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Digital Media Buying Solutions

Paid Search: B2C

Elevate your B2C business with NuSpark Media Group’s bespoke PPC strategies, expertly crafted to boost online visibility, drive conversions, and fuel growth. Under Paul Mosenson’s seasoned guidance, discover a data-driven approach that melds strategic creativity with analytics for tangible results. Dive into how targeted marketing can enhance customer acquisition and deliver a robust ROI, all through the lens of proven paid search campaigns designed to resonate with your audience. Ready to thrive in the digital space? Learn more about transforming your paid search approach with NuSpark.

Online Display

Discover the transformative power of strategic online display media buying with NuSpark Media Group. Harness data-driven insights and technology to place your ads where they’ll make the biggest impact, ensuring your campaigns resonate with the right audience at the optimal time. From crafting compelling content to leveraging retargeting and optimizing for mobile, NuSpark’s approach is designed to amplify your online presence and drive conversions. Ready to elevate your digital advertising strategy? Dive into NuSpark’s expert methodology for results that matter​.


Contextual Targeting

NuSpark Media Group’s contextual targeting solution revolutionizes digital advertising by aligning your brand with content that resonates with your audience’s interests, without relying on personal data. Through advanced technology like GumGum’s Verity™, your ads achieve unparalleled relevance and safety, ensuring they appear alongside the most suitable content. This approach not only respects user privacy but also enhances engagement, making it a key strategy in today’s privacy-conscious market. Ready to connect your ads with contextually relevant content? Learn more about how NuSpark can transform your advertising strategy.

Native Advertising

Dive into the world of native advertising with NuSpark Media Group, where advertising seamlessly integrates with user experience. Discover how strategic content placement can enhance engagement and drive conversions, all while maintaining the natural flow of the platform’s organic content. With a focus on analytics and performance optimization, learn how NuSpark leverages native ads to create authentic connections and deliver results. Ready to revolutionize your advertising approach? Find out how with NuSpark’s expert guidance.


Unlock the potential of location-based marketing with NuSpark Media Group’s geofencing services. Tailor your messages and ads to audiences in precise geographic areas for targeted engagement. Whether promoting events, outshining competitors, or retargeting visitors, geofencing offers a dynamic strategy to connect with potential customers right where they are. Ready to drive conversions and elevate your digital strategy? Discover how geofencing can transform your marketing efforts.


NuSpark Media Group leverages the power of video and pre-roll advertising to captivate audiences and drive engagement. By combining strategic targeting, compelling storytelling, and high-quality production, they ensure your message not only reaches the right audience but resonates deeply. Discover how their expert approach to video advertising can elevate your brand’s visibility and impact. Ready to harness the dynamic potential of video in your marketing strategy? Learn how NuSpark can make it happen​.


NuSpark Media Group’s retargeting planning guide reveals how to reconnect with site visitors to convert interest into sales. Through tailored ads based on user behavior and optimized ad exposure, they aim to maximize marketing budgets and enhance brand recall. The strategy includes segmented campaigns, personalized content, and a multi-platform approach. Discover the power of retargeting to keep your brand top-of-mind and turn potential customers into loyal ones. Ready to refine your marketing strategy? Dive deeper into NuSpark’s approach.

Retail Media

Step into the future of e-commerce with NuSpark Media Group’s guide on leveraging Retail Media Networks (RMNs), especially on platforms like Amazon. This comprehensive strategy embraces the digital retail evolution, offering brands a direct path to consumers at the critical point of purchase. With RMNs, businesses can harness first-party data for targeted exposure, achieving a closed-loop marketing solution that precisely measures ROI. Dive into how strategic promotions and partnerships, like that with Skai, can amplify your reach and effectiveness in the digital marketplace​.

1st Party Data Targeting

NuSpark Media Group’s expertise extends into leveraging first-party data for CRM targeting and customer match strategies, utilizing your own customer information for highly targeted advertising. This approach enhances ad relevance, engagement, and conversion rates by creating personalized ads based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Utilizing platforms like Google Customer Match, Facebook Customer List targeting, and LinkedIn Contact Match, they maximize the potential of your data for effective audience engagement across digital landscapes​.

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