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Explore our suite of custom GPTs built on Chat GPT.  Our goal is to utilize these tools as part of our engagement, to build ads and promotions, and drive leads and sales faster. Then let’s plan a call with Founder and AI Expert Paul Mosenson, and learn to use AI as part of your marketing and advertising strategy

NuSpark Founder Paul Mosenson will Manage ChatGPT with AI Tools for Research and Ad Development as Part of an Engagement.


Innovative AI Solutions for Next-Gen Advertising

Welcome to the cutting edge of advertising technology with NuSpark Media Group’s Custom Advertising AI GPTs. Under the guidance of our founder, Paul Mosenson, an expert in generative AI, we have built innovative GPTs. Our custom AI tools are not just about the sophistication of technology; they are about transforming it into an extension of your brand’s unique voice and style.

Custom AI: Transforming Advertising Dynamics

Our suite of Custom Advertising AI GPTs is designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern advertising. From creating compelling ad copy to strategizing effective media buying, our AI solutions provide a distinct competitive edge. We enable brands to harness the power of AI in crafting messages that resonate deeply with their audience, ensuring that every campaign is as effective and impactful as possible​


TV Creative AI Solutions: Our AI-driven tools are designed to craft compelling TV ad scripts, combining creativity with market insights to produce content that captivates and resonates with your audience.

Paid Search Research: Leveraging AI, we created tools that will research PPC long-tail keywords, negative keywords, and even help compile keywords into various match types.

Ad and Paid Search Copywriting: Our AI tools are adept at creating persuasive ad copy for paid search campaigns. By analyzing successful ad trends and incorporating your brand’s voice, we ensure each ad is optimized for both click-through and conversion rates.

Tailored Social Media Ad Copy: NuSpark’s AI solutions excel in generating social media ad copy that resonates with your audience. By analyzing user engagement patterns and social media trends, our AI creates ad copy that is not only relevant and engaging but also optimized for each platform’s unique audience and format.



Script Guide Description

The chart is a template designed for clients to provide information necessary to create a customized script for a radio or TV advertisement. Clients fill out various fields pertaining to their business and the specifics of the ad they want to create, such as business details, the nature of the product or service, unique selling points, promotional offers, and the desired tone for the advertisement. This information would then be used by an AI like ChatGPT.

The image can be clicked to download a DOC, then to customize, it can be edited and saved.

Once the script submission forms is customized and saved, you will use one of our Custom GPTs below or your own tools, with the message:

Write a TV or Radio Script.  Please follow the instructions on the attached DOC under the Prompt column to customize our content needs

For Paid Users, a Tour of How the GPT Mentions Work Together for promotion

This is for my DJ service as an example, and the Video Shows how 10 Custom GPTs are Used

Advertising & Promotion Custom GPTs from NuSpark Media Group,

Developed by Founder Paul Mosenson

“I’m your AI Creative Director, here to refine your creative ideas or visions, offer suggestions, give advice, provide direction. Ask me anything.”

“Let’s have a GPT script wizard. Prompt TV or Radio, and GPT and based on input, will prepare 30 or 60 second scripts for ideation. I used this to make radio ads!”

“Let’s have an advisor (other than Founder Paul) to give insights on media strategy for TV and radio advertising.  DRTV, TV, Cable, Streaming, OTT, Satellite, and More.”

“Let’s have an advisor on conversion measurement and optimization. I cover attribution modeling, performance tracking, and best practices for campaign performance measurement.”

“Let’s now take analytics to a higher level. Need help with ROAS or ROI calculations? Need to know info on measurement, KPIs, formulas, trends, metrics, and analytics? I’m here to help.”

“Let’s now, of course, help write social media ads tailored to your audience. Will need product info, key pain point or benefit, target info, and offer details. And GPT will create 3 ad versions and ideas for images. I wrote this remember!”

“Now I will craft compelling banner ads that drive engagement. Will ask for number of slides, your offer, and whether target is new audiences or retargeting!”

“My alter-ego. Expert in media buying, tracking, and optimization, with a focus on all channels. From strategy to tactics to measurement. I hope my clone GPT provides good info!”

“Let’s now have an assistant who can help with promotional strategies with example offers to help stimulate leads and sales. No matter the industry you are in or your business model, you’ll get good ideas.” 

“Now a bunch of paid search GPTs we built.  First is a strategy one. An expert in optimizing paid search strategies for maximizing ROAS. Ask anything about strategy and tactics, then ask me to expand on topics as needed. Try me, and let’s optimize.”

“Next the ad writer. GPT generates and refines PPC ads based on user feedback. Enter a keyword, an offer, a key benefit or two, and an optional website URL, and you’ll get 6 headlines and 4 ad descriptions!”

“Well if you need help expanding keywords, GPT generates diverse long-tail PPC keywords based on your seed keyword prompt for expanding and optimizing paid search tactics. Are you a company, a vendor, a firm, a software, a product, a solution…get it?”

“Now this GPT gives you one-word negative keyword lists by category for Google Ads. Just prompt a seed keyword or phrase, and we’ll give you some key ideas on what to negative, so you do not waste spend!”

“I’ll need to help you with this one. GPT concatenates keywords in columns and creates keyword phrases based on your input of seed keywords you enter in 2-3 columns. (A-B or A-B-C) in Excel or Sheets. Copy and paste your chart and GPT will ask you about how to concatenate as well as match types.”

“Stop the spreadsheets! GPT will create UTM tracking codes with ease. Just specify URL, Source, Medium, Term, Content, and Campaign. “

“We’re big on tracking media properly, so this GPT will offerguidance on Vanity URLs, Text Keywords, and Discount Codes, for TV, Radio, Print, Mail, or Discount Code Website Forms”

“GA4 is not easy to understand and manage. Well now we have our detailed GA4/GTM assistant for existing users. Helps with tracking events and conversions, plus reporting, and using Google Tag Manager and GA4 together. Ask, clarify, expand, learn.”

“Looker was once Google Data Studio. Learn to use the tool with our Looker Studio Trainer. How do I?  What’s the Best Way to..”

“You know we’d have a social media link share tool. It summarizes articles for Facebook/Instagram with personal touch.”

“AI images anyone?” Expert in creating 1200×628 px and 1080 x 1080 px image ads”

“Let’s now have a strategist for YouTube Video ad types and tailored content. GPT will give direction on ad units, messaging, and reporting. Plus can offer sample scripts for ideation. Still need to produce videos, but the idea seeds can be from here.”

“Ever run LinkedIn message ads? GPT crafts engaging LinkedIn message ads based on your answers to Q&A including target and offer details.”

“Need some thought leadership to share? GPT finds and summarizes diverse articles for social sharing. You pick topics; GPT will ask timeframes and content type. Will include links as well to the articles (spelled out!)”

“OK once you find an article, bring it here to share, and you give tone and style for personalization. Give it a personal touch.”

“Let’s play tag. GPT provides SEO title tags and meta descriptions with user or estimated keywords. Please provide up to 3 keywords and your website URL you would like optimized.”

“Have a new blog or page to optimize? Post or copy your blog or article here, up to 3 keywords, and your main domain URL, and I’ll review your copy for keywords, and provide tag suggestions for SEO.”

And there’s more; see some Custom GPTs for B2B and Content Marketing Needs

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