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Using AI and ChatGPT for Research and Insights

When it comes to researching companies, ChatGPT can be a valuable resource. Its natural language processing capabilities allow you to ask specific questions about a company, its products, services, and industry trends. Based on my observation, ChatGPT can swiftly provide you with relevant information from publicly available sources, making it a time-efficient tool for gathering initial insights. 

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Explore our suite of custom GPTs built on Chat GPT.  Our goal is to utilize these tools as part of our engagement, to build content, and drive leads and sales faster. Then let’s plan a call with Founder and AI Expert Paul Mosenson, and learn to use AI as part of your marketing and lead generation strategy

NuSpark Founder Paul Mosenson will Manage ChatGPTs and AI, including Research and Marketing Strategy, as Part of an Engagement.

“Hey it’s me, Founder Paul Mosenson. Your part-time chief marketing officer for marketing advice. B2B or B2C. Ask me anything. I’m your right hand man. Have a productive business meeting.”

“Do you really know what sets you apart? This GPT can help. It will research key competitors found on Bing, why people may buy from them, and opportunities for your firm to differentiate.” 

“Ready for a meeting? GPT research in-depth company insights based on a prompt that starts with “Get Company Information on BLANK” Helpful!

“Research on funding. Series B? Crowdfunding? Expert in funding research, tailored to industry, funding level.”

“A newer one; a tool to get In-depth news summaries. Just prompt “latest news on, last 7 days on, topic, website name,or url. Then pick an article summary to see 3 LinkedIn posts to choose for social sharing. Have to put in dates or this GPT may not listen!”

“Our conversion rate expert here on ChatGPT that Paul programmed. Professional, detailed advisor on website conversion optimization. I’ll give tips and ideas to grow more leads or sales”

“How about this one. Provides formal, detailed info on industry-specific conventions and trade shows. Prompt audience for event or Topic of event. Ideal for geo-fencing ad campaigns!”

“My SaaS marketing expert. Helps SaaS firms grow with strategic advice and insights. Ask anything. Happy to help your growth vision.”

“A higher education marketing expert. Covers grad and undergraduate. I’m your advisor.”

“Our adviser on insurance marketing strategies. Auto, Life, Home, Health, Disability, Business. Message-offers-tactics-strategies. Get more quotes. Get more apps.”

“The eCommerce marketing advisor covering every topic that can contribute to increased sales of products in your store. Ask away. Great advice to grow sales!”

“Manage Retail or are you in Franchise?” Get Marketing & Advertising Advice and Recommendations.”

“And now, a User-Friendly Pharma Marketing Guide. Help answer questions, and provide ideas on targeting consumers and HCPs”

“We love mentoring startups. How about a GPT we created to offer guidance and strategies for a new business, or one looking to grow further. “

Want to Learn More? Contact Founder Paul Mosenson Today. And Let’s Discuss AI and Strategy

Here’s a Bonus.  Writing Personas with ChatGPT

Writes a new article or post or takes your existing article or post (copy and paste, or enter URL) and uplevels the writing style to make you a better, more sophisticated, highly intellectual writer.

Writes a new article or post or takes your existing article or post (copy and paste, or enter URL) and the writing style to include references to industry stats with links, examples or relevent case studies with links to support the message

Writes a new article or post or takes your existing article or post (copy and paste, or enter URL) and the writing style to add some smart humor, interesting analogies where appropriate, and slightly whimsical language to humanize the post or article

GPT writes or re-writes a post (copy-paste or enter URL) based on your preferred style: Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, Narrative, then will ask you of any personal phrases you wish to include. Examples: “In my experience” or “based on my observations” Think about it.

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