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Explore NuSpark’s many B2B case studies that reflect his results after engaging with clients. 

Sales Management Firm Generates Near 25 Leads Per Month with a 15% Appointment Rate, Exceeding Expectations

Category: B2B Business /Professional Services

Product:  Sales Management


 A nationally known sales organization (hidden for privacy purposes) had a need to grow their client base, offering outsourced sales management services to small business CEOs.  The sales organization has a unique sales process and focuses on helping CEOs of small businesses focus on their business growth, by outsourcing sales management.  Because of the need to grow and build market share, the sales organization turned to Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Consulting to build a robust lead generation program.


Revenue and lead generation efforts were stagnant.  Despite the robust sales management process offered, and top-notch licensees, it was time to build a comprehensive demand generation program to build the business and drive sales.


As with any client, Paul did a complete evaluation of the business, the opportunities, the target audiences, and what problems CEOs have in order to generate interest in what the Sales Management firm has to offer.  After the initial foundational work, Paul built a comprehensive plan. Highlights:

  • Updated the website with relevant, outcome-oriented copy, and added a separate Free Consultation page
  • Installed GA4, and set up tracking for all conversion activities
  • Built a lead magnet eBook, focusing on how CEOs should manage their business growth and the sales process; with reasons to outsource.
  • Developed a demand generation plan:
    • Cold email outreach to specific target CEOs by industry using
    • LinkedIn Lead Generation campaigns
    • Netline Content Syndication
    • Mixed promotional offers: The new eBook, plus a webinar explaining sales management benefits
    • Implemented a robust suite of follow-up emails to further engage content leads and segue them into consultation appointments
    • Utilized our in-house SDR to complement the email follow-ups with appointment-setting phone calls.


The marketing campaign began in May 2023 (this was written in August 2023), and after 3 months:

  • 72 leads generated
  • 36 phone conversations
  • 10 appointments
  • $50 cost per lead on average


SaaS firm in the Accounts Payable Automation space increases leads near 60% in less than a year.

Category: B2B/SaaS

Product: AP Automation Software


Centreviews, based in Minnesota, is a provider of AP Automation solutions to enterprise businesses with a focus on manufacturing and hospitality.  There are many providers in the space, but Centreviews has unique services covering AP, accounts-receivable, and data storage.  A SAAS model, Centreviews was looking to grow further, and this utilizing Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Consulting as Fractional CMO.


Leads to Centreviews (CFOs and senior-level accounting targets) were not meeting expectations in the past (up until early 2022). Plus, there was a lot of turnover in the sales department thus no consistency or sales process. The brand was lukewarm despite decent ratings on software sites like G2 and Software Advice.


Paul evaluated all aspects of the current marketing strategy and past results and performed an overhaul of the marketing approach. Starting in the Fall of 2022, Paul managed all of the following:

  • Revamped the website with the assistance of a freelancer for coding and layout. All pages rewritten, case studies updated, new demo page built. Site told a better story with a more powerful value proposition.
  • Installed Paul’s CRM/cold email program, SparkLead, to manage leads and opportunities better. Robust email workflows and sales cadences built to support lead magnet and demo campaigns from marketing efforts.
  • A new eBook, focused on a Q&A model, targeting CFOs who had questions on AP automation, was developed by Paul and his team, plus a conversion-optimized landing page was built.
  • LinkedIn lead generation ads and content syndication networks (Netline) were included in the inbound marketing plan to promote the eBook.
  • Cold emails were gathered from multiple sources and added to SparkLead for the cold email campaign.
  • Directories like G2, Software Advice, and Capterra were optimized for message.
  • Built a relationship with a B2B event firm, Quartz Network with a database of CFOs where quality leads were captured.
  • Trained sales team on using Sales Navigator on LinkedIn to its best advantage for social selling


From September 2022 to June 2023, versus the previous period, the website conversion rate increased 82%, and the website goal completions up 59%.

SaaS Firm in the Field Service Space generates 3,000 qualified leads over 9 months

Category: B2B/SaaS

Product: Field Service Management Software


Techadox, an IT staffing company based in Delaware, came to Paul Mosenson and his team to act as Fractional CMO and market their new field service management platform focused on “done-for-you” managed labor technician and workflow management offering.


Lack of awareness and value proposition to start, and lack of a comprehensive lead generation marketing and sales plan. As a start-up, generating new quality leads was the goal to begin building the business.


Paul built an entire lead generation management process from the ground up, starting with foundation (website and message). Between Paul, his team, and robust database and email management tools, the seeds were planted for growth. Among the tasks Paul managed:

  • Build of a new WordPress website; from new messaging, navigation, and calls-to-action elements to drive website and landing page conversions leads)
  • Development of an explainer video showcasing the benefits of the platform towards the target audience
  • Installation of a new CRM to manage prospects and build email sequences to drive prospect engagement
  • Build of custom landing pages to support digital media and advertising initiatives
  • Creation and execution of a white paper lead magnet for lead generation, and the accompanying email cadence/funnel
  • Development and execution of a robust demand generation plan including newsletter ads, eBlasts, and social media ads to drive leads into the funnel
  • Implementation of a cold email program; by using B2B databases mixed with low-cost sales engagement tools to build interest and demo leads.


  • From August 2021 to April 2022, 3,000 leads were generated, and from there the sales and customer success teams took over to close the deals and begin the retention process
  • MRR slowly began building and continues to build to reach campaign goals
  • The growth helped Techadox promote their services to strategic partners with high success
Software Firm sees over 100% increase in online leads and near 400 qualified content leads in 3 months

Category: Business-to-Business

Product: Software Development Firm


Zibtek, based in Utah, is a custom software development firm, that focuses on building website and mobile apps and platforms for small and mid-size businesses.  It’s an extremely crowded space, with competitors listed throughout lead aggregator sites (like Clutch and DesignRush), organic search, paid advertising and more.


Generating an increase of quality leads is always the goal; leads where salespeople can do a better job of engaging with that can lead to more opportunities and wins.  Lead generation activity had always been lukewarm in the United States before 2021.


Zibtek came to Paul Mosenson to act as the Zibtek Fractional CMO, and work with the internal team to:

  • Build a message foundation that communicates trust and a sound value proposition.
  • Improve SEO strategy that focuses on “buyer intent” keywords
  • Project manage new design and landing pages, with a focus on conversions
  • Implement robust email nurture campaigns to segue prospects into opportunities
  • Work with the sales team on lead tracking, and cadence strategy
  • Improve paid search campaigns with better targeted keyword/ad/landing page alignment
  • Optimize the online chat widget with better, shorter messaging
  • Improve the case studies by making them more impactful visually as well as copy
  • Build two compelling eBooks, promoted via content syndication channels like Netline, and via email towards prospects with software development intent


  • From March to November 2021 versus previous 9 months, USA website leads up 173%
  • From September to November, when the content marketing program began, 380 marketing qualified leads were generated from Netline, for a cost of $12,500. 10 sales opportunities were created. That’s $32 per lead for a “name” as compared to a click, and $1,250 per opportunity; all beyond benchmarks for paid marketing.


  • For the Zibtek website, we have seen dramatic increases in organic traffic from relevant keywords; a typical page went from rank in the 60s to now page 2 (as of November 30).
  • Improving the website message, design, as well as updated case studies, have all contributed to the higher lead conversion rates.
  • Content marketing demand generation, which generates leads from prospects before using search engines, has been a tremendous success, allowing sales to have more and better conversations, and thus more relationships that lead to higher close rates.

Example of an eBook Paul developed and project managed for Zibtek

B2B Customer Experience Platform Firm generates 29% increase in website leads

Category: Business-to-Business

Product: Customer Experience Platform

Customer Experience or CX technology is a growing activity for businesses in retail, financial services, healthcare, and B2B SAAS. As a subset of digital transformation, CX, when properly executed, drives more revenue and customer loyalty. A CX platform company needed to grow their number of qualified leads and used Paul Mosenson and his NuSpark team to build pipeline.


After a review of buyer personas, Paul put together a comprehensive demand generation plan that encompassed multiple channels. The first thing we did was write a new white paper designed to capture mid-funnel leads. These leads were nurtured and utilized within Saleforce for follow-up. Among the marketing executions Paul implemented:

  • Updated Google Analytics goal tracking for multiple goal events
  • Set up Google ad custom UTM parameters to track lead sources in Salesforce
  • Improved paid search programs by promoting the white paper for lead generation within ads as well as optimized keywords and ads for better performance
  • Implemented a robust LinkedIn ad program targeting various C-level titles within key industries.
  • Managed a geofencing program targeting key trade shows in 2019
  • Built a robust retargeting program with Google and AdRoll
  • Utilized content syndication with Netline, a leader in white paper lead generation programs
  • Implemented an intent data display ad program utilizing Bombora and Aberdeen
  • Developed a nurture program; writing emails based on blogs, mapped to personas, and deployed via Pardot marketing automation.

Comparing 2019 with 2018

  • Overall website/landing page form submits up 29%
  • 300 new leads from the white paper were generated; the majority sales-qualified
  • Paid search conversions up 760% versus prior year (due to content lead magnet), representing 246 leads
Ecommerce Conversion Rate Increases 144%. ROI Increases 57% for Human Resources Talent Assessment Product

Category: Business-to-Business

Corporate Personality/Behavior Assessment Testing Targeting Human Resource Executives

Paid search and retargeting campaigns were not reaching client revenue and ROI goals; company growth was stagnant. The client was losing market share in a competitive industry. Paul was hired to manage the media campaigns and assist in conversion optimization, with the goal to make digital marketing more profitable.

1. Worked with design team to update landing pages to improve conversion rate by improving navigation and using benefit-oriented copy

2. Updated paid search campaigns

  • Studied keyword trends and removed poor converting keywords
  • Data showed higher conversion rates on computers versus mobile; thus, emphasis on device targeting towards computer
  • Mobile campaigns pushed webinars and consultations
  • Updated ads to focus more on benefits and product uniqueness

Comparing April 2017-March 2019 to the previous year periods

  • Ecommerce conversion rate up 144%
  • Transactions up 86%
  • Revenue up 120%
  • ROI increased by 57%
Content Marketing -Demand Generation Program for SAAS Client Generates 101% Increase in Lead Conversions

Category: B2B/IT

Product: Server and Storage Cloud Monitoring

Client: Galileo Performance Explorer

Galileo Performance Explorer® is a comprehensive SaaS IT infrastructure monitoring solution. It’s easy to use and it empowers IT leaders to make sound business decisions and prevent slowdowns and outages. Despite the product’s advantages over competitors’ offerings, leads for Galileo were below expectations.  They turned to Paul Mosenson and his team at NuSpark to turn things around.

To attract leads, Paul created a comprehensive demand generation plan which included a mix of bottom-funnel offers (demos and trials) with mid-funnel lead generation activity. The lead generation included production and promotion several white papers and a co-sponsored webinar. The content, which NuSpark promoted via content syndication, newsletter sponsorships, and e-blasts to publisher e-mail lists, generated more than 1200 leads.

  • To increase Galileo’s credibility in the marketplace, Paul’s content team ghost-wrote articles for Galileo’s on-site blog every week, optimized them based on keyword research, and shared them on LinkedIn and Twitter. These posts demonstrated thought leadership and boosted Galileo’s presence in the organic search engine rankings.
  • In addition to increasing traffic via organic searches, Paul designed a cost-effective Google Ad campaign to draw more high-quality visitors and convert them into bottom-funnel sales opportunities. Conversion rates increased, and cost-per-conversion decreased over the course of the campaigns as Paul continually optimized performance.
  • Paul managed all lead generation efforts using the marketing automation platform Pardot, implementing a robust drip lead-nurturing email cadence, segmented by personas, which resulted in a double-digit increase in marketing qualified leads.


  • 101% increase in lead conversions
  • 109% increase in organic traffic
  • 360% surge in content downloads
  • 52% boost in free trials
  • 50% increase in product quotes
Lead Generation Program for Manufacturer Offering a New Product Generates 80 leads per month

Category: B2B/Manufacturing

Product: Laser Scanner

Client: Leica Geosystems

A company that designs and produces 3D laser scanning equipment and software for surveying and measurement, has its roots in land surveying. The potential of its products, however, to solve problems in industrial plants, drew it into the plant market in recent years. The problem, however, was not price but lack of education. Education was critical for prospects to understand that the client offered high value.

First, we conducted persona research that revealed two key personas who influenced the buying decision. Each had distinct informational needs — one focused on the technical benefits of 3D laser scanning and its ability to make their lives easier and safer, and the other motivated by bottom-line results. Based on our findings, we developed a content strategy, a map to show how each piece of content helped to move the buying decision forward, and an editorial calendar outlining a schedule for producing e-books, case studies, webinars and more. Paul built and implemented the content marketing, demand generation and lead management strategy, with marketing automation and lead nurture. It began with an eBook written to address buyer needs.

Because the e-book addressed buyer needs that we had unearthed through the research, and we advertised it through laser-targeted media, client was able to generate 80 inquiries in a niche market in just six weeks. Lead nurturing and continued demand generation now an ongoing strategy.

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