase of scaling your business. NuSpark Media Group, under the leadership of Paul Mosenson, specializes in providing AI-powered lead generation, customer acquistion, and advanced media strategies to help newly funded firms achieve rapid and sustainable growth. Our services are designed to address the specific needs of businesses at this pivotal stage, ensuring you make the most of your newfound capital.

Key Challenges and Solutions:

Challenge 1: Rapid Market Penetration

  • Solution: Utilize our AI-driven lead generation to quickly identify and engage high-potential clients, accelerating your market entry and growth.

Challenge 2: Efficient Allocation of New Funds

  • Solution: We employ advanced analytics to optimize your marketing spend, ensuring every dollar is used effectively to maximize ROI.

Challenge 3: Scaling Operations

  • Solution: Our customized campaigns and AI integrations streamline your processes, making it easier to manage and scale operations seamlessly.

Challenge 4: Demonstrating Immediate Impact

  • Solution: We provide comprehensive attribution models and success metrics to track and demonstrate the impact of your campaigns, giving you clear insights into your growth trajectory.

Grow Your Business Efficiently & Effectively

At NuSpark Media Group, we understand the urgency and pressure that come with newly secured funding. Our AI-powered solutions, lead generation results, and data-driven media strategies are specifically designed to help you scale quickly and efficiently. By partnering with us, you gain access to the expertise and tools necessary to turn your funding into substantial growth and market presence.

About Paul Mosenson

Paul Mosenson, founder of NuSpark Media Group, has over 30 years of expertise in media planning, buying, and demand generation. Renowned for his data-driven strategies and AI optimizations, he enhances lead quality and maximizes ROI for B2B and B2C clients. His innovative media plans and advanced analytics deliver impactful insights, making him a versatile and effective fractional CMO and Media Director.

Key Services

ChatGPT/AI Management Overview

NuSpark Media Group offers advanced ChatGPT management services tailored for B2B companies. These services enhance customer engagement, streamline communication, and drive lead generation through AI-driven chat solutions. The focus is on creating efficient, personalized interactions that improve client relationships and boost conversion rates. 

Lead Generation with Educational Content

NuSpark Media Group specializes in using educational content to drive lead generation for B2C clients. This approach builds trust and authority, engaging potential customers through informative and valuable content. The strategy is designed to attract and convert high-quality leads by addressing customer needs and pain points effectively.

Attribution Tracking

NuSpark Media Group offers comprehensive media attribution tracking services to help businesses understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. By utilizing advanced models and analytics, they provide insights into which media channels drive conversions and ROI. This allows companies to optimize their marketing strategies, allocate budgets more effectively, and improve overall campaign performance.

Demand Generation Overview

NuSpark Media Group provides comprehensive demand generation services to fuel B2B growth. Their approach combines strategic content creation, targeted outreach, and advanced analytics to attract, engage, and convert high-quality leads. Leveraging data-driven insights, they optimize campaigns to maximize ROI and support sustained business growth 

Performance Media Overview

NuSpark Media Group offers a strategic approach to performance media, focusing on data-driven tactics to optimize advertising campaigns. Their services include media planning, buying, and optimization across various platforms to ensure maximum ROI. By leveraging advanced analytics and real-time data, they fine-tune campaigns for better targeting, efficiency, and measurable result.

Promotional Planning Overview

NuSpark Media Group specializes in promotional planning to drive customer engagement and sales. Their approach includes crafting compelling offers, strategic timing, and targeted delivery to maximize impact. Utilizing data and insights, they design promotions that resonate with the audience and enhance brand visibility, ensuring measurable results and improved ROI

  • Professional Services Firm: Leads Up Monthly 25% 25%
  • SaaS Firm in AP Automation: Leads Up 60% 60%
  • Software Development Firm: Online Leads Up 100% 100%
  • Financial Services Firm: Revenue Up 50% 50%
  • Customer Experience Software: Leads Up 29% 29%
  • eLearning Platform in HR: ROI Up 57% 57%
  • Manufacturing Firm: Conversion Rate Up 100% 100%
  • SaaS Server Monitoring Software: Leads Up 101% 101%
  • eCommerce Client: Transactions Up 70% 70%
  • University Client: Enrollment Up 40% 40%
  • Financial Services Client: New Accounts Up 25% 25%
  • Retail Client: Sales Up 80% 80%
  • National Weight Loss Program: Revenue Up 30% 30%
  • Auto Insurance Client: Applications Up 25% 25%
  • Supplement Product: Sales Up 40% 40%
  • Consumer Goods Client: Conversion Rate Up 28% 28%

Ready to Grow Now That Funding is Secured?

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