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Marketing/Media Calculators

CPM Calculator

Cost per thousand (CPM), also called cost per mille, measures the price of receiving 1,000 advertisement impressions. A lower CPM is indicative of a good and optimized marketing campaign. CPM represents one of several methods used to price web ads.

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CPC Calculator

Cost-per-click (CPC) measures the amount of money you pay when a potential customer clicks your ad. CPC is an important metric for assessing ad bidding strategies and adjusting your advertising spend. 

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CTR Calculator

Clickthrough rate (CTR) is the percentage of people who click your ads, emails, pages, or other marketing assets after seeing them. CTR is often used to gauge the effectiveness of a marketing asset. The higher your CTR, the better.

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Conversion Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to easily calculate the conversion rate or event rate of a given process: marketing or sales conversions, conversion of visitors to customers, and other types of website conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Calculator

Calculators to Determine Impressions

This is the working calculator.  Enter your numbers here.

Ad Impressions Calculator

This calculator doesn’t function. Purely instructional. Users enter CPM and Budget in the working calculator only.

Ad Impressions Calculator
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Media Performance Conversion Attribution Calculator

How to Use the Cost Per Conversion Calculator

Begin your calculation by entering the necessary details of your campaign in the “Campaign” and “Media” fields. Following this, input the respective values in the “View Conversions” and “View Conversion Value” fields to get the Weighted View Conversions. Do the same for “Assisted Click Conversions” and “Assisted Click Conversion Value” fields as well as for “Last Click Conversions” and “Last Click Conversion Value” fields to get the weighted assisted and last-click conversions respectively.

Proceed to enter the “Media Cost” to facilitate the calculation of the total and individual weighted conversions. Once all required fields are filled, click “Calculate Metric” to obtain the Total Weighted Conversions and the Cost Per Weighted Conversion values. The calculated metrics will appear below the button in bold text, showcasing the cost-efficiency of your campaign

This is how we combine conversion values based on attribution models to determine the true cost-per-conversion for media channels and campaigns.

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