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Unlock the Power of Custom GPTS FOR B2B OR SAAS

Transform Your Content Creation, Lead Generation, and Sales Conversions with

Paul Mosenson and the NuSpark Media Group

“Triple Your Qualified Leads Entering Your Funnel. I’ll Show You the Scenario”

Note: Your results may vary, but will show you the process based on your current KPIs

Introducing GainForge, our all-encompassing AI lead generation/customer acquisition suite of tools and workflows, designed to work together to drive business growth, for both B2B and B2C.

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an advanced AI that generates human-like text. Custom GPTs are specifically tailored versions of this AI, designed to meet unique business needs. Proper management of Custom GPTs, as practiced by Paul Mosenson at NuSpark Media Group, involves integrating these AI tools into marketing strategies to enhance lead generation and sales.

This approach ensures that the AI’s capabilities are fully aligned with a company’s goals, leading to more effective marketing efforts, quicker lead generation, and increased sales

What We Are Solving for B2B Companies



  • Finding Gold in the Sand – The search for leads that convert feels endless, like looking for treasure without a map. Every marketer knows the drain of chasing leads that barely move the needle.
  • A Race Against Time – Traditional lead generation isn’t just slow; it’s prehistoric. In a world where time is money, waiting for leads to trickle in isn’t an option. 
  • Growth Without Compromise – As your business expands, so does the pressure to generate more leads without losing quality. It’s a balancing act that many struggle to master. 
  • Connecting on a Human Level – In the digital age, personal touch matters more than ever. But how do you scale genuine, personalized engagement without spending 24/7 on it?


  • Pinpoint Precision for Quality Leads – Imagine targeting leads with laser focus, reaching those who are not just likely but ready to engage and convert. Our AI does just that, filtering through the noise to bring you leads that resonate with your offerings.
  • Accelerate Your Lead Generation – With AI, lead generation shifts into high gear. We’re talking about slashing wait times, capturing opportunities as they arise, and never letting a hot lead go cold.
  • Effortless Scaling That Keeps Up With You – Our AI solutions adapt in real-time, growing in capability as your business expands. This means you can aim higher without worrying about diminishing lead quality or engagement. 
  • Genuine Engagement, at Scale – Our ChatGPTs craft conversations that connect, engaging each lead on a personal level. This isn’t about bombarding prospects with generic messages but about sparking real dialogue that leads to conversion.


Tailored Solutions for Every Need: Whether you’re in B2B or B2C, our diverse range of GPTs are crafted to meet your specific content creation demands.

Speed and Efficiency: Create compelling content and promotional messaging quickly, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

Cost-Effective: Our AI-driven approach means you can achieve more with less, optimizing your budget without compromising on quality.



Message Planning

Builds lists of target pain points, then aligns with your solutions, and then builds message and ad themes to attract prospects to click and convert. 

eBook/White Papers

Based on those pain points, potential lead magnet titles are shown, and white papers are written; many in the same month for lead acceleration by target

Nurture to Close

Next, content that nurtures, to content that drives demos, trials, quotes, or appointments. Plus, sales engagement messaging to close the deal

what early prospects have said

  • Love the overview and the Chat GPT tools. Excellent to work with.
  • AI-driven marketing tools have
  • definitely taken personalization to new heights. Your guide seems like a comprehensive resource for navigating this evolving landscape
  • Customer GPTs and Generative AI have enormous potential to completely reimagine how marketing creates and expands leads, demand, and revenue within organizations.
  • An excellent way to use custom GPTs to create highly targeted lead magnets
  • Awesome stuff, Paul. I love seeing how many incredible custom GPTs are out there and really look forward to watching how they help us optimize our work!
  • So much potential here to automate with AI and use the freed up time for being more creative and effective!
  • Paul Mosenson, leveraging personalized GPTs for lead generation definitely sounds like a game changer in the B2B space.
  • I just tried the Value Prop Guide. Wow!

Below are 6 Matrices Showcasing Each Custom ChatGPT Mosenson Created, by Category. Each Matrix Below Can Be Downloaded For Easy Reading by Clicking Each Image (Opens a PDF)

Our Latest B2B Client: Yes, 3 eBooks in One Month. 24 emails. 12 emails to download guides (4 for each).  12 “after-download” funnel cadence emails for appointments

Some 3rd Party Research on Successful Uses of AI to Grow B2B Leads & Sales

Research highlights the transformative impact of AI, particularly generative AI, on lead generation and B2B sales, demonstrating its potential to automate up to a fifth of sales team functions and significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness in marketing and sales operations. McKinsey’s research emphasizes the capabilities of generative AI in creating hyper-personalized content and offerings, enhancing customer experience, accelerating growth, and boosting productivity through the automation of mundane sales activities. This level of personalization and automation has led to an increased capacity for sales teams to spend more time with customers and potential clients, thus reducing the cost to serve. (McKinsey Research)

McKinsey’s 2023 survey revealed that organizations leading in AI adoption, referred to as AI high performers, have integrated generative AI into more business functions than others, particularly in product and service development, risk, and supply chain management. These companies are less focused on cost reduction and more on creating new business or revenue sources through AI. High performers invest significantly more in AI, embedding it across multiple business functions and capabilities, indicating a strong correlation between extensive AI adoption and business performance​ (Source)

A 2022 study by Drift and Marketing AI Institute found that 41% of B2B marketers were using AI for content creation, and 56% of those marketers reported that AI-generated content outperformed human-created content in terms of engagement and conversions. (Source: “2022 State of Marketing AI Report” by Drift and Marketing AI Institute)

A 2023 survey by Content Marketing Institute revealed that 38% of B2B marketers were using AI-powered tools for content creation, and 72% of them reported increased lead generation as a result. (Source: “B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Insights for 2023” by Content Marketing Institute)

In a 2022 case study, software company Zendesk reported a 27% increase in lead generation after implementing an AI-powered content creation strategy for their blog and social media channels. (Source: “How Zendesk Boosted Lead Generation with AI-Powered Content” by MarTech Series)

Increased Lead Generation with AI Tools: A Harvard Business Review article cites AI algorithms increasing leads by as much as 50% (

2023 study by Salesforce found that B2B companies using AI-powered content creation tools saw an average of 32% higher conversion rates compared to those relying solely on human-created content. The study also noted that AI-assisted content creation helped marketers save an average of 6 hours per week. (Source: “The State of AI in B2B Marketing” by Salesforce)

In a 2022 case study, marketing automation platform HubSpot reported that one of their clients, a B2B SaaS company, experienced a 45% increase in lead generation after implementing an AI-driven content strategy. The AI tool helped the company identify top-performing topics and optimize content for search engines. (Source: “How a B2B SaaS Company Increased Lead Generation by 45% with AI-Powered Content” by HubSpot)

A 2023 survey by LinkedIn found that 51% of B2B marketers were using or planning to use AI for content creation within the next 12 months. Among those already using AI, 68% reported improved lead quality and 59% saw an increase in lead quantity. (Source: “The Future of B2B Marketing: AI and Automation” by LinkedIn)


Our AI Leadership Team

Chatty Cath  (ChatGPT)


Gem  (Gemini)

Mike Roe  (A Co-pilot)

Lex (Perplexity)


Ready to feel like our AI band?

Artie Ficial and the Intelli-Gents!

SOURCES:  Video: LeonardoAI,  Music: TechSmith Assets for Camtasia

Want to Learn More? Contact Founder Paul Mosenson Today. And Let’s Discuss AI and Strategy

AI and ChatGPT Training and Management Service

When you choose to work with Paul Mosenson, for your AI and ChatGPT Training and Management, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your success. His approach is hands-on, ensuring that AI integration is not just about leveraging technology but about driving real, measurable results for your business. With years of experience in digital marketing, he bring a unique blend of expertise that combines the latest in AI technology with proven marketing strategies. This means personalized solutions that fit your specific needs, whether it’s enhancing your content strategy, boosting your conversion rates, or optimizing your advertising campaigns.

By entrusting your AI and ChatGPT initiatives to Paul, you benefit from a seamless blend of technology and marketing acumen. He’s committed to not only implementing sophisticated AI tools but also to ensuring they work harmoniously with your existing marketing efforts. This commitment translates into more effective campaigns, higher engagement, and ultimately, better ROI for your business.

Summarizing highlights from the Custom GPTs We Created

Content Marketing: Mosenson’s approach to content marketing with AI and custom GPTs involves a deep understanding of your audience and objectives. By leveraging AI, he can analyze data to identify content themes and topics that resonate most with your target audience. This insight allows for the creation of highly relevant and engaging content that not only attracts attention but also encourages interaction and sharing. Custom GPTs are utilized to ensure content is not only original but also aligned with your brand voice and messaging strategy.

Selling Copy: When crafting selling copy, the focus is on conversion. Using AI, he analyzes successful conversion paths and customer feedback to understand what drives your customers to take action. This data informs the creation of compelling selling copy that speaks directly to the needs, desires, and pain points of your audience. Custom GPTs enable the generation of dynamic selling propositions that are tailored to individual customer segments, increasing the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

Promo Copy: For promotional copy, the key is to capture attention and create a sense of urgency. AI tools are used to analyze market trends and consumer behavior, identifying what motivates your audience to engage with promotions. This information guides the creation of promo copy that stands out, drives action, and leverages timely offers or exclusivities. Custom GPTs assist in crafting messages that are both creative and aligned with the overall promotional strategy, ensuring consistency across all channels.

Ad Copy: Effective ad copy requires a balance of creativity and precision targeting. By integrating AI,  Paul can perform detailed audience segmentation, pinpointing the most effective messaging for different groups. This level of customization increases the relevance and impact of your ads, leading to higher click-through rates and engagement. Custom GPTs play a crucial role in generating varied ad copy iterations quickly, allowing for A/B testing and optimization to continually improve performance. 

Our services are designed to help you integrate AI into your marketing and advertising efforts, enhance content creation, and improve conversion rates.

What We Do:

  • Training: We provide comprehensive training on AI and ChatGPT, making it easy for your team to understand and use these technologies.
  • Management: Our team manages AI tools for you, ensuring they work well with your current marketing and advertising strategies.
  • Alignment: We make sure our AI solutions complement your existing services, helping you achieve better results in marketing and advertising.

Why Choose Us:

  • Simplified Integration: Our services are straightforward, designed to fit into your current operations smoothly.
  • Expert Support: You get access to our expertise in AI, saving you time and effort in managing complex technologies.
  • Enhanced Marketing: With our help, your marketing and advertising campaigns can be more effective, driving better engagement and higher conversion rates.

Get Started:

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business thrive with AI and ChatGPT. Let’s take your marketing and advertising to the next level together.

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