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Unlock the Power of Custom GPTs for Your Business

Our Suite of Make Me Click Custom GPTs gives us some ideation on messaging and ad copy, and conversion optimization tips by business category, whether you are B2B or B2C.  These are additional tools using AI that can contribute to growth and ROI.

Explore our suite of custom GPTs built on Chat GPT.  Our goal is to utilize these tools as part of our engagement, to build content, and drive leads and sales faster. Then let’s plan a call with Founder and AI Expert Paul Mosenson, and learn to use AI as part of your marketing and lead generation strategy

“For B2C, this GPT is a good starting point for research when it comes to educational guide ideas. It’s a matrix maker to plan educational guides for lead capture, showcasing various themes based on your prompt.”

“This one is similar to above, except the CTA is an offer or promotion that GPT will create only as a sample for ideation. This GPT is ideal for any B2C firm looking to learn more about consumer targets and messages that make them click!”

This B2B GPT we created can be a good starting point to ideate messaging that increases clicks and conversions. Sets the stage for lead generation research.

It’s a matrix maker covering target pain points, ad headlines to make targets click, and sample ebook titles for planning. 15 at a time!”

“Our latest combines click AND conversion strategy ideas for any business both B2B and B2C. Just prompt industry or consumer target, your products or solutions, and let’s get started making prospects click and convert. Samples below!”

“Here’s a bonus Custom GPT; Make Me Like! Generates a B2C Social Media Content Strategy Matrix in 4-column form; 13 themes, with rationale, headlines. Ideation.”

“One more bonus- Make Me Like B2B posts.  Generates a B2B Social Media Content Strategy Matrix; 13 themes, with rationale, headlines. Then ask for more, or go deeper into a theme.”

Make Me Click & Convert. eCommerce

This matrix provides a structured approach for e-commerce businesses to strategize their online marketing efforts, focusing on driving clicks through engaging content and converting visitors into customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Make Me Click & Convert, B2C Retail

This matrix caters to B2C retail strategies aiming to captivate through creative advertising and convert visitors into leads or customers via an optimized landing page experience, particularly emphasizing the importance of an engaging, user-friendly web form.

Make Me Click & Convert. Higher Education

This matrix is designed to cater to higher education institutions’ strategies for drawing prospective students through engaging ads and converting their interest into actions—such as inquiries, applications, or event registrations—on landing pages equipped with web forms.

Make Me Click & Convert. SaaS/Software

This matrix is crafted to help software or SaaS firms strategically design their advertising and landing page experiences to not only attract clicks through compelling ads but also to convert these clicks into leads or customers by optimizing the form submission process on landing pages.

Make Me Click & Convert. B2B with Lead Magnets

This matrix is designed to help B2B companies effectively advertise their lead magnets to generate interest and clicks, and then convert this interest into leads by optimizing the web form experience on their landing pages.

Make Me Click & Convert. Insurance

This matrix aims to guide insurance companies in creating targeted ads that effectively drive potential customers to click through to a landing page, where a well-designed web form experience can convert them into leads or policy applicants.

Make Them Click & Convert: HCP

This matrix is designed to help pharmaceutical manufacturers effectively communicate with HCPs through targeted digital advertising, driving them to a landing page that converts interest into actions such as learning more about a drug, requesting samples, or accessing detailed clinical data.

Make Them Click: DTC

This matrix is tailored to help pharmaceutical manufacturers communicate effectively with consumers who have specific health conditions, driving them from interest piqued by empathetic and informative advertising to taking action on a landing page designed to convert interest into inquiries or further engagement.

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