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Build Content & Messaging with the Power of AI & ChatGPT

Explore Our Suite of Custom GPTs to Grow Your Business

Explore our suite of custom GPTs built on Chat GPT.  Our goal is to utilize these tools as part of our engagement, to build content, and drive leads and sales faster. Then let’s plan a call with Founder and AI Expert Paul Mosenson, and learn to use AI as part of your marketing and lead generation strategy

ChatGPT has become a pivotal tool in crafting compelling and personalized messages for lead generation, capable of producing engaging email introductions, social media outreach, blogs, articles, web pages, content funnels, and ad creation. This capability is especially valuable for cold outreach or making initial contact with potential clients, where ChatGPT’s ability to suggest conversational hooks and tailor messages to the recipient’s industry, role, and preferences significantly boosts the likelihood of engaging them.

At the helm of NuSpark Media Group, marketing expert Paul Mosenson is transforming the landscape of marketing and sales with AI Management Services tailored to meet the dynamic needs of businesses. By focusing on the application of artificial intelligence to amplify brand style and efficacy, NuSpark offers a suite of services including custom ChatGPT solutions for paid users, AI-enhanced lead magnets, SEO-optimized blog content, personalized email copy, and compelling ad copy. Moreover, NuSpark provides a “done for you” service, handling the management and editing of template documents for ChatGPT usage. This service simplifies the process for clients, allowing them to download, customize, and submit forms that NuSpark tailors to their needs before generating content. This approach not only increases conversion rates and online visibility but also positions NuSpark as a leader in digital marketing innovation, all while ensuring clients receive personalized content generation with minimal direct involvement.

A Quick Tour of Our AI Content Writing Tools

A Quick Tour of Our AI Website Content Tools 

General Content Docs needed for the NuSpark Media Group Custom GPTs

Download Examples of Email Styles; All Based on Our AI eBook Lead Generation Promotion.

You’ll See Examples of the Following Custom GPTs We Created to Personalize Your Messaging.

B2B Email Composer (more generic problem-solution), Guilt Writer, Passion Writer, Storyteller Rewrite, Academic Persona, Humorous Persona, Emotional Appeal, Educational Message Writer, Proof Message Wizard

And there’s more; see some Custom GPTs for Ad & Promotion needs.

For Paid Users, a Tour of How the GPT Mentions Work Together.

I Wrote an eBook, and the Video Shows how 8 Custom GPTs are Used

Want to Learn More? Contact Founder Paul Mosenson Today. And Let’s Discuss AI and Strategy

Bonus.  Of Interest; Our Negative Prompt Guide. What to Do When We Disagree with the Prompt Results. Thus, We Present Strategies to Tweak, Update, Clarify, and Start Over. Click Each Image to See a Larger-Size PDF


Remember, the key is to be clear, specific, and constructive in your follow-up prompts to guide the AI toward providing the most helpful and relevant response.



Remember, while it’s important to be assertive when AI tools fail to meet your needs, it’s equally important to maintain a constructive tone. The goal is to guide the AI towards providing the most helpful and relevant response, not to express frustration or anger.



By using these “counter” prompts, you can engage in a more dynamic and productive dialogue with AI tools, encouraging them to provide clearer, more relevant, and more comprehensive responses tailored to your specific needs and objectives.



Remember, while these prompts convey frustration, it’s essential to maintain a balance between assertiveness and constructiveness. The goal is to guide the AI towards providing more satisfactory responses, not to vent anger unproductively.


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