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As part of any client engagement, founder Paul Mosenson will manage any or all aspects of AI; Below are sample workflows

Introducing GainForge, our all-encompassing AI lead generation/customer acquisition suite of tools and workflows, designed to work together to drive business growth, for both B2B and B2C.

NuSpark Media Group, led by Paul Mosenson, specializes in leveraging Custom GPTs to enhance digital marketing strategies, ensuring AI integration aligns with business goals. Mosenson’s approach involves direct involvement in teaching and guiding teams to utilize AI effectively, and managing his suite of 100 GPTs himself as a “done-for-you” approach, offering comprehensive support or specific services tailored to client needs. This initiative aims to transform advanced technology into a crucial component of marketing efforts, promising tangible business outcomes through strategic expertise and technical skills.

Paul Mosenson integrates AI into content marketing and lead generation campaigns through a structured workflow management approach as part of his Fractional CMO services. This strategy optimizes AI applications for enhanced marketing outcomes, focusing on aligning AI capabilities with specific business goals.

Below are 15 sample workflows based on many of the named custom GPTs Paul built on the ChatGPT platform. 

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