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Explore NuSpark’s many B2C case studies that reflect his results after engaging with clients.

Ecommerce Client Increases Transactions Near 70% and ROAS Up Significantly.

Category: Ecommerce

Product: Halitosis/Bad Breath Treatment


ProFresh, a leading manufacturer of halitosis treatments, was faced with a dual dilemma of a lack of online sales and low product awareness. Despite having a potentially massive online market, their existing e-commerce strategy was failing to drive conversions and deliver the desired ROI. This situation was affecting their bottom line and preventing them from reaching their target customers effectively.


Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Consulting stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution. Understanding the core problems faced by ProFresh, Mosenson outlined a strategic media plan that focused on leveraging a mix of online advertising tools. The plan was designed to raise product awareness, increase conversions, and deliver a superior ROI.

  • Google Paid Search Campaign Revamp: Recognizing that the previous Google ads were not capturing the target audience, the NuSpark team developed a new set of targeted ads, focusing on the pain points of halitosis sufferers and the unique selling propositions of ProFresh’s product.
  • Google Shopping Listings: Mosenson and his team optimized ProFresh’s Google Shopping listings, ensuring the product would appear in relevant searches. The listings highlighted the benefits and competitive pricing of ProFresh’s halitosis treatment.
  • Facebook Ads: Capitalizing on the platform’s robust targeting capabilities, the team created Facebook ad campaigns to reach potential customers based on their interests and behaviors.
  • Online Display and Native Advertising: NuSpark Consulting created compelling display ads and sponsored content placed on relevant websites and blogs. This strategy increased visibility among potential customers, driving interest and leading to conversions.
  • Retargeting: To capture interested visitors who did not convert on their first visit, a retargeting campaign was implemented. These ads reminded potential customers about the ProFresh product, leading them back to the site to complete their purchase.

This media plan was a cost-effective solution as it used a multi-pronged approach to reach potential customers wherever they might be online. Mosenson’s strategic and tactical expertise were instrumental in developing and executing this plan, focusing on results-driven actions.


This revamped strategy resulted in a significant increase in online sales and brand awareness for ProFresh:

  • Increased Sales: In the first quarter following the implementation of the new strategy, ProFresh saw a 70% increase in online sales compared to the previous period.
  • Improved Conversion Rate: The conversion rate improved by 45% as a result of the targeted Google and Facebook ads, effective retargeting, and compelling native advertising.
  • Boosted ROI: The return on ad spend (ROAS) was dramatically improved. Prior to the NuSpark campaign, ProFresh was seeing a 1.5x ROAS, which jumped to an impressive 4.2x after the strategy was implemented.

This case demonstrates how Paul Mosenson’s nuanced approach, balancing both strategic and tactical aspects, can create cost-effective marketing solutions. His expertise in  B2C media buying, coupled with a focus on analytics and results, enabled ProFresh to overcome their sales and awareness challenges, leading to a dramatic increase in ROI and product recognition.

Robust TV, Radio, and Digital Media Program Results in 40% Increase of Enrollment for University

Category: Education

Product: Philadelphia-based University


In the early 2010s, Holy Family University in Philadelphia was facing a significant problem with many of their programs underperforming due to lack of student occupancy. This was a problem that affected both graduate and undergraduate programs. Enrollment numbers were down, and with fewer students, the University was unable to fully utilize its vast resources. The university recognized a need for a robust marketing strategy to attract students and fill its programs.


Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Consulting was brought in to revamp the marketing strategy in 2014. Leveraging his expertise as a Fractional CMO and a results-focused Marketing Consultant, Paul designed a comprehensive, targeted, and cost-effective media buy strategy. He employed a multi-faceted approach that included:

  • Redesigning Google paid search campaigns to attract potential students actively seeking education opportunities.
  • Geofencing high schools to serve targeted ads to potential undergraduate students in their areas of interest.
  • Utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for targeted ads aimed at both graduate and undergraduate prospects.
  • Deploying online display, native advertising, and retargeting to keep Holy Family University on top of prospects’ minds.
  • Leveraging Direct Response TV, OTT, streaming radio, and online radio to reach a broader audience.
  • Implementing robust tracking measures including vanity URLs, text messaging, and dedicated phone numbers to accurately measure campaign effectiveness.


The strategic and tactical approach undertaken by Paul brought forth considerable positive change. Here are some key results:

  • The Google paid search campaign redesign resulted in a 45% increase in click-through rates and a 30% boost in conversions, leading to a significant uptick in student inquiries and applications.
  • Geofencing high schools led to a 35% increase in undergraduate inquiries within the geofenced areas, signifying a more focused interest from potential students.
  • The comprehensive social media campaign saw a 40% rise in engagement rates and a 20% increase in completed applications from targeted prospects.
  • Retargeting efforts on display and native advertising platforms increased overall brand visibility by 60% and boosted online inquiries by 25%.
  • The usage of Direct Response TV, OTT, streaming radio, and online radio resulted in a 15% increase in awareness among potential students outside the traditional digital platforms.
  • The robust tracking measures implemented enabled the University to fine-tune their campaigns, resulting in an overall decrease in cost per acquisition by 30%.
  • By the end of 2020, Paul’s strategic media plans had successfully increased online enrollment by 40% and overall awareness of Holy Family University’s programs by 60%. This signified a substantial recovery from the earlier underperformance and positioned the university as a competitive option for both graduate and undergraduate students.

This case study showcases Paul Mosenson’s strategic and tactical prowess in delivering results that drive growth and success. His ability to leverage various digital platforms in a cohesive, targeted, and cost-effective manner made a significant difference in reversing the underperformance of Holy Family University’s programs.

Local Retailer Goes National with eCommerce Store and Increases Sales 80% and ROI 250%

Category: Retail/ Ecommerce

Product: Local Philadelphia Jewelry Store with National ecommerce website


In 2016, Unclaimed Diamonds (UCD), a no-credit diamond seller with an online store, faced a significant hurdle. Despite their quality products and unique value proposition, their brand wasn’t well-known beyond their local sphere. Their existing Google paid search campaign was underperforming, leading to low site traffic and unsatisfactory sales conversion. The goal was to take UCD nationally and improve online sales from a broader audience. However, the current marketing strategy was neither scalable nor efficient enough to achieve this aim.


NuSpark Consulting, led by the astute Paul Mosenson, stepped in to reinvent UCD’s marketing strategy. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive, multi-channel approach, Paul drew on his extensive experience in B2C media buying to devise a plan that would bring UCD to the national stage.

  • Google Paid Search Campaign: Paul revamped the existing Google paid search campaign, focusing on keyword optimization and refined targeting to reach potential customers nationally.
  • Social Media Advertising: NuSpark launched a series of targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram. With Paul’s deep understanding of audience analytics, the ads were able to tap into demographics most likely to convert.
  • Retargeting: Paul implemented a retargeting strategy to engage visitors who didn’t convert during their initial site visit, utilizing both Google and social media platforms to maintain brand visibility.
  • Direct Response TV Campaign: A large-scale TV campaign was executed in collaboration with EffecTV and Spectrum Reach Cable Systems. By buying airtime in strategic slots and markets, Paul ensured that UCD’s message was effectively broadcasted, striking a balance between cost and reach.


The strategic and tactical approach adopted by Paul Mosenson yielded impressive results.

  • The revamped Google paid search campaign resulted in a 65% increase in site traffic within the first six months. This lead to a 30% increase in online sales compared to the previous year.
  • The Facebook and Instagram ads strategy, influenced by NuSpark’s analytical expertise, resulted in a click-through rate (CTR) increase of 40% and a 50% increase in online sales generated from these platforms.
  • Retargeting efforts boosted conversion rates by an additional 25%, ensuring that UCD retained potential customers and increased brand stickiness.
  • The strategic media buy for the direct response TV campaign reached an estimated 10 million households, leading to a 70% increase in brand awareness. The TV campaign alone was responsible for a 45% increase in online sales nationally.
  • In total, the comprehensive strategy yielded a significant ROI of 250% over the 2016-2017 period. The conversion rate improved by 33%, and online sales saw a substantial increase of 80%, thereby successfully taking the Unclaimed Diamonds brand national.

Under Paul Mosenson’s guidance, NuSpark Consulting effectively navigated the complex media landscape, delivering a cost-effective, results-oriented solution for Unclaimed Diamonds. This case showcases the power of strategic planning and tactical execution in digital marketing, affirming Paul’s reputation for producing measurable results.

Local Bank Inceases 37% in Online Conversions and 25% Increase in New Accounts

Category: Financial Services

Product: Banking Products


WSFS Bank, a reputable financial institution, faced a considerable challenge regarding its new product offerings. Despite the valuable features and benefits of these products designed to cater to their diverse customer base, they were struggling to create the necessary awareness. This lack of visibility led to a stagnation in personal and business account growth, and a notable drop in website conversions. Simply put, the market seemed unaware of the innovative financial solutions WSFS Bank was offering.


In the face of this challenge, WSFS Bank turned to the expertise of Paul Mosenson and NuSpark Consulting, known for their prowess in B2B lead generation and B2C media buying. NuSpark proposed a comprehensive marketing campaign, encompassing television, radio, and digital channels.

The strategic approach included:

  • Utilizing the broad reach of TV and radio to instigate widespread awareness. Commercials were carefully crafted to highlight the unique selling points of the new products, emphasizing their potential to resolve everyday financial challenges.
  • In the digital space, the campaign focused on precise targeting, reaching prospective customers via social media, search engine marketing, and programmatic display advertising.
  • Content marketing and SEO strategies were employed to improve the organic reach and searchability of the bank’s products.


This robust multi-channel campaign generated impressive results within a few months:

  • Website conversions saw a substantial growth, with an increase of 37% compared to the pre-campaign period. This validated the success of the digital targeting strategies and the power of compelling content.
  • New personal accounts increased by 25%, indicating a successful connection with individual consumers.
  • The impact was even more substantial on the business side, with a 42% growth in new business accounts, demonstrating that the campaign effectively reached and resonated with corporate decision-makers.
  • Overall, the campaign successfully reached a broad audience and conveyed the value proposition of WSFS Bank’s new products. The improved website conversions and the increase in new personal and business accounts signified a more significant market penetration. It also provided the momentum needed for the bank to continue growing its customer base.

This case highlights how Paul Mosenson’s strategic and tactical approach leads to meaningful results. By understanding the client’s problem and employing a blend of traditional and digital marketing channels, Mosenson and his NuSpark Consulting team were able to increase product awareness and positively influence the bank’s bottom line.

Consumer Goods Company increases conversion rate 28% and In-store growth rate 22%

Category: Financial Services

Product: Banking Products


Lasko Products, a reputable manufacturer in the fans and air purifiers market, was confronting a challenging sales decline against competitors. Despite the high quality of their products, both online and in-store sales were waning, indicating a need for a tactical shift in their marketing strategy.


To address this, Lasko engaged Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Consulting. Known for his strategic and tactical approach to B2C media buying, Paul crafted a robust multi-channel media plan focusing on TV, radio, and digital channels. The strategy emphasized not only the strategic media buy but also the development of a compelling brand message.

  • TV and Radio: Paul created a strong narrative highlighting Lasko’s unique product benefits and differentiation from the competition. This engaging message was broadcast through strategically selected slots with the highest anticipated audience reach.
  • Digital Channels: Through strategic media buying on key digital platforms and the use of targeted ads, Paul aimed to increase Lasko’s online visibility and traffic to their eCommerce platform. The digital messaging was tailored to resonate with online consumers and drive conversion.
  • Media Buying: Paul’s media buying strategy prioritized outlets and slots that would provide maximum exposure to the target audience, with a keen focus on cost-effectiveness. The media plan also adjusted to peak shopping times and trends to reach potential customers when they were most likely to buy.


Paul’s comprehensive media strategy led to a dramatic uplift in Lasko’s sales performance.

  • The eCommerce conversion rates rose significantly, with a 28% increase within the first quarter. This improvement demonstrated that the strategic media buying, coupled with compelling messaging, was successful in attracting high-intent customers to the platform.
  • In-store sales saw an equally robust response, with a notable 22% growth rate over the same period. The engaging TV and radio narratives successfully drove foot traffic to the stores and boosted purchase rates.
  • Collectively, Lasko’s total sales experienced an impressive surge of 26% compared to the previous year, confirming the positive impact of the tactical media strategy crafted by Paul.

This case study serves as a testament to the power of Paul Mosenson’s strategic and tactical approach, showcasing how an effective media plan and powerful messaging can turn around sales performance and boost a brand’s market position.

Regional Tourism Bureau Grows Local Revenue Significantly with a Robust Media Plan

Category: Tourism

Product: Wimington DE/New Castle County


The Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau (GWCVB) was facing a challenge. Despite its wealth of cultural attractions, historical landmarks, scenic parks, and top-notch dining and accommodation options, the city was not attracting a satisfactory number of visitors from Mid-Atlantic states. Local hotels, restaurants, and attractions were only moderately busy, and the city was missing out on potential tourism revenue. Furthermore, the GWCVB recognized a significant opportunity in attracting group tours, but lacked the necessary strategy and promotional prowess to effectively reach and convince these groups.


Enter Paul Mosenson and the team at NuSpark Consulting. With an expertise in B2C media buying and a strategic approach rooted in analytics and results, they identified an opportunity to invigorate GWCVB’s promotional efforts with a robust, multi-channel marketing strategy.

The solution hinged on an intelligent media buy across TV, radio, direct mail, and outdoor advertising, all targeted at potential visitors in the Mid-Atlantic states. The team developed compelling messages that highlighted Wilmington’s unique attractions, unrivaled hospitality, and convenience as a travel destination. Recognizing the importance of strategic timing and geographic placement, they scheduled ads during high-traffic periods and in prime locations, reaching consumers when they were most likely to be planning trips.

Furthermore, a special focus was put on promoting Wilmington as a premier destination for group tours. This included customizing messaging to appeal to tour operators and making direct mail pitches that showcased the variety and appeal of Wilmington’s group-friendly attractions.


  • The results of this strategic and tactical marketing intervention were impressive. Within six months, local attraction visitor numbers had increased by 25%, thanks to the boosted visibility from the robust media buy and compelling messaging.
  • This influx of visitors was not merely passing through. Hotel occupancy rates saw a marked improvement, rising by 18% year-over-year, due to the increased interest among Mid-Atlantic consumers. In real terms, this brought an additional $1.2 million in revenue to local hotels, a remarkable uptick that buoyed the local economy.
  • Restaurants too saw a surge in footfall, with a 15% rise in covers attributable to out-of-town visitors, further underlining the success of the campaign.

Finally, the efforts to attract group tours paid off. By year’s end, there was a 30% increase in bookings of group tours, a victory that demonstrated the efficacy of the targeted marketing approach and underscored the draw of Wilmington’s many attractions.

The turnaround in Greater Wilmington’s tourism fortunes stands as testament to the power of strategic media buying and carefully crafted messaging. Paul Mosenson’s expertise and strategic acumen played a key role in this success, proving that with the right approach, even a city previously overlooked can become a thriving tourism hub.

Manufacturer of Dietary Supplements Grows Online Sales Near 40%

Category: Dietary Supplements

Product: Female and Male Adaptogen Supplements


Lean Factor, a dietary supplement manufacturer, was confronted with a critical challenge. Their products, EmpowHER for women and Peak Male for men, both incorporated adaptogen herbs – botanicals known for their potential health benefits but unfamiliar to many potential customers. This lack of awareness was a significant hurdle, contributing to stagnant online sales and insufficient customer knowledge about the unique advantages of these ingredients.


To address these challenges, Lean Factor engaged the expertise of Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Consulting. Recognizing the necessity of customer education about adaptogen herbs and their benefits, NuSpark crafted an informative eBook to use as a lead generation tool. This eBook was aggressively promoted on Facebook, targeting demographics that matched Lean Factor’s customer personas.

But the digital strategy didn’t stop at lead generation. As the leads poured in, NuSpark employed a strong email marketing campaign to nurture these potential customers, providing them with valuable content and persuasive calls to action to encourage product trials and purchases.

Simultaneously, an intelligent and cost-effective media buying strategy was implemented. Direct response cable TV spots and remnant radio were used to expand the reach of Lean Factor’s message. By leveraging these platforms’ strengths, NuSpark was able to achieve wide exposure at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels. Each campaign was meticulously tracked for performance, measuring ecommerce sales and return on investment.


The strategic and tactical efforts spearheaded by Paul Mosenson and the NuSpark team led to a transformational impact on Lean Factor’s business.

  • The Facebook eBook promotion generated an impressive 45% uptick in leads. The subsequent email campaign was instrumental in converting these leads into customers, leading to a 60% increase in new customer acquisition from this channel alone.
  • The media buying approach on direct response cable TV and remnant radio significantly broadened Lean Factor’s reach. For every dollar spent on these platforms, Lean Factor realized an impressive $1.70 return, marking a substantial 70% ROI.
  • These coordinated efforts positively impacted ecommerce conversion rates for both EmpowHER and Peak Male. There was a substantial increase, with EmpowHER seeing a 28% growth and Peak Male seeing a 33% rise in conversion rates. Consequently, online sales soared, with a 40% growth compared to previous figures.

In conclusion, Paul Mosenson’s strategic vision and tactical execution enabled Lean Factor to overcome their challenges and reap significant benefits. The combination of customer education, a comprehensive digital strategy, and a cost-effective media buying approach led to enhanced brand awareness, improved conversion rates, and an enviable ROI. It is clear that a well-planned and well-executed marketing strategy can deliver significant results, as evidenced by Lean Factor’s success story.

Weight Loss Franchise Grows Revenue 30% and Every Year Paul Managed

Category: Health & Wellness

Product:  Weight Loss Centers


In Upstate New York, Nutrisystem was grappling with a sustained period of stagnancy in lead generation and revenue. The local centers had been facing a significant downturn in business, with a lack of customer engagement and new leads, which was concerning for a brand renowned for its powerful marketing. This downtrend persisted for a year, casting a shadow on the overall performance of Nutrisystem in the region.


In response to this predicament, Paul Mosenson, a results-oriented marketing consultant, took on the challenge. His solution was a carefully constructed marketing strategy that included:

  • Strategic Offers: Paul developed exclusive offers tailored to the local market’s preferences and needs, which created a compelling incentive for customers.
  • Testimonial Radio by DJs: Paul brought credibility and authenticity to Nutrisystem’s promotional efforts by incorporating real testimonials from DJs on popular local radio stations. This move tapped into the trust the community placed in these DJs, creating a genuine connection with potential clients.
  • Cost-Effective Direct Response TV Buy: Paul used his analytics-driven approach to strategically plan and execute a cost-efficient media buy. By targeting prime viewing slots and channels that aligned with the Nutrisystem target demographic, Paul ensured maximum reach and impact with a keen eye on cost-effectiveness.


Paul’s strategic and tactical approach to the problem delivered robust results:

  • Store Traffic: Within the first quarter of implementation, Nutrisystem stores in Upstate New York witnessed a notable 35% increase in foot traffic, which was maintained throughout the year. This represented a significant reversal of the previous declining trend.
  • Lead Generation: There was a substantial 40% surge in leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of the new marketing tactics in stimulating interest in Nutrisystem’s offerings.
  • Sales Growth: Revenue saw a 30% rise in the first year alone, with this growth sustained and even improved upon in the subsequent years.
  • ROI: The cost-efficient media buy strategy led to a 50% increase in ROI from previous years, proving the value of the investment.

In conclusion, Paul Mosenson’s strategic intervention transformed a period of decline into a significant growth opportunity. His attention to detail, creative solutions, and analytical mindset facilitated a marketing campaign that not only enhanced brand visibility but also significantly boosted revenue for Nutrisystem in Upstate New York.

Auto Insurance Firm Sees 25% Increase in Sales One Year After Paul Began Managing Media

Category: Insurance

Product:  Auto Insurance


Good2Go Auto Insurance, a reputable provider in the insurance market, faced two significant challenges: diminished market awareness and an unsatisfactory number of online conversions, which were specifically quotes and applications. These issues resulted in underwhelming sales and ROI, a scenario that was neither sustainable nor acceptable for a competitive player in the industry.


Leveraging his deep understanding of B2C direct response media buying, Paul Mosenson came on board along with a creative team to steer a robust solution. The approach combined cost-effective media buying with a strategic plan designed to yield high conversions.

  • Direct Response TV Buy: The first facet of the solution was an effective and cost-efficient direct response TV campaign. By zeroing in on the prime times and channels that resonated with the target demographic, Mosenson planned and executed a compelling TV buy that brought the brand to the fore of potential customers’ minds.
  • Google Paid Search: Recognizing the power of search engine marketing, Mosenson implemented a well-crafted Google paid search strategy. By using targeted keywords that potential customers were likely to search for, the campaign enhanced Good2Go’s visibility and pushed it ahead of competitors.
  • Facebook and Retargeting: Lastly, Mosenson tapped into the immense audience on Facebook, setting up ads tailored to appeal to potential clients. Additionally, a retargeting campaign was put in place to reach out to individuals who had previously shown interest, effectively maximizing the potential for conversion.


The result of this strategic media plan was nothing short of impressive:

Increased Online Conversions: The blend of these strategies led to a whopping 35% increase in online quotes and applications in just the first quarter of the campaign, and the trend only continued to improve.

Substantial Uplift in Sales: The spike in online conversions translated into increased sales. Good2Go Auto Insurance saw a significant 25% uplift in sales as compared to the same period in the previous year.

Boosted ROI: Perhaps most notably, the calculated and strategic approach of the media plan ensured an optimized cost-to-return ratio. The Return on Investment (ROI) saw a dramatic jump of 45%.

The marked results of this media plan are a testament to Mosenson’s tactical planning and execution. By precisely identifying the most effective platforms and tailoring the message for each, Mosenson ensured that Good2Go Auto Insurance got the best value for every dollar spent on the campaign. This is the kind of strategic acumen and results-oriented approach that Mosenson consistently brings to his work, providing value for clients in any industry.



Over 300 Website Leads Generated on Home Health Website

Category: Business-to-Consumer Service

Product: Philadelphia-based Home Heath/Caregiver Service

Lack of awareness of the company’s services in Philadelphia, especially with private pay audiences. In addition, there was no goal conversion tracking setup.  Paul was hired to set up tracking and manage the lead generation program.

Very specific Google Ad campaigns were set up, targeting seniors as well as adult children, with targeted keywords and ads for each segment

  • Facebook audiences were developed based on a variety of age, interest, and income segments
  • Native advertising was implemented to increase awareness in a compelling fashion.
  • Besides contact form conversions, email submissions and website phone calls were also tracked to understand how prospects engage with the client

Covering  November 2018-March 2019

300 website engagements occurred (leads, emails, and calls) significantly overachieving client expectations

Local Bathroom Remodeling Firm Increases Sales 40%

Category: Local Home Service

Product: Philadelphia-based Bathroom Remodeling Service.


Re-Bath, a leader in bathroom remodeling services, was facing stagnation in sales growth. Despite having a strong product offering, they were struggling to effectively reach and engage their target audience. The primary challenges included:

  • Low visibility in digital media.
  • Inadequate engagement in local markets.
  • Difficulty in reaching potential customers at different stages of the buying process.


NuSpark Media Group devised a multi-faceted media strategy to address these challenges, focusing on four key areas:

  1. Paid Search: Targeted high-intent keywords with a focus on capturing leads at the decision-making stage. The campaign aimed for a 25% increase in online leads.

  2. Display Advertising: Implemented targeted display ads on relevant websites to increase brand awareness and attract early-stage buyers. The goal was a 30% increase in website traffic from these ads.

  3. Local Radio: Customized radio ads in key local markets to build brand recognition and trust. Targeted a 20% increase in local market penetration.

  4. Local TV: Developed engaging TV commercials to showcase ReBath’s services, aiming for a 15% increase in brand recall and customer inquiries.


The campaign yielded impressive results over a one-year period:

  • Sales Growth: Achieved a 40% increase in overall sales, surpassing the initial target.
  • ROI: The integrated approach resulted in a substantial return on investment, with every dollar spent generating approximately $5 in sales.


NuSpark Media’s strategic approach to Re-Bath’s media campaign successfully addressed the initial challenges by effectively utilizing a mix of digital and traditional media. The significant increase in sales and market penetration underscored the effectiveness of a well-rounded, multi-channel media strategy in driving business growth.

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