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TV/Video Creation

Our AI TV Creative Tool

Our innovative TV production tool uses AI, combined with the talents of our TV freelance production designers, to build ads that with editing and tweaking, can be professional, and promote your service or product, with sales and offers, without breaking the bank with high cost TV production people.  


Our platform brings branding elements from your website into the video, which we can customize. Logos, Colors, Fonts, Inages, Videos


Design customization includes uploading images, styles, stock photos and videos, font styles, background textures, and more. We can also choose music backgrounds or upload our own.


Copy at first is written by AI with our prompts, then we tweak the messaging, choose voiceovers, and choose audio style (fun, inspiring, professional, laidback), plus those voiceovers can be fast pace, standard, or slow pace.

Below are various samples of some AI created TV spots; some near our HQ outside Philadelphia; some national organizations focused on franchise and eCommerce.


The samples below are indeed samples, using our tool just to show what it does with AI, BEFORE any of our designers tweak and edit, so they are very basic, but the goal is to give you the idea of the potential of what our tool can do for you; so you can advertise on local TV and promote short-term offers as needed. Granted some are better than others.  On some we added some fake offers, to show how tracking can work.  Again; spots are not real; but examples of what we can do with it, and the owners of the platform do have relationships with national TV advertising firms, such as Charter, Spectrum-Reach, Hulu, Paramount, and Others.  Clients all over the country have used the tool to get on TV efficiently with positive results.

Appliance Store

Local Museum

Weight Loss Franchise

Local Cultural Venue

Health Franchise

Tutoring Franchise

Local Retail

Mortgage Broker

Local Restaurant


eCommerce Oral Health Product

eCommerce Dietary Supplement

Want to see how we can make you a TV spot like this?  Just click the link below to schedule a call and we’ll demo the tool!

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