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Lead Magnet Development at Scale, with ChatGPT & AI Platforms for B2B Lead Generation Faster & Better

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AI B2B Lead Magnets

Custom GPTs can provide personalized and interactive marketing content, enhancing B2B lead generation strategies. They simplify complex information, making it easier for businesses to connect with their audience.

Tailored Content

These GPTs allow companies to create content that is directly relevant to their target audience, fostering more meaningful engagement and higher conversion rates.

AI Pipeline Optimization

AI tools provide comprehensive management from the initial click to the final conversion, optimizing each stage of the lead funnel.

Business Growth

The implementation of custom GPTs can lead to improved lead generation, stronger relationships with clients, and overall business growth.

In the dynamic world of B2B marketing, generating high-quality leads is paramount. At NuSpark Media Group, we empower businesses to achieve this goal through innovative AI-powered tools that create tailored lead magnets at scale. Our solution combines cutting-edge technology with strategic insight, enabling businesses to generate content that captivates their audience, nurtures prospects, and drives conversions. With our AI tools, unlock new growth opportunities and elevate your lead generation strategy to new heights.

Our “done for you” service tailors ChatGPT interactions for your needs, optimizing your strategy with AI-driven precision and efficiency. Embrace the future of B2B marketing with NuSpark and ChatGPT, where traditional approaches give way to targeted, AI-enhanced lead generation strategies.

A B2B Lead Generation Workflow We Manage

An example of a workflow based on 1 lead magnet; workflows would be accelerated for more than one, but you can see how lead generation campaigns work with AI assistance using Paul Mosenson’s custom GPTs to assist with the message and sales process. This structured approach combines strategic planning, targeted content creation, digital outreach, and detailed follow-up, all supported by AI tools and automation. It’s designed to enhance engagement with potential leads at various stages of the sales funnel, from initial contact through to closing, ensuring a thorough and data-driven process.

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More About Our Process

General DOCs Needed for the GainForge Custom GPTs for lead magnet and email marketing prompt strategy 

Cold Email Cheat Sheet

Lead Magnet Prompt Submission

Lead Capture Email Cadence for Other B2B

Email Template Submission with Company Info. Needs to be used for email GPTs. 

Lead Capture Email Funnel Plan; Based on Prompt Input Above

Cold Email Funnel Plan; Based on Prompt Input Above

Lead Magnet and Email Custom GPTs from NuSpark Media Group

“Let’s determine your target audience pain points and business challenges. You prompt some key info on your ICP and I’ll give some insight in order to draft promo copy and clues to help you sell. You’ll also receive a sample email and 3 ebook titles based on the pain point selected”

“Now let’s actually determine a number of potential lead magnet titles and themes, as a prelude to developing the white paper.”

“Already know the pain point? Prompt it in this GPT, and we’ll give ebook, email, and ad headlines, plus sample outreach messages.”

“With a finished lead magnet or eBook, and a landing page, this GPT writes search ads based on the magnet, as well as copy for Google’s lead gen asset.”

“An updated version of the above, going into more detail with a matrix. This ChatGPT generates 10 lead magnet topics aligning with pain points. One matrix is eBooks but you can also prompt other magnet ideas”

“This one generates webinar topics and a planning matrix aligned with your goals for lead generation and additional thought leadership”

“OK folks; this one is popular in the GPT store. Based on the topic or the documents submitted above, we’ll write an outline for approval, then start writing each page. We have the power to expand or remove sections. Paul Mosenson’s got this!”

“So why do we have the templates above? To plan funnel cadences based on the lead magnet theme. Yes we’ll upload the sheets above as well as the magnet itself, and we’ll draft 8 persuasive emails with the goal to sign-up, demo, contact.”

“Let’s now plan a cold email funnel; with the goal to download or register for magnets. Hope to come up with 8 compelling emails and subject lines.”

“Let’s now have AI build a landing page; with compelling messaging; to encourage prospects to give up their email for the magnet. Upload your white paper guide as well.”

“A robust GPT that starts with pain point charts for your targets, then solution charts based on your firm, then offers sample problem-solution email.”

“Let’s get some really persuasive emails written. It’s advanced, as we’re going to make the message very specific to the prospect needs. You’ll receive 3 subject lines and 2 email options.”

“Now let’s do subject lines. In fact, based on input or submitting the docs above, you’ll receive 10 subject lines”

“If we’re not using the templates above, this GPT will help prepare email themes and topics based on prospect title, industry, pains. You’ll see.”

“My first email GPT; more of a basic one; Just give some prompts and you’ll get a good solid message.”

“Let’s do one more “copy and paste” email; taking a message, removing spam words, and improve deliverability.”

“Educating audiences and building trust is important for industrial targets as well.  Let’s plan lead gen guides”

“Now let’s write the guides, including promotional info on your company. Starts with an outline. I got this.”

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A Real-World Example of Lead Magnet-To-Follow-Up Cadence with AI, as Managed by Paul Mosenson

For our client, Nimble-Leader, a local management consultancy focused on profit maximization, I used my AI tools combined with my message crafting to build this compelling “Problem-solution” eBook targeting CEOs at Manufacturers. Click the image to see the eBook.

Below that are two screen shots of cold email examples promoting the eBook, then below that, the “after download” cadence, with two examples of “problem-solution” reminders, with a CTA for a direct appointment with the Nimble-Leader founder. 

Just a sampling of the power of AI, and what we can manage for you, to generate leads faster, and more qualified.

Case Study: Enhancing CFO Engagement and AP Automation in Manufacturing with AI


In the manufacturing sector, CFOs often face the challenge of managing complex accounts payable (AP) processes that are rife with inefficiencies, prone to errors, and susceptible to fraud. Recognizing the need to streamline operations, educate CFOs on the benefits of AP automation, and ultimately improve their bottom line, a leading AP automation software company, Centreviews (based in Minnesota), enlisted the expertise of NuSpark Media Group, led by Paul Mosenson. The goal was to target CFOs in the manufacturing industry, showcasing how AP automation could address their pain points through targeted digital marketing and strategic follow-ups.

Client Problem

CFOs in the manufacturing sector struggled with manual AP processes that were inefficient, error-prone, and lacked transparency. This not only hampered their ability to manage cash flow effectively but also exposed them to regulatory non-compliance and fraud risks. The AP automation software company aimed to educate CFOs on overcoming these challenges with their solution but needed a strategy to reach and effectively communicate with this specific audience.

Company Solution Process

Under Paul Mosenson’s leadership, NuSpark Media Group devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that incorporated AI tools for lead magnet development and utilized custom ChatGPTs for managing email follow-ups and sales messaging. The process involved:

  • Targeted Content Creation: Developing an informative eBook tailored for CFOs in the manufacturing industry. This eBook outlined common AP challenges and detailed how AP automation could address these issues, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance.
  • Lead Magnet Promotion: Utilizing AI-driven tools to identify and target CFOs in the manufacturing sector through LinkedIn advertising and PPC campaigns. The lead magnet served as an educational tool to generate interest and capture leads.
  • ChatGPT-Powered Follow-Ups: Deploying custom ChatGPTs developed by NuSpark and managed by Paul Mosenson to engage leads through personalized email follow-ups. These AI-driven messages provided further education on AP automation, answered common questions, and encouraged prospects to schedule a demo.
  • Sales Messaging Optimization: Continuously refining the AI model based on engagement data to improve the relevancy and effectiveness of sales messages, ensuring that communications were tailored to address the specific needs and concerns of CFOs in manufacturing.


The targeted approach, coupled with the use of advanced AI and ChatGPT technologies, yielded significant results:

  • Increased Lead Engagement: The campaign saw a 70% increase in engagement from CFOs in the manufacturing sector, with high open rates for emails and a substantial uptick in eBook downloads.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: The personalized follow-up strategy led to a 40% increase in demo requests, indicating a strong interest in AP automation solutions among the target audience.
  • ROI Improvement: The comprehensive digital marketing strategy and use of AI for optimization resulted in a 150% return on investment, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeting CFOs with tailored content and follow-ups.

Under the strategic guidance of Paul Mosenson and leveraging AI technology, Centreviews successfully engaged CFOs in the manufacturing industry, educating them on the value of automation and driving significant interest in their solution. This case study exemplifies the power of targeted digital marketing combined with AI-enhanced follow-ups to reach key decision-makers and influence their technology adoption decisions.

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