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3 Reasons Why B2B Manufacturers Should Prioritize Content Marketing

Manufacturers are experiencing a dramatic shift in the way they reach out to and maintain relationships with prospective clients. Digital marketing is becoming more effective than traditional alternatives. With consumer behavior evolving due to the influence of technology and the latest digital trends, B2B manufacturers are scrambling to catch up.

Content marketing is the next frontier for manufacturer marketing, and there are three major reasons for this.

Why B2B Manufacturers Need Content Marketing

CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council presented new research that highlighted the importance of early intervention in the buying process. Before the actual purchase, business buyers carry out research and narrow down their options. Therefore, manufacturers need to have such a strong digital presence that customers have them in mind from the word go.

Content marketing is the solution because:

  1. In-person trust-building has been replaced by search engines

A while ago, all manufacturers needed was a tradeshow or site demo to get things going. There they would display their products, meet prospective buyers and seal the deal with a firm handshake. Times have changed.

To meet prospective buyers, manufacturers have to be visible online. A fool-proof Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is needed for this purpose. Content that is well written and optimized for the target audience does the trick as far as brand visibility is concerned.

  1. Customers are more focused on the solution than the sale

Manufacturing customers have one purpose when they begin the search for a supplier – to collect information that will inform their purchase. This is why most purchases today begin with an online search. It has been proven that customers actually complete 57% of the purchase process before contacting the supplier.

With customers who are thirsty for information, manufacturers have no choice but to provide relevant content that answers their questions and provides clear solutions. Products must be marketed as a solution to customers’ needs and content creation is a great way of doing this.

  1. Marketing and sales no longer have a linear relationship

Marketing efforts in the digital era do not always translate to a corresponding amount of sales. Customers have changed how they make purchasing decisions – a majority do not follow the traditional pattern of seeing an ad, expressing interest and engaging with the sales department for more information. Instead, they empower themselves with information from Google before approaching the manufacturer.

With so many clients getting to know you before you have an opportunity to pitch a sale, its is best to appeal to their mindset using data driven content. This is content that is written with the buyer’s mindset and personalized to suit their needs.

In short, content marketing has these benefits for B2B manufacturers:

  • Presents relevant information about their products and services
  • Helps gain buyers’ trust by guiding them through the process
  • Increases brand visibility and ensures they remain memorable in the minds of potential buyers
  • Keeps them competitive in the face of DIY inventions and other technological disruption

How B2B Manufacturers Can Use Content Marketing to Boost Revenue

There is one basic rule of content creation which is; to create content that is relevant to your target audience. Manufacturers can use content in the following ways to connect with potential buyers and eventually boost their revenue:

  • Blog posts – use this avenue to provide educational content that breaks down complex concepts and gives your audience useful insights.

Content on blog posts must use SEO to reach the target audience. It must anticipate and answer all questions that readers have. It must also lead the readers to view manufacturers’ products as the solution to the problem they are trying to solve.

  • Ebooks – these give a more in-depth view of topics related to your products. They are relevant for manufacturers dealing in products whose use requires some instruction.
  • Buyer’s guides – use these to earn the trust of potential customers by giving them a step-by-step guide that helps them make the right choice
  • Product videos – videos account for more online traffic than text does. Manufacturers dealing with complex processes and intricate designs should take advantage of this channel to illustrate how their products work.
  • Brochures – these give you an opportunity to explain how you deliver your capabilities. Detailed brochures organized in a way that is quick to access and easy to navigate are a great way to reach potential buyers.

Key Takeaway

Digital marketing has never been manufacturers’ strong suit. However. With technology influencing consumer behavior and changing the sales path, there is no alternative but to diversify their methods of reaching potential buyers.

Content marketing not only increases brand visibility but also works as a tool to inform buyers and gain their trust. When personalized for a specific audience, it has the effect of meeting consumer needs and increasing sales. Therefore, it is essential for B2B manufacturers to include content marketing in their business strategy.

analysis not only saves costs but also increases sales in the long term.