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Growing Leads & Sales is the Goal: Fix the Convince is the Process

Springfield, PA— July 1, 2019 — Revenue and profit are what keep executives at small and mid-size businesses up at night.  Paul Mosenson, Founder and President of Philadelphia-area based NuSpark Marketing, a full-service demand generation agency, has opened NuSpark Consulting to help B2B and Ecommerce firms grow their businesses with the concept “Fix the Convince.”  The word Convince becomes a noun, and represents the combination of message, channel, conversion/trust elements, with a sound measurement plan that allows campaign optimization that increases marketing ROI.  All marketing and sales tactics require “convincing” and this exists NuSpark Consulting to Fix the Convince.

 “We are all in the art or science of convincing in life. In marketing, you’re convinced to pay attention to a message, you’re convinced to click, you’re convinced to engage, you’re convinced to give up an email address on a web form, and you’re convinced to buy” says Mosenson, “ companies that do not convince well, using the right channels and offers, lose out to competitors.”  Certainly there are many marketing consultants and fractional CMOs out there, but Mosenson comes from an advertising background, with high level Media Director positions at ad agencies and corporate before launching his own business, thus it is this understanding of media combined with his skill-set in messaging, conversion, and analytics that makes Paul Mosenson and NuSpark Consulting different, and effective.

 “In a crowded field, I am filling a void that’s needed”, claims Mosenson. Ideal clients are C-suite executives who need strategic marketing direction, and rather hire a consultant like Mosenson rather than hire a VP of Marketing or CMO.  That said, Paul can work with those existing titles as well.  And, if necessary, Paul’s contracting team (copy, design, video) are all seasoned with many years’ experience to support efforts.  As his website proclaims, you can increase revenue and profits, only when you “Fix the Convince.”