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Custom GPTs for Promotional Needs

Explore Our Suite of Custom GPTs to Help with Advertising & MarketingTasks

NuSpark Founder Paul Mosenson will Manage ChatGPT with AI Tools for Research and Ad Development as Part of an Engagement.

NuSpark Media Group, under the leadership of founder Paul Mosenson, is revolutionizing advertising with its Custom Advertising AI GPTs, which are expertly designed to infuse your brand’s unique voice and style into the forefront of advertising technology. These innovative GPTs, crafted with generative AI expertise, are redefining advertising dynamics by offering tailored solutions that range from compelling ad copy creation to strategic media buying, providing brands with a competitive edge in messaging and campaign effectiveness.

The suite includes AI-driven tools for crafting TV ad scripts that blend creativity with market insights, conducting paid search research for PPC long-tail and negative keywords, creating persuasive ad and social media copy optimized for click-throughs, conversions, and platform-specific engagement. By leveraging these custom AI solutions, NuSpark enables brands to resonate deeply with their audience, ensuring each campaign’s impact and success, thereby transforming the advertising landscape.

A Quick Tour of Our AI Paid Media Tools

A Quick Tour of Our AI Ad Copy & Script Tools 

Script Guide Description

The chart is a template designed for clients to provide information necessary to create a customized script for a radio or TV advertisement. Clients fill out various fields pertaining to their business and the specifics of the ad they want to create, such as business details, the nature of the product or service, unique selling points, promotional offers, and the desired tone for the advertisement. This information would then be used by an AI like ChatGPT.


For Paid Users, a Tour of How the GPT Mentions Work Together for promotion

This is for my DJ service as an example, and the Video Shows how 10 Custom GPTs are Used

And there’s more; see some Custom GPTs for B2B and Content Marketing Needs

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