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Advanced AI Tools to Help Sales Teams Close

Explore Our Suite of Custom GPTs to Grow Your Business

Using Mosenson’s custom GPTs in the sales process offers a range of benefits that can transform how sales teams operate, acting as a virtual coach and an invaluable resource for overcoming objections. These AI-driven tools are designed to enhance the effectiveness of sales strategies by providing personalized coaching, generating responses to common objections, and offering insights that help close more deals.

The custom GPTs developed by Mosenson are tailored to address the specific challenges and opportunities within any sales pipeline. They assist in crafting compelling messages, preparing for potential customer pushbacks, and identifying the most effective tactics for engaging prospects. This level of customization ensures that sales teams are not just equipped with generic advice but are provided with strategies that are directly applicable to their unique situations. As a result, sales professionals can approach negotiations with greater confidence and a higher likelihood of success, leading to an increase in closed deals and stronger customer relationships.

NuSpark Founder Paul Mosenson will Manage ChatGPTs and AI, including Market Research and Tools for Sales, as Part of an Engagement.

“One of our first Custom GPTs. A consultative growth advisor. Programmed to give overall insights and direction on lead gen, pipeline, and sales strategy.”

“And our newest. GPT will compare your firm versus a competitor, and give you ideas for differentiation, so Sales can offer messages to prospects on “why we’re better.”

Helps sales with specific email outreach based on 8 personas of buyers. Then based on choice,  GPT will provide 2 outreach emails, and a follow-up after meeting email.

“I simulate a tech/B2B buyer for sales training and will ask questions about your product, then give feedback on your answers. Start prompt with what you are selling and key features. Let’s see how you respond to questions”

“Similiar to above. I programmed about 12 questions about your product/service. Let’s see how you answer. GPT will give guidance”

“Let’s now deal with objections. What have you faced? Complacency? Timing? Price issues? Prompt an objection, and I’ll tell you how to handle it.”

“A newer update to the above. Check this: GPT will build a 10-row objection matrix, with a column for objection theme, and two more columns covering response ideas 1, 2. Then crafts tailored emails and live counters.”

“Let’s now come up with some messaging to prospects who need a nudge. This GPT will ask you about style and format, so it’s customized.”

“Let’s now get more focused with follow-ups. For a ghosted prospect, or a message to trial/demo prospect, GPT will draft some email ideas to get response.”

“Lets do another sales message coach, focused on engagement. Ask GPT for help with follow-ups, message content, even voice scripts for call follow-up. Try it.”

“Lets cover ABM on this one, and customize message by various target audiences easily. Refines ABM strategies with emails, LinkedIn messages, and ebook ideas. You get to provide at least 2 or 3 job titles and industry target. GPT will show some sample title pain points. YOU tweak!”

“Need a compelling and nice thank you message after a meeting, a demo, or a deck presentation? This one crafts personalized thank-you messages for business meetings.”

“A proper sales funnel is more than just email; it’s also calls. Most likely voicemails, so here’s the GPT. Crafts concise sales voicemails with phone number CTA, 20-30s. And 7 formats to choose.”

“Metrics time. Adaptable B2B pipeline analyzer with ROI scenario modeling. Be ready with website visits, conversion rate, MQL/SQL rate, close rate, Avg deal size, LTV, and will compute ROI.”

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